Sunday, August 16, 2015

#31daysofyoutube 16- Creating a Schedule

I am a planner and list girl.  I love being organized and using tools to increase my productivity but what do you really need to get started?  

On day 1 I had you grab a notebook, planner or anything to help you get organized, we looked at analytics and now we are ready to create a schedule.  So how do you do that? 

Be HONEST with you time.  If you are working full time, a mom and such you probably will not have the time to film 7 videos a week.  Why not focus on 1 awesome video or maybe two?  Be honest with yourself and how much time you have.  

Take a look at your previous videos.  What days were the highest view days?  Was that because you shared them on your media?  Upload day?  Pick a day of the week (or days) and create a upload schedule.  A lot of successful content creators upload twice a week.  Pick your days and be consistent.  

  • get your planner out and look at the month of September.  Also, get your personal planner. 
  • Mark everyday you will NOT have time to film, edit or work on your channel in the month of September.  Be realistic.  Are you back in school?  vacation?  family visiting?  
  • Decide what day or days of the week you want to upload on
  • Pull out your video idea list and decide what videos you want to film
  • Schedule all of the tasks needed to complete these videos in your blocks on free time.  DON'T OVERWHELM YOURSELF!  If you community knows your upload schedule and you cannot fulfill that just let your community know.  :)  If you don't have the time to film and such all in the same day break it up.  
  • Post a pic on Instagram using #31daysofyoutube showing your September content schedule.  

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