Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Favorite Liquid Eyeliners

My 5 favorite liquid eyeliners are:

Lorac Liquid liner *

Essence Superfine

Jordana Fabuliner *

Jessie's Girl  *

Eyeko Skinny Liner *

What are your favorites??  I don't wear liquid liner much but love these 5!

If you are interested in these liners please click on the name.  * are affiliated links.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Obsessions

One of my favorite blogs ever is Desert Domicile.  I love her style and I love these DIY bookends!

I think these shelves would be perfect for my studio!  Hhhmmm... 

Hudson Bay Blankets made me swoon!!  I love the brass bed with the vintage blanket.  Love it!!  

This post helped us so much when organizing our camper.  Amazing ideas!

I've been obsessed with this outfit ever since I pinned it.  Love it!

Source link is broken on Pinterest.  If this is yours email me at and I will gladly post your link :) 
This is my quote this week!  I love it and I love baby sea turtles!

Source link is broken on Pinterest.  If this is yours email me at and I will gladly post your link :) 

HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!!!!!  This photo was taken at the Winter Classic Alumni games.  One of the greatest games ever!  I can honestly say I saw Sergi Federov score a goal with an assist from Micky Redmond.  My life is complete! 

What are you obsessed with this week??

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Design My Dwelling- Studio Edition #2

Have I mentioned before that I love so many design styles.  I love modern, southwest, industrial, farmhouse, cottage... you name it I will probably find something I like.  

Below are some ideas I played with in photoshop.  These are not to scale and are not a true representation of my studio but they let me see the patterns and colors I like. 

The view is looking toward my closet doors.  This will be one of my filming areas.  I have a blog post coming about my photography backgrounds so the doors do not bother me anymore.  If I am filming I will have my backdrops over them.  When I am not filming I will paint them to match the room.  I was thinking about creating simple barn doors or jazzing them up but I think giving them a fresh coat of paint will be enough. 

If you missed my first Design My Dwelling- Studio Edition Click HERE

Reminder of my ideal floor plan

Soft Green Paint, Floral Wallpaper Wall, Neutral Rug

Soft Blue Paint, Wallpaper Wall, Graphic Rug and Glam Chandelier 

Mint Green Walls with a little Southwest 

Soft Pink Walls with a little Southwest

Soft Yellow Walls with a little Southwest

I think my favorite looks are #1, #3 and #5.  What are your favorites?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Money Monday-Got Taxes??

This year we've made some changes in our "tax life"  We've started a business and my blog/youtube channel has increased so we've decided to take advantage of the tax deductions and self employment. We are still keeping our full time jobs but with our self employment income we need to start this process.

Here are a few things I've learned over the past 2 months.

1.  As a self employed blogger/business owner our taxes are not withheld like with our traditional jobs.  This requires us to pay taxes and self employment taxes.

What are self employment taxes?

"Even if you only work part-time as a blogger and full-time as a salaried employee somewhere else, the blogging part of your income qualifies as self-employment income. As a result, you must pay self-employment tax on that income, which is the combined Social Security and Medicare taxes paid by an employee and an employer. Since you run your own business, you must pay both the employee and the employer portions. Self-employment tax must be paid whether or not you owe any federal income tax."  from turbotax

2.  Estimated Quarterly Taxes

Rather than worrying about paying taxes by April 15th we not get to worry about them quarterly.  How exciting is that!  Taxes must be filed by1/15  4/15, 6/15, and 9/15.  I've heard that if you make less than $1,000 per year on your blog you may not need to file quarterly estimated taxes.  I would check with a CPA. 

3.  Deductions

Running a business means we are allowed to deduct expenses that are necessary to our professions.  Some deductions are advertising, office supplies  supplies required for your business, insurance, contractors, and other expenses directly related to your blog/business.  

4.  Home Office Deduction Isn't Worth It

Unless the room is used strictly for your business you cannot claim this deduction.  If you use your office also a craft room you cannot claim the deduction.  Also be prepared to defend this deduction if you are ever audited by the IRS.  

5.  Taxable Income

You would be surprised what the IRS treats as taxable income.  You gift bags for an event.. taxable income.  Products sent to us for review is also considered taxable income.  It adds up quick! Free trips... taxable income.  

Tax Tips for Bloggers by TurboTax
IRS Pub 587

Do you file quarterly?  How do you handle your taxes??

Friday, February 21, 2014

February Ipsy Bag

Hi there!
I wanted to show ya'll what was in my February Ipsy bag.  I am loving my bag this month.  

Ipsy is a $10/m beauty subscription service.  I do have an affiliate link HERE if you would like more info.  

What's in my bag??
1-  Zoya nail polish- Dot- Full Size $9
2- Pop Beauty Plump Pout Lip Gloss- Peony Petal- Full Size $16
3- IPKN New York BB Cream- Light- Full Size $35 
4-  Tini Beauty Eye Shadow Tint- Ambrosia- Full Size $18
5-  City Color Be Matte Blush- Fresh Melon- Full Size $2.99

I will do a review on each product above but right now my favorite product is the blush.  I am so in love with it!!!  

What was in your IPSY bag??

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Obsessions

Enjoy a few of my curtest obsessions! 
This cheat sheet is amazing!!  I have a hard time remembering file types and resolutions.  Thanks to Angela at Saffron Avenue for this!

Johnny Cash Tee and fringe sandals is so Mandy Jean. 

I need this bracelet in my life!  Not only is the shop owner one of my new blogging BFFs but she has great taste!

We just bought a pop up and I love this quote :)

I wish I could talk Brett into this.  

I am obsessed with pattern mixing right now.  I love the floral and stripes.  

Kinda obsessed with arrow DIY art project.  

Brett would love these!  They are sound super yummy. 

How beautiful is this DIY vase?  

I am currently obsessed with the Mr. Kate blog and Youtube channel.  I highly suggest you check her out.  I love her DIY projects, home decor, fashion and life posts.  

What are some of our obsessions??

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Design My Dwelling- Studio Edition #1

I am very fortunate that I have a space to call my own.  I can decorate it how I want.  Use it for craft space, filming, makeup, a closet,  or whatever floats my boat!  I want to start using my 11x11 room more efficiently.

This space includes a large window, closet and plenty of space for what I need. 

What do I use this room for:
Makeup Application and Storage
Craft Storage
Home Decor Storage

Eventually I am going to have a custom closet created so I can maximize the storage.  I want to start storing all of extra home decor, filming equipment and craft supplies in the closet.  The only things I want in the open are my makeup storage, crafting table, few craft supplies and my filming wall.  

This is my to do list
  • Filming area
    • background piece with storage
    • wallpaper the filming wall
  • Craft Desk
    • craft desk on wheels- use for filming and crafting
  • Lighting
  • Wall Storage/Shelving
  • Storage
  • Rug
  • Chairs
  • Accessories
My ideal floor plan

This floor plan gives me the functions that I need and having my craft desk on wheels allows me to use it for filming where ever the natural light will take me.  I will also have the space for my new studio lights.  I also feel this floor plan will allow me to film the videos I want and keep things consistent.

As always I begin all my decorating adventures with inspiration :)

I love love love love this gold desk!  I think if I wanted a desk like this in my corner I would need Brett to built a custom one. 

The rug is beautiful and I love the gold shell chairs. 

I love this idea for a small computer station.  I mainly work on my laptop but I love having a place for my iMac.  Ya'll know how much I love pallet wood. 

SOURCE-Unknown.  If you know the source please let me know and I will gladly add it :)

I am going to use my closet space as craft supple/home decor storage.  I will either need a closet custom built or work with my current jetmax storage.  

Love love love this color palette!  Mint, Pink and Gold Shimma!

I am so excited to get this project started!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Let's Celebrate Beauty by Arielle's Birthday with a GIVEAWAY!

Beauty by Arielle is one of my favorite beauty blogs.  When she asked if I would like to help her celebrate her birthday with a giveaway I jumped!  Her blog is full of honest reviews, with a little humor, and lifestyle posts.  I've always enjoyed her blog!

Please use the rafflecopter giveaway below to enter to win a $75 Ulta gift card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our New Camper!

After a year of discussion and waiting for the right camper we finally found one.  

We wanted a pop up, ac, heater, higher sitting, fairly new, under $5000, and good condition.  Bingo- Bango!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.  My camera was dead :(  
Inside, dinette, storage, counter (for stove) and bed. 

We basically stole it off the lot!  The dealer wanted to get rid of it and we had cash.  This sucker is basically brand new!!  

Small dinette that folds down into a bed. 

Sink area. Again, i don't think this camper was used at all! 

We were kinda assuming for our budget we would find a nice used pop up or a camper that needed alittle TLC.  What we needed to be careful of is our FJ Cruiser would be towing the camper.  So the lighter the better.  I am not saying FJ Cruisers have no towing power I am just saying they are a v6 and you need to watch your dry weight vs loaded weight.  

I am so happy that we really don't need to do any renovations or anything.  Of course I will be adding little touches here and there but I am so thankful for not having another project :)  

The only issue we are having is with the tail lights.  Brett is trying to figure out what the deal is.  We have lights on the FJ Cruiser but not on the camper.  Has anyone had the same problem??  

What do ya'll think?  Do you have a camper?  If you are in or around New Mexico we should plan a camping trip!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Money Monday- I Want to Retire.... Someday.....

Before I get into this post I need to a quick disclaimer.  I am not a financial advisor.  I am not licensed.  I do work in a financial office and the advice I am about to give you is my personal opinion and not the opinions of any reps in my office.  Also, this post is not sponsored by American Funds.  I just like the company and personally have accounts with them.

Ok... glad that is out of the way.  Sometimes I think the financial industry guidelines and disclosures were written by attorneys or attorneys.  Anyways....

I want to retire someday.  I want to be laying by a beach with my hand in the shape of a drink cup.  I don't want to worry about paying for kids college, my mortgage, car payments, etc.  I want to travel and be happy.  Sounds great doesn't it.

What would you like in retirement?  A beach home?  A Mountain Cottage?  Comfort?  Traveling?  If you are not saving now how do you plan to achieve your dream retirement?  Rude awakening isn't it!

Brett has a government job so HE is privileged to vacation days, sick time, personal time, retirement, benefits, extra life insurance and many other perks.  Let me tell you I am so thankful to be married to the government.  But what if I wasn't married to the government?  How would I achieve my retirement dreams?


The biggest advice I give ANYONE is start an IRA.  This really isn't hard.  I would contact American Funds and open an IRA.  American Funds is a great fund company that is consistent and their fees are not crazy.  Currently their balanced fund has done well in my accounts.  Their mutual funds are managed well, in my opinion.  Again, I am not a licensed financial advisor.

Pick your fund company and set up automatic bank drafts.  Start out with however much you can afford and start contributing.  You would be surprised how quickly money can accumulate!  You can put up to $5500 into your account and you can claim your contributions on your taxes!!!

The majority of people will need 1-2 million dollars to retire comfortable.  Yes. 1 to 2 million dollars!

Take my advice.  Start saving NOW!  Whatever your can afford.  Even if your husband works for the government and has a pension.  START SAVING NOW!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Our New Blog Series is.............

Congrats Samantha!!!!  I sent you an email :)  

Thanks to everyone who gave us ideas and voted. 

I think the first room we are going to work on is my craft, beauty and filming studio. 

 Put your thinking caps on!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Money Monday- Donations

This is the first year Brett and I kept our donation receipts.  Holy moly did it make a difference!!!  I filed our taxes last night and it increased our refund dramatically.  Why haven't I been doing this?  

I am going to make sure we don't miss this boat again!  Here are a few of my tips. 

#1-  Create a "Donations" file and write everything down!  What the product was, value, where you donated it and so on.  Also keep your receipts in here. 

If you made a donation to Goodwill and didn't get a receipt visit their Receipt Builder HERE

Also, if you are bored you can always peek around the IRS Pub 526 for more info

#2-  Create a "Donation Station"-  I think I stole this idea from I Heart Organizing Blog.  I have alittle space in my garage so we created a donation station.  We keep 2 plastic totes and once they are full we take them to goodwill, local animal shelter, etc.  On top of these bins is a tablet and we write down everything that goes into these bins.  If keeping a notebook on top of your bins is so 2012 think about downloading iDonate from the app store.  

#3- Make sure you charity qualifies HERE.  Your charity must be on this list or it will not count.  Sad but true!

I hope this helps and inspires you to donate to help your favorite charity.  Mine is South Central Bloodhound Club.  :)  

This is why
Hank is my everything.  If you are interested in adopting a Bloodhound or donating to Bloodhound rescue for that AWESOME tax deduction please visit us HERE

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Name Our New Blog Series! Let Us Know Which Name You Like The Best!

Thanks to everyone who gave us some great ideas for naming our new blog series!

Vote until 2/7/14!  I will announce the winner and contact them regarding their fancy gift card.

Click here to take survey

Click on the link to head over to the survey!

Thanks again and I can't wait to see what ya'll choose!