Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Electrolux Live!

As a blogger we receive all kinds of advertisement opportunities, giveaways, guest posts, link ups, you name it.  I never post anything on Mandy Jean Chic that isn't a product I would use or recommend.  This week I was contacted by Electrolux via Influenster to invite my friends to tune into Electrolux Live. 

I felt this was appropriate to share for 2 reasons #1- November is renovate my Kitchen month and #2- I love to cook and thought the competition sounded cool.  

What is Electrolux Live??

Electrolux and Food52 will pit three influential chefs against each other in a live cook-off challenge hosted by Food52’s website founders. This cook-off will be live on Food52’s website for 30 minutes on November 6 at 1pm EST, where viewers can engage with the brand and hosts by answering questions and joining the chat that lives next to the streaming video. Just log in via Twitter or Facebook to participate! #ElectroluxLive

Why I think this is cool for ya'll??

You will have the opportunity to watch and when you join in the conversation, you could win an Electrolux Induction Cooktop (worth $2,199!) or Electrolux Induction Range (worth $3,749!).  Who doesn't love awesome giveaways!!!!!

So let's recap shall we??? 

Why: see celebrity chefs, learn a thing or two about cooking, and get the opportunity to win an Electrolux cooktop!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Induction vs Gas vs Electric cooktops are??  With upcoming kitchen renovations we started doing some research but Electrolux provided me with this handy list:
-Induction Cooktops: $1,999 (30"), $2,199 (36")
•Power Assist: Boils Water in 90 seconds.
•Precision Cooking: Control of a gas cooktop in an electric range.
•Keep Warm: Indefinitely hold food at the perfect serving temperature.
•Exceptional Temperature Control: Adjust heat with greater accuracy than gas or electric cooktops, especially at lower settings - perfect for melting chocolate and cooking delicate foods and sauces

-Electric Cooktops: $1,299 (30"), $1,399 (36")
Flex-2-Fit® Elements: Elements adjust up to three sizes, so the element fits the cookware, not the other way around.
Glide-2-Set® Control Panel: Heat is controlled by just the touch of a finger, resulting in a clean look uncluttered by knobs or dials. These controls are intuitive, precise and very stylish.
Easy-to-Clean Cooktop Surface: Smooth glass cooktop makes cleanup a breeze.
Perfect Over A Wall Oven: Mounts above a single wall oven for additional installation options.
-Gas Cooktops: $1,349 - $1,549
Dual flame sealed burner: From a 450-BTU simmer to an 18,000-BTU fierce boil.
Professional Grade Control Knobs: Designed to provide pinpoint precision control.
Continuous Grates: Seamlessly designed to move pots from burner to burner.

After reviewing the differences Brett and I are really interested in seeing what the Induction Cooktop will do.  Do you have an Induction Cooktop??  What do you think???  We love the idea of boiling water in 90 seconds, holding food at the perfect temperature and lower temperatures.  Sounds like a winner!

If you tune in send me a tweet so we can watch the battle together! @mandyjeanchic #ElectroluxLive

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Please excuse the blog dust...

Please excuse the blog dust.  I decided to revamp my blog this weekend and add alittle southwest :)  What do you think???

Monday, October 21, 2013

Money Monday- I *heart* You iPhone

I love my Apple products.  I won't hide it.  I am 110% converted over to Apple/Mac.  It all started with one little iPhone.  I argued with my husband for a month about getting iPhones.  I didn't want one!  I could not see the sense in spending the extra money for the phone and for a monthly bill.  He finally talked me into and let me tell you if you ever wanted my iPhone you would need to pry it from my cold and dead hands.  

I <3 my iPhone.  Her name is Immy.  Immy is my navigation.  She keeps me in touch with my friends and family.  I can take quick videos with her and she saves me money.  

How does she save me money?????  

#1-  I no longer shop the impulse items by the registers.  While I am waiting to checkout in stores I return texts, check my email, instagram, hockey scores, etc.  Money saved because I am a sucker for impulse items.  I have about 5,436,634 chapsticks that were impulse purchases!

#2-  Price Comparing-  Example, I was in Lowes today buying tile mats for my backsplash and I compared the price online vs Lowes vs Home Depot.  I saved almost $3/box!  Most stores will price match. 

#3-  Lists-  The notes app that comes with most smartphones is my #1 most used app.  I am a list maker.  
This is from my phone.  I make lists for everything.  I keep running grocery lists, notes, confirm #s, etc. Anything I need to remember goes here.  

#4- Store Apps-  Currently on my phone I have the following store apps: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns, Smiths, Lowes, Home Depot, CVS, Target Cartwheel and a few coupon specific apps.  I can't even tell you how much $ I save.  Every week I know I have atleast a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby, 40% for Michaels and a 50% for JoAnns.  Some are even reusable.  I also have a few coupon apps but I don't have a favorite.  I am still working on those :)

#5- Gas Buddy App-  I drive atleast 60 miles per day and the Gas Buddy app saves me everyday.  When I need gas I pull up this app and it will tell me the gas prices at various stations in the area.  AWESOME!!!!

#6- Key Ring App-  Does your key ring have a gazillion of those little scan tags??  This app allows you to scan most of your scan tags.  The best part you just hold your phone up and most stores will just scan your phone.  Instant savings!  I save atleast $5 at my locals smith by using my rewards card.  Every time!

#7- Craigslist App-  When I have some down time I always check Craigslist.  

#8-  Bank App-  Having an app for my bank is so convenient.  I always check deposits, charges, fees, etc.  I have caught a few mistakes by being on top of my bank account.  A dollar here and there add up quick!  I also caught a waitress who tried to get a $10 tip rather than a $1 tip.  In my defense I am a great tipper.  I grew up in the restaurant industry but when you give me crappy service I will #1 reflect it and #2 never go back.  She started our order with "What do you want?"  Seriously...

#9-  Bill Tracker App- 90% of our bills come out of our account automatically but this app helps to remind us when things are due.  Before I put my husbands gym membership in the app we would always forget about it. 

#10-  My time-  I value my time and my iPhone helps me stay organized.  

Does your smart phone help make your life easier?  Immy sure does for me!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Falling for Fall- Meet Samantha from Designer in Teal

Last month I signed up for a Falling for Fall swap and I was paired up with the lovely Samantha from Designer in Teal.  

I love this picture of Samantha and her super cute baby, Artie!

Before we met on the blog swap I totally was stalking following her via pinterest.  She is an interior designer and I adore her work!  Head over and check out her latest Fall home decor post!  

Here is a peak at her fall decor.  Click on the picture to head over and say hi!

We each sent boxes that were fall related with a $20 spending limit.  Let me tell you Samantha spoiled me!!  I love everything she picked out.  I actually filmed an unboxing video and will get it up this week.  
How cute is her card!!!!

A list of her goodies!  I love her personalize touches.  

The first goody I picked up was a pumpkin pancake recipe.  This is probably my favorite! I am not sure  if she knew this or not but one of my 30 before 30 goals was to get all of my friends favorite recipes in their handwriting.  This is the first one!  I can't wait to have brett for Brett and I to make these. 

Who doesn't love a pumpkin candle for fall???  By the way, this is Hanks favorite item in the box.  He loves pumpkin.  :)  

Considering that I battle with cold and allergies this are perfect!!  I have never tried Bath & Body Works hand gels.  I know.. last one to the party.  :)  Can't wait to try the Autumn Day one!  It reminds me of the aspen trees in Santa Fe. 

This lotion has put me in the fall mood!!  I love this body lotion!  

These 2 polishes are sssooo gorgeous!!!  I have a fall nail tutorial coming :)

Thanks Samantha for all the goodies!  I think your new friendship and your pumpkin recipes are my favorites :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Beauty by Arielle Giveaway! $100 Sephora Gift Card!

Help me in celebrating Beauty by Arielle's 2nd anniversary!  To help her celebrate she teamed up with a few other bloggers and is giving away a $100 Sephora gift card.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October is Living Room Month

We get bored with projects easy.  We love to start something and half way thru we get bored.  It takes us forever to finish a project sometimes.  We have atleast 10 projects 1/2 done right now.  Not even kidding!  

We are making an effort to focus on one room per month.  During that month we will work on projects, deep clean, decorate, etc.  Sometimes decorating, cleaning and all things housewifery get overwhelming to me.  I would much rather play makeup instead, lol! 

We love to decorate for Christmas so I figured the best room to start with is our living room.  This is also the first room you walk into when you enter our house.  

This is our whole list of to do for our living room.  We don't have to finish everything on the list in the month.  This list is more of a reminder for us :) 
Choose Paint
Find/Create Art
Focal Wall-Decide What To Do

Finish Slate Tile Trim

Paint 2nd Coat
Finish Slate Tile Trim
New Door Hardware

New Sofa
New Seating
Build Coffee Table
New End Tables
Build Shelving
New Media Cabinet

Decide What To Do
Stone Surround

New Curtains
Replace Ceiling Fan
Wood Plank Ceiling

Wash Walls
Wash Door
Clean Lighting
Clean Fan
Clean Baseboards
Organize Cabinet by Door
Organize Media Cabinet
Vacuum Furniture 
Clean Deer
Wash Curtains
Move Furniture and Clean Under

That is pretty much it :)  Living Room update October 2013.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Living Room Inspiration

Our living room is such a awkward layout.  I will share some pictures this week of our living room and what we want to change.  The inspiration bug has bit me today and I wanted to share some of our living room inspiration.

Our style is best defined as rustic chic.

For full post visit The Lettered Cottage
We love this living room.  The color, the tones, the fireplace.  Just everything.  The color is Phoenix Fossil by Benjamin Moore.  We are considered this paint color.  Currently our walls are brown :(  Everything in my house is brown.  :(  

We want industrial shelving to flank our TV. I love these!

Visit The Lettered Cottage for more info about this living room. 
I love this fire place.  If we decide to do a faux brick wall we don't want to put stone fully around the fire place and this mixes everything we love.  I also love the sofa and coffee table. 

Rug from Allard Auctions
I would like to find a Navajo rug that is subtle and geometric.  I love Navajo rugs!  They are so beautiful. 

Living Room via Style At Home
We have vaulted ceilings and I love the idea of adding wood planking.  I want to use the idea of a darker ceiling and bright chandelier.  Love it!!

Table design from The Locker
Pipes and wood.  Must make!

Side table from Anythingology
Brett and I agree that our furniture must have storage or a dual purpose but I want to do this!!!  I love the look with leather!  So creative.  

Tomorrow i will try and snap some pictures of my living so ya'll can see what I am working with.  Be warned.... It's pretty boring and brown.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Favorite Fall Eye Shadows

Enjoy!!  My favorite fall eye shadows from the drugstore and MAC.

What are your favorite shadows??