30 before 30

I will turn 30 on August 15, 2013.  I have decided turning 30 really isn't that scary and it does not mean I am on a downhill slide to a slow death. I am actually excited to turn 30.  I feel like in my late 20s I was still finding myself and now by the time I turn 30 I've found what I needed to and can truly live. Hopefully....

My 30 before 30 list

  • See the Titanic Exhibit  
  • Guest Blog- This year I would like to guest blog about home, fashion or New Mexico
  • Open Gone Junkin'
  • Organize my side of the master closet.  Make it look like a boutique.  Hubby can do whatever on his 
  • Make 10 Martha Stewart crafts from her Crafts book
  • Take a crafting class- Not sure which one yet
  • Start my YouTube Channel
  • Have Family Photos done of me, Brett and the dogs
  • Recipe Box- I would love to create a recipe box of all of my friends favorite recipes in their handwriting
  • Digital Photos- Have all of my favorite photos printed
  • Visit 10 New Mexico Historical Landmarks
  • Have a real bday party on my 30th
  • Start YouTube channel
  • Finish 1 room in my house completely- any room will do
  • Clean my car- Horrible as it sounds I really need to
  • Attend a blog conference
  • Buy something not on sale at Pottery Barn
  • Take the Sandia Tram at Sunset
  • Make a garment
  • Paint a piece of art
  • Start networking and creating a fashion, makeup, style base here in New Mexico
  • Buy totally different glasses
  • New Laptop
  • Ghost tour of Old Town Albuquerque
  • Visit the Hubbard Museum
  • Watch all episodes of FRIENDS
  • Get a quote tattoo
  • Watch all Golden Girl episodes
  • Visit Lincoln New Mexico and tour Billy the Kid Country
  • Sell at the Idalia Market

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