Monday, November 4, 2013

Money Monday- Organize Your Pantry for (Almost) Free!

Hola!!!  Have you ever been sitting on your sofa, watching hockey, eating runts and decided to organize your pantry??  

Great.. so glad I am not the only one! 

Living in a smaller home and owning a 55" tv (hubby buy not mine) I have the luxury of basically seeing the TV from most of the major rooms in my house.  Last Sunday I was watching my second hockey game and decided that it wouldn't kill me to be some what productive.  

The older I get the more I covet organizing and organizing my life.  One of my pet peeves when making a grocery list and/or coming home from grocery shopping is having a disorganized pantry.  

My pantry looked like this

I didn't want to make a shopping trip for supplies and I figured i could get this organized without spending anything.  

The first thing I did was clean everything out of the pantry.  

After removing everything I started adding items back in by size and/or with like items.  I also made larger packaging smaller by moving goods into different containers.  All containers that I used I had on hand.

I combined one and a half containers of oatmeal into this one.  I saved so much room!

1/2 bags of sugar and powder sugar store so much easier in containers you can stack.  These containers are from walmart, air tight and can be found in the food storage section. 

The finished organized pantry.  I know this isn't a mind blowing pin it for reference kind of change but I removed all expired food, donated goods, cleaned and most of all organized my pantry.  Not bad for a 45 minute project. 

So why did I include this in a Money Monday post??  If you can simplify your life it will save you time.  I value my time.  Also, I wanted to show you how you can take a small project and be resourceful to get it finished.  

What project can you start that are almost free???  You would be surprised when you think about it.  Some of my next free projects are:
*clean and organize my cabinets
*clean and organize my fridge/freezer
*clean and organize my entry
*clean and organize my media cabinet
*organize my bathroom cabinets

You don't have to spend tons of money on organizing.  I save all my small boxes, shop the dollar store and walmart.  

For a How-To on making your own shelf covers click HERE