Monday, June 30, 2014

Money Monday- Refilling My Makeup Kit at Dollar Tree

I don't think I've ever shared this on my blog but I keep a makeup kit handy for friends weddings, proms, dances, etc.  I have friends who ask me to do makeup looks frequently and I am happy to do it when I have time.  My kit is nothing fancy and is no way large job ready but I did need to replenish a few things and I thought I would share how I save a little $.

Dollar Tree has some great beauty products, organizers, etc.  Sometimes the selection can be hit or miss.  Normally when I go in I stock up on items I know I will use.

Below are items I've picked up this week.  You can find any other beauty items at the Dollar Tree.  I sometimes pick up paper towels, Kleenexes, 90% alcohol, hair ties, and whatever else I find :)

#1- Metal Hair Clips-  I only keep a few in my kit but you can find them in packs of 6 to 10.  I love these because they do not clip to hard and mess up the hair.  

#2-  Plastic Hair Clips-  When my friends have really thick hair or the hair is not done I like these clips.  They hold more hair.  

#3-  Cotton Balls-  You can find large bags of cotton balls at Dollar Tree.  Also, these ones do not shed terribly.  

#4-  Cotton Pads-  I am really picky about cotton pads.  I like them to be thicker and a nice quality.  Nothing worse than pulling white fibers off a persons face.  Again, I think these come in bags of 50 to 100 depending on stock.  When I find bags of 100 I usually by a few.  I also love these for removing my eye makeup. 

#5-  Comb Pack-  I think there was 10 different combs in this pack including a detangling comb.  They are not awesome quality but you are getting 10 combs for a $1.  I am always leaving these places or giving them to friends.  

#6-  Colored Small Spray Bottles-  I use these for alcohol.  I try to keep alcohol in a colored bottle so I don't accidentally use it on something else.  

#7-  Hairspray-  So important!  I don't do hair but sometimes you need to spray hair back into place.  

#8-  Clear Spray Bottles-  I try to move as many things into smaller packaging.  I keep my MAC brush cleaner in one of these.  Labeling is so important. 

#9-  Dual Ended Cotton Swabs-  One end is pointed and the other is flat.  I think I get 100 in a pack.  

#10-  ELF brushes-  For $1 these are great.  They are not MAC quality but they do the job.  When I use these I never feel guilty of tossing them.  You would be surprised how many people get creeped out with "clean" brushes.  My friend turned into a Bridezilla and asked me to only use new brushes.  Rather than having her burst into tears and hating me forever I just stopped to Dollar Tree and grabbed a few of these.  They worked great and I just tossed them after.  Also... I did her wedding makeup for free to help her out.  Never again.... anyways... I am having flashbacks to my friend's awkward wedding. 

#11-  ELF Blotting Papers-  Super duper!  For gals (and guys!) who are oily these are great.  If I give a friend a bridal "care package"  I always include a few sheets of this paper.  

#12-  Latex Free Wedges-  Just to save time I use latex free sponges.  Quality ones can be hard to find but these are great.  They do not flake off on the skin.  Also you can wet these and they make blending easy.  When my beauty blender is dirty and I have a foundation that applies better without a brush I will use these.  Also, these wedges are amazing for cream blushes and bronzers.  

#13-  Microfiber clothes-  I use these under makeup towels and I always sit my makeup on these.  They make cleanup super easy.  Also, you can just toss them in the washing machine. 

#14-  Small Sewing Kit-  Sometimes when I am helping friends I am asked for the weirdest things.  I started keeping a small sewing kit with me.  I toss pins, extra needles, thread, small scissors and other supplies in this bag.  

#15-  Beauty Sponge-  I like these sponges but I don't love them.  I keep a couple with me.  I only use these wet.  Dry these are worthless.  

That is it!  You would be surprised where you can save $ sometimes.  

How do you save $ on beauty products?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Obsessions

Enjoy a few of my obsessions this week!

shelving, industrial
I love industrial shelving.  I would love to do this in my studio.  I am desperate for shelving!

NO SOURCE- Email me if this is your picture
I sssoo love this outfit.  I need to find a pair of white cutoffs.  I do love the nude accessories. 

I so want to do this in my backyard! I love cool summer nights hanging out by a fire. 

O my goodness I've been obsessed with these rights!  I want to make some this weekend. 

I love this ponytail! The twists are super cute!

How cute is this?  I love feathers and I want to do this!

What are you obsessing over this week?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

I feel so thankful that I work near a Whole Foods.  I can stop by during my lunch time and after work for our favorite items.  We are foodies and fairly new to the whole natural personal care products.  We've purchased a few Tom's of Maine products in the past and enjoy them.  I think the toothpaste is my favorite.   Recently I purchased 2 long-lasting deodorants to try.

#collectivebias, #freshnaturally, #shop, tom's of maine, deodorant, long-lasting deodorant, natural personal care products
When I saw a shop with #CollectiveBias I wanted to be part of it to try out this line of deodorant.  We've never tried a natural deodorant before.  We were die hard antiperspirant users.  I've been reading reports lately showing evidence of aluminum deodorant and cancer.  That is pretty scary stuff! Our goal is start using more natural and chemical free products this year.  #FreshNaturally

#collectivebias, #freshnaturally, #shop, tom's of maine, deodorant, long-lasting deodorant, natural personal care products
I picked up the scent Wild Lavender for me because lavender is my weakness.  It is so calming to me.    When I am stressed lavender instantly calms my nerves and helps me to relax.  After using this deodorant for a few days I love how it smells.  

My husband is allergic to everything.  I am pretty sure he has a slight allergy to air.  Ok, that maybe sarcasm but let's just say we keep benedryl in stock.   

I found the men's and women's deodorant in the Whole Body aisle.   I can get sucked into this aisle.  I start off in the deodorants and before I know it my cart is full with lotions, toothpastes, bath soaks, and other products.  
#collectivebias, #freshnaturally, #shop, tom's of maine, deodorant, long-lasting deodorant, natural personal care products#collectivebias, #freshnaturally, #shop, tom's of maine, deodorant, long-lasting deodorant, natural personal care products

#collectivebias, #freshnaturally, #shop, tom's of maine, deodorant, long-lasting deodorant, natural personal care products
I chose Clean Confidence for Brett.  It smells amazing!  Brett told me he thinks it is the best smelling deodorant ever.   Also, the scent did not cause a skin reaction!  

We both wore our new deodorants for a few days and still love the scent.  For a cruelty free and natural deodorant this is nice.   Both of these deodorants also do not contain any artificial colors.   Once these are gone we want to try a few other scents.  I found 5 scents for women and 3 for men.  

Slowly we are moving into a more natural and conscious lifestyle.  Tom's of Maine deodorants are a great start for our personal care.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

REVIEW- Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

I received this deluxe sample size bronzer in a Ipsy bag a couple of months ago.  I was so excited to try it!  I heard so many bloggers raving about it.  

First off the smell is amazing!  Too Faced is one of those brands that I enjoy but for some reason I never pick up their products.  I really don't know why.  

I love the warm matte color of this bronzer.  I am a NW25 and this color is perfect for me.  It is not to dark and sheers out nicely.  I can see how you could get carried away using it as it blends so easy and can be build able. 

I wore this bronzer for about 9 hours before it started wearing.  It does wear fairly evenly so my face didn't look muddy or uneven.  

I do think $30 is pretty expensive for a bronzer.  Benefit Hoola (my fav!) is $28 and MAC Give Me Sun is $32. While it is in line with other price points I still find $30 expensive for any bronzer.  Chocolate Soleil and Give Me Sun are both 10g of product.  Hoola is 8g.  

*Easy to blend
*Lasting time
*Amount of product


What is your favorite bronzer?  Would you like to see a post showing Chocolate Soleil vs Hoola?  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Money Monday-Starting Over

I made some pretty big decisions today.  When I started filling my car up with gas and I noticed prices over $4/gallon it really got me thinking.  It costs me $12-15/day to go back and forth to work.  Plus I have a 2 hour or more commute, depending on traffic.

Is it worth it??

Some of ya'll may know this and others may not but I have a full-time job working in investments.  I work my butt off everyday, plus work on my blog, youtube channel, bloodhound rescue and other activities.  Only one of these activities bring in $.

I have a TON of interests.  I love interior design, makeup, crafts, dogs, fashion, 4x4 and many other things.  The investment world is not one of them.  It was a huge part of my life 7 years ago.  I wanted to be an advisor.  7 years later being a Financial Advisor is not for me.

I am ok with that!  People change but I do love my current job.  I love the people I work with.  My boss is amazing and I love our (most!) clients.  I am also paid well to work there.  I have a few job perks that kept me happy for a while but things have changed for me.

I fell like when I hit 30 I changed.  20-29 year old Mandy Jean loved working hard in the investment world and making $.  30 year old Mandy Jean values her time and happiness.

Being away from my home 10-11 hours a day 4 days a week does not make me happy.  I do have the luxury of working from home 1 day a week.  I also have the luxury of leaving every Friday at 2pm.  I am still not 100% happy.

Why am I not happy??  I have a great job, great pay, great people....  but I am not happy.  It is just not me.  I spend time at work decorating offices in my head when someone is talking to me.  That is not helpful!  I prefer working on logos, designs, promotional material and marketing rather than doing trades.

I am not a quitter but how do you follow your dreams when you really don't know what they are?

I decided today I am going to focus on 3 things and evaluate my feelings in 3 months.

I am going to focus more on my blog and youtube channel.  Blogging in my love.  I have fun doing it and I love following other bloggers.

I want to get back into freelance makeup.  There is not reason why I can't do a few makeup applications every month.

Lastly, I am going to work on our Gone Junkin' store.  We had so many plans for this that just kinda fell to the side.  Not any more!

My goal is to cut down at my office to 3 days a week.  I don't want to quit my current job but the commute is killing me one mile at a time.

I am sorry that my post was a little wordy but have you ever felt lost?  What did you do to find yourself?

I was poking around Pinterest today and found some amazing quotes.  If you are feeling the same way I am shoot me an email :)

So how is this post related to a money topic??  Money doesn't buy happiness and I want to be happy.  

REVIEW- Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Lipstick- Turnt Up

Turnt Up was part of the summer Wet n Wild Limited Edition Fergie Collection.  I have seen the collections in a few Walgreens still.  I picked up Turnt Up a few days ago and compared to the other Fergie lipsticks I reviewed it is just as nice.  If you would like to see the other lipsticks I grabbed and their review click HERE.  

I would describe Turnt Up as a bright red/orange satin finish lipstick.  A few blogger have called this a matte but to me it does have a satin finish.  Not a ton of shimmer but it isn't totally matte either.  

It does apply a little patchy and is drying on the lips.  I found it I moisturized my lips and then put Turnt Up on it was beautiful.  

Alone the wear time was about 2 hours but with a quality lipliner I saw about 4 to 5 hours of wear before I needed to reapply.  

I absolutely hate the packaging!  I am actually moving all of my wet n wild lipsticks into a lip palette because I can't stand the packaging.  If you would like to see how I do that leave me a comment and I will gladly create a blog post of youtube video. 

*Texture for a drugstore lipstick

*Wear time
*Drying on the lips

If you own Purty Persimmon should you grab Turnt Up???

No, they are very similar.  I think Purty Persimmon feels better on the lips.  Turnt Up is more red and Purty Persimmon is more orange. Turnt Up reminds me of Lady Danger and Purty Persimmon is close to Morange.  Both Lady Danger and Morange are Mac lipsticks. 

Have you tried any Wet n Wild lipsticks?  What are your favorite colors? 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lip Gloss and Compact Organizer from byAlegory

I need to reorganize my makeup so bad!  I have been doing a great job using products up, giving away unwanted stuff but my drawers are still so disorganized.  I plan on keeping my current drawer sets.  Last week I was searching around online for organizers that would help my lipgloss and blush drawer.  

I came across byAlegory on amazon and I am in love!  I ordered 2 items to try out.  

The first thing I ordered is this 8 compact acrylic organizer.  I love this and plan on order a few more. It holds my blushes nicely and makes the drawer look organized.  Also, I can see products better.  These organizers will hold mac blushes, skin finishes but they are to narrow for Milani blushes.  

If you would like more info on this organizer click the photo below.  Currently they are $15.89. 

The next piece that I ordered is this 24 acrylic lip gloss holder.  This organizer will fit a ton of different size lip glosses. 

As you can see they fit my mac lip glasses perfectly!  I love how organized they look and they will not tip over.  

I plan on ordering 3 more.  This organizer is $19.89. 

I am so in love with these organizers!  I love the acrylic look and they are a really great quality.  I placed my order Saturday and they were at my door on Tuesday using Amazon Primer.  

Once I finish reorganizing I will do another makeup collection and storage video. 

What do you think of these little organizers?  I think they are brilliant! 

Top 5 MAC Paint Pots- With Reviews!

Hello!  I am Mandy Jean and I am a Paint Pot addict.  I own a few MAC Paint Pots and I absolutely love them!  They do not crease on me and they blend so easily. 

It was hard to narrow it down but I picked my top 5 to share with you.  

You can find Paint Pots online, at MAC stores and Counters.  They retail for $20 for 5g of product.  


Depending on my skin I switch up Soft Ochre and Painterly.  I like Soft Ochre better because I find it covers any discoloration on my lids better than Painterly.  This color is matte. 

Soft Ochre is my favorite eye shadow base!  I can wear it alone or with shadows on top and the wear time is over 12 hours before I start to see fading.  

*Covers discoloration
*Wear time
*Not Drying

*Dries up in container quickly.  I wish it was sold smaller. 

Rubenesque is a beautiful peach with gold.  It is definitely sheer compared to other paint pots but I love the soft peach with shimmer on my lids.  This is one of my favorite products for a "no makeup" makeup look.  

I love laying the color down and adding a second layer a few minutes later.  That does build up the color but it is not overly shimmery. 

*Peachy/Copper color
*Easy to blend and build up


Indianwood and Antique Diamond are 2 of my favorite Paint Pots ever.  I love this bronze metallic color.  It is super pigmented and lasts for hours.  I've had mine for over a year and it has not showed any signs of drying out.  


*Nothing!  I would pay $20 for this over and over again!

Antique Diamond is a olive color with a hint of silver frost.  This color is creamy and easy to blend.  I love how you can sheer it out and build it up.  

I normally wear this color alone and once it is set, it is set for the day.  It does not budge, smudge, crease, or fade for a good 12 hours.  

*Easy application and very smooth
*Lasting Power

*Practice makes perfect.  Once this is set you can not fix anything

I would describe Blackground as a soft black with silver shimmer.  The silver shimmer can cause this color to look light black, gray, a little purple and sometimes even dimensional.  

Blackground is easy to blend and when used as a base under shadows lasts for hours.  I did notice that this color tended to fade on its own after 8 hours when my other paint pots do not.  

*Dimensional color
*Easy to blend and move

*Wear time

What is your favorite eyeshadow base?  What is your favorite paint pot color??  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

REVIEW- Wet n Wild Fergie Lipstick- V.I. Pink

I picked up a few of these Wet n Wild lipsticks when Walgreens had a sale.  So far I really like all of the colors.  I am not sure if this one is limited edition or not.  VI Pink is a beautiful rosy pink.  

The formula of this lipstick line is super.  The lipsticks are very pigmented and creamy.  I find without a lip liner this color does not last as long as the others.  I get a 1.5 max wear time.  I also can't stand this packaging.  I've knicked this lipstick so many times

*Color and Pigmentation
*Evenly applies

*&%$$&*& Packaging!  I hate it! 
*Wear time

Have you picked up any lipsticks from this collection?  What is your favorite color?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Is There a Kelly Yum Yum Dupe???

I've heard so many people were disappointed when Kelly Yum Yum sold out.  I was fortunate enough to snag one at a MAC store.  

I grabbed a few of my of favorite MAC pinks to see how similar they were to Kelly Yum Yum. 

For my review of Kelly Yum Yum click here

I currently own a few pinks but these five I thought would be similar to Kelly Yum Yum. 

Candy Yum Yum-Matte- Neon blue based pink.  Darker than Kelly Yum Yum.  
Impassioned- Amplified- More coral than Kelly Yum Yum.  Similar pigmentation. 
Pink Pigeon-Matte-Darker than Kelly Yum Yum.  Similar texture.  More purple
Embrace Me- Limited Edition-Matte- More fuchsia 
Show Orchid- Amplified Creme- Way more fuchsia and blue. 

The color that is similar to Kelly Yum Yum is Candy Yum Yum.  If you are looking for a creamer texture than a matte I would suggest Pink Pigeon or Impassioned.  Impassioned is far more coral but it is still a beautiful color.