Thursday, August 29, 2013

Makeup Collection

Hope you are having a great Thursday morning!  I wanted to share my makeup collection and storage.  I am still working on getting everything arranged in my new craft/beauty room.  :)  I purchased the white storage boxes from Michaels in the scrapbook section.  All the organizers are from the Dollar Tree or up-cycled.


How do you store your makeup?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Makeup Storage

The organizing bug has bit me.  I am organizing everything in my house.  Our biggest project has been my craft room.  Back in July I decided to give Brett my craft room and move all my stuff into the dining room.  Then move all the dining room into our eat in section of the kitchen.  Yes... It was that much of a pain.

After some thought I didn't want to give up my pretty pink craft room.  The walls are a soft pink color.  I have a HUGE window that floods the room with light.  I ended up giving  Brett the dining room.

I am now in the process of giving him storage pieces out of my craft room and putting everything back together.

This room will have 2 features now.  On the right side, my vanity area and craft storage.  To the left I will also have storage but my main craft desk will remain.  :)

The first goal is to move my vanity and makeup into the room.  Since I am doing all this rearranging I should just get new storage right??  Yes!

On Friday I will post a full makeup collection and possible vanity tour.  Depends on if we can get the vanity moved in this week :)

Just about every beauty guru on youtube has the IKEA Alex drawers and while I think they are nice we do not have an IKEA near us.  I do want something similar. 

I found these scrapbooking/craft wood storage boxes on clearance at Michael's for $9.99. I already owned the two 4 drawer boxes on the bottom. 

I am in the process of moving all of my makeup into the storage boxes today.  Tomorrow I will post my drawer organization. :)

How do you keep your makeup collection??  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding Makeup Tag

This past weekend I saw a tag video that look like a ton of fun!  It was created by Melissa (Melmphs) and in the tag you basically recreate your wedding day makeup.  I am not going to lie.  I don't remember the makeup I wore.  The only thing I remember is showing up.

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag.  If you film or write a blog post please leave me your link and I would LOVE to check it out!!

What do you think??

Monday, August 19, 2013

BH Cosmetics 12 Piece Brush Set

Hi, my name is Mandy Jean and I am a makeup brush hoarder.  Welcome to my blog :) 

A couple weeks ago I purchased the 12 piece BH Cosmetics brush set and I must say I am surprised by the quality of the brushes.  Currently BH Cosmetics has the brush set on sale for $12!!!  That is $1/brush!  

 My favorite brush is the fan brush.  It is perfect for highlighting!!
The brushes come in 3 colors!  I chose the black set so they would match my sigma brushes.  Yes, I am OCD like that :)

The brushes also come with this faux leather brush roll.  What a steal at $12!!

I also filmed a first impressions video. :)  If you are not subscribed to my youtube channel please do.  

To take advantage of this makeup brush set steal head over to BH Cosmetics.  

**Links to BH Cosmetics are affiliated links.  I am not getting paid to write this post and I purchased the brush set myself.  I want to share this great deal with ya'll**

***Stock images are from BH Cosmetics***

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review-Ponds BB+

Last month Ponds sent me their new BB cream to try and I fell in love with it!  I gave a brief review on my youtube channel and wanted to share it on my blog.
Image from ponds facebook page.  Head over and give them a like.  They also have a $2 coupon!

The claims from Ponds:

  • Superior* coverage of imperfections
  • Superior* visible dark spot reduction
  • Superior* non-greasy feel with a matte finish
  • Brightens, hydrates and protects with SPF15
I really like the Ponds bb+.  My skin feels more hydrated and looks more even.  I totally feel this is worth the $12.99 price tag.  
Have you tried the Ponds bb+?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Review My 30 Before 30 List

Last year I created a 30 before 30 list.  On Thursday I will turn 30.  I am actually excited to turn 30.  I feel like this last year has been challenging but reward at the same time.

Lets see what goals I have reached on my list :)

My 30 before 30 list

  • See the Titanic Exhibit - We are planning on hitting this exhibit in Sept after work slows down
  • Guest Blog- This year I would like to guest blog about home, fashion or New Mexico- I actually did a few guest posts :) 
  • Open Gone Junkin'- We sold at our first market on 6/15/13 and on 7/22/13.  We are still working on the online store. 
  • Organize my side of the master closet.  Make it look like a boutique.  Hubby can do whatever on his I am done for now.  We totally need to redo this closet.  
  • Make 10 Martha Stewart crafts from her Crafts book- I've made 4 and will pick out 6 more before the end of the month 
  • Take a crafting class- Not sure which one yet- I don't for see time for this in August.  Maybe before the year ends. 
  • Start my YouTube Channel- Done!  I love having my channel up.  I am having so much fun creating videos.  If you are not following or subscribed to me you will find my channel on the right. 
  • Have Family Photos done of me, Brett and the dogs
  • Recipe Box- I would love to create a recipe box of all of my friends favorite recipes in their handwriting- This is a goal before the end of the year.  I am thinking towards Thanksgiving. 
  • Digital Photos- Have all of my favorite photos printed- Didn't even attempt.  :(
  • Visit 10 New Mexico Historical Landmarks- DONE!
  • Have a real bday party on my 30th- I actually decided against this.  
  • Visit Famous Daves BBQ
  • Finish 1 room in my house completely- any room will do 
  • Clean my car- Horrible as it sounds I really need to- I don't think this will ever happen
  • Attend a blog conference
  • Buy something not on sale at Pottery Barn- I am going to Pottery Barn on my birthday!
  • Take the Sandia Tram at Sunset
  • Make a garment- A clutch counts right??
  • Paint a piece of art
  • Start networking and creating a fashion, makeup, style base here in New Mexico
  • Buy totally different glasses- I can't decide which frames 
  • New Laptop
  • Ghost tour of Old Town Albuquerque- Will do around October
  • Visit the Hubbard Museum
  • Watch all episodes of FRIENDS
  • Get a quote tattoo- I decided against this.  I have 2 tattoos.  That is enough
  • Watch all Golden Girl episodes
  • Visit Lincoln New Mexico and tour Billy the Kid Country
  • Sell at the Idalia Market