Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ready to Start a Youtube Channel? Join the #31daysofyoutube Challenge August 1st!

My favorite thing about blogger and having a youtube channel is enjoying the content that is produced by others.  Many people get overwhelmed at the thought of starting a youtube channel.  I understand it!  It can be way overwhelming but I am breaking it down to 31 daily prompts to help you start and build your channel.  FOR FREE!!!!!!!  

Starting August 1st we will being the journey together :)  I will produce a blog post daily with tips, tricks and in-depth prompt descriptions.  Also, as a bonus, I will be hosting a DAILY periscope live Q&A at 6PM MST!  Search MANDYJEANCHIC on periscope.  :)  Following me is free too!  :) :)

Please post your progress pictures to instagram and use the #31daysofyoutube so everyone can follow each other.  This is not required to participate :) 

Follow along.  Start your channel!  I have a special surprise for EVERYONE who completes their first 3 videos.  :)  

Please share the graphic on your social media and help me empower others to start their youtube journey.  

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