Friday, August 7, 2015

#31daysofyoutube- Day 6- 1st Video

Now that you have your channel set up, branded and looking chic it's time to make your first video.

I decided to start a little tag to use as a guide for your first video.  Something fun.  The easiest thing to talk about is yourself.  I want you to set up your equipment, take a couple minutes to remind yourself how awesome you are and turn that camera on.  Be yourself!  Show others why you are awesome! 

  • filming space tour
  • 10 awesome facts about you
  • what kind of videos you will be filming.  A intro to your channel ;) 
  • tag video (search youtube tag video on google)
  • unboxing or mail video
  • haul 
  • planner/interest video
  • ANYTHING!!  Just get in front of your camera
The only videos I don't recommend starting out with are ones that are going to require a significant amount of time editing.  Make your first video easy!  

Film your first video today.  Don't edit it, don't upload it, just film.  The whole focus of today is to get you out of your comfort zone and in front of your camera.  

Yes, it is kind of awkward talking to a camera but as you film more videos it goes away.  I am actually more comfortable in front of my camera than I am when I am speaking in public.  

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