About Mandy

"The more I learn, the more excited I get"  Johnny Cash

Hi!  I am Mandy Jean, the girl who is obsessed with fashion, FJ Cruisers, makeup, Bloodhounds and Johnny Cash.  I am a 31 year old Michigan girl living in the land of enchantment (New Mexico). 

I was born into a family of female entrepreneurs.  My Grandmother and eventually my Mother purchased a restaurant in the small town I grew up in.  I started selling hand drawn placemats, waitressing and other get rich quick businesses at the age of 6.  I am so thankful for being raised with a "girls can do anything" attitude.  

My blogging career started 3 years ago when I decided to create a blog for fellow law enforcement wives.  Finding success in that was difficult but my stubbornness kept me going.  After a few months I decided to change the focus of my blog to another side of my life.  My love for art and being creative.  Growing up I was always a creative child.  

When I am not blogging, working on design projects or rescuing Bloodhounds you can find me at my local MAC counter or antique store.    I love finding junk and turning it into gems.  Repurpose design and art has been a huge part of my life.  

I am passionate about life and not letting a day go to waste.  I am not sure where life is taking me but I am sure it's some place amazing and hopefully warm!

I currently reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my  3 dogs.  No kids.  You won't find Mommy tips on this blog.  I love being an Auntie but also love returning children to their parents.  Full of sugar and spoiled rotten, of course!

Mandy Jean Chic was born out of my ability to make others laugh, escape the stresses of life and a slight obsession with makeup.  I want Mandy Jean Chic to be a place where creative women (boys are welcome too!) can enjoy a honest makeup review, tutorials, fashion posts, my current craft projects, home decor ideas, and occasional recipes as well as moments of my life.  My life isn't perfect but that is what makes Mandy Jean Chic real.  

During a NyQuil filled night in November of 2015 I opened a Etsy Shop called SHOP Mandy Jean Chic.  I discovered my love for creating printable, inserts and sharing my crafts with the world.  I am so thankful for everyones support of my little shop and Mandy Jean Chic.  My dream of being self employed isn't to far away now :) 

P.S.  You are also talking to a legit Princess.  I was the Sunfield Farmers Picnic Parade Princess in 1988.  

If you enjoy my blog please subscribe via email at the very top of the page or through the social media links to the right.  I am also obsessed with Instagram :) 

Quick Mandy Jean Facts
>> I am a country girl and was raised in a small farming community
>> I love NM but miss the Great Lakes
>> I watch paranormal shows all the time and complain that I can't sleep
>> I may or may not be a makeup hoarder
>> Ruby Woo by MAC is my favorite lipstick of life
>> Sheldon Cooper is one of my heroes... Bazinga!! 
>> Werther's Original Caramel Popcorn is life crack to me
>> Apple products have changed my life
>> My celebrity crush is the Rock and will always be the Rock
>> I am a mother to a baby in heaven 
>> I am always up for a road trip
>> Growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer
>> I know all of the words to songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show
>> My favorite song is "Hurt" by Johnny Cash 
>> All good things come from Target
>> I suffer from depression and infertility and struggled for years.  It took me 7 years to find a positive attitude
>> I am a night owl