Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Obesessions















What are you obsessed with????

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's in my Sally Beauty bag? #1

Sally Beauty and their darn coupons!!!  I am fortunate enough to have a Sallys on my way home from work and I frequently stop in to checkout new polish colors. Every time they give me a $5 coupon I feel like I need to go in and use it.  I mean that is basically a free nail polish.  

I was good this time and purchased a shower cap, 2 nail polishes (Orly was free) and hair dye. Dye not pictured. 

Not only did I have a $5 off a $20 purchase but they were also giving away a free nail polish for every $20 spent.  Some of the polishes were old but I picked out an Orly polish.  Only downside, the label is missing.  If you now the name or number of this polish please leave a link below. 
I love love love these shower caps.  I do not wash my hair everyday and these are totally waterproof.  I also use these for conditioning treatments.  They are so easy to wash!!  Love them!!!!

What have you purchased at Sally Beauty lately??  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's in my MAC bag? #2 & 3

Friday after work my BFF and I headed over to MAC for a makeup application and some shopping.  My friend wanted to learn how to use colorful shadows to bring out her eyes and I just love MAC. :) We also headed over to LUSH. 

For some reason my brain was not working and I took no pictures while at MAC.  I will get better about this!  

As always Lynette (My fav MAC Uptown Girl) was a doll!  She took the time to show my BFF how to apply the shadows she wanted to try and she helped me figure out how to do a cat eye on myself.  LOVE THIS GIRL!  Also... I am trying not to sound arrogant but Lynette made me look smoking hot with her magic MAC makeup.  :)  


MAC Brown Pencil- Strawberry Blonde

Eye Shadow- Amber Lights

Slowly filling up :) 

Viva Glam II

I completely forgot that I needed concealer.  :(  Saturday Brett wanted to do some running around and look for some GoPro accessories.  We stopped into the MAC Counter in Dillards so I could grab my concealer. We are standing at the counter talking to the ever so adorable Audrey and I spotted the Viva Glam Nicki.  I've wanted to purchase it for sometime but never have.  Audrey said they were almost sold out but I had already spent my weekly beauty budget and I was totally out of concealer. :(  What is a girl to do??  I'll tell you... You smile lovingly at your husband and he will be your knight in shining armour, buying you the lipstick :) 
Mineralize Concealer NW20

Viva Glam Nicki 

Have you been to your MAC store or counter lately??  What are some of your fav MAC items?  I am starting to build my MAC collection and I love hearing what products you love and what products you disliked.  

Monday, February 25, 2013

February Giveaway with Mostly Happenstance

My lovely sponsors are giving away $80 winner's choice! That means you can have it as Paypal Cash, Target Gift card, Sephora Gift card, Toys R' Us Gift card, iTunes Gift card...basically whatever your heart desires. 
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You may want to thank some of the lovely ladies above for hosting this awesome giveaway! Head over to their sites and let them know how amazing they are when you get the chance.
Good luck!
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Money Monday- Creating a Budget


My best advice for any one is to create a budget and try your hardest to stick to it.  Brett and I are horrible about this but we try really hard!  Brett is salary and I am an hour employee.  We each contribute X amount of dollars into our joint checking account and we each get a few dollars as "play $".

You can have a budget if you are married, single, have a roommate etc.  It is really important to create a budget and to watch it.  This helps you from overspending, overdraft fees, using your credit card and other $ no no. 

Step #1
To get started search online for a budget worksheet or you can create your own in Excel.  I would create a sheet for each month.  

Step #2
List your income.  Do not list any variable income unless it is fairly steady.  If you sell ad space on your blog quarterly do not add this to your income.  Only list the $ you steadily receive. 

For example, our variable income is Brett's check and my check.  I do not list our art and store income.  These are not consistent. 

Step #3
List your expenses.  Don't forget to include insurance, groceries, phones, etc. 

Our expenses are: Mortgage, FJ Cruiser, PT Cruiser, Car Insurance, Retirement, Savings, Gas, Groceries, Internet, Cell Phones, DirectTV, PNM, Gas, Water, Trash, HOA, Subscriptions, Allowance. 

Step #4
Take a look at your last months bank statement and be honest with yourself.  How much did you spend in each category?

This will help you to take your budget. 

Step #5
Create your budget. 

In one column list your budget, next to that list what you actually spent.  HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. 


Some budgeting questions
What do you do if your expenses are more than your income?  This is hard but I will be honest.  Look for ways to cut back.  If you are paying your mortgage late every month but still buying a Starbucks coffee every morning I think you need to rearrange your budget. If you can't cut back look for ways to create extra income. 

What if you do not agree on a budget with your spouse?  Have a serious conversation.  If ya'll cannot agree on a budget you may need to talk to a Financial Planner.  A way to start this conversation is write a list of things you want to do as a couple.  If you don't start budgeting and saving you cannot do these. That maybe enough motivation for some agreement.  Brett is a spender and I am more of a saver.  I can be a spender but I will look for the best deal. 

What to do with extra $?  1st off, CONGRATS!  Secondly, if you have a car loan get it paid off!  Car loans will suck your $ in interest.  If you have a car that is paid off I recommend contacting a Financial Planner and talk about investing.  If you are not ready to start playing the markets put the funds into a money market account or savings account.  Right now interest sucks but you will have some flexibility. 

When and how do I start a retirement account?  Contact a local financial advisor.  Call around and find someone who you work well with.  I recommend starting a retirement account ASAP. Even if its $20/month it is something.  You will need this $.  Start saving now.  :) 


I am not a financial advisor nor am I a financial expert but being financially responsible is very important to me.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Debbie Downer Foundation Review

After hearing all the buzz about the Flower Collection for Walmart and the new NYC products coming out I decided to pick up a few products and give them a try.  Before I get into why I call this a Debbie Downer Review I want to say that these are only my opinions based on my application and skin.  These products may work for you but they certainly did not work for me.

Flower Stick Foundation SF3 $8.50 Walmart

When I picked this product up I liked the idea of having a foundation to stick in my purse for touch ups.  I have never been so disappointed in a foundation.  I tried 3 different applications and none of them satisfied me. 

#1- BARE SKINE WITH MAC FIX+, applied directly to skin and blended with Real Techniques Buffing Brush

The foundation did not blend into my skin at all.  It became very patch.  The worst part..... it increased the appearance of my pours. 

#2- SILICON PRIMER, blended with Beauty Blender
Same results.  My pores were not as pronounced but it still did not blend well. 

#3- PIXI PRIMER, blended with Beauty Blender, topped with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
This was the best application but it still was not acceptable.  The moisturizing primer helped to blend the foundation and my face did not look as dry.  I think the reason why this application was ok is because of the Rimmel powder.  The coverage was still slightly patchy. 

Overall I would not buy this product nor would I tell my friends to buy it (if they have dry skin).  If you have normal to oily skin and have tried this please let me know how it worked for you.  
Honestly I probably won't try anymore of the Flower collection because I am just not happy with the products.  I think there are better drug store products out for the same price or less. 
 NYC Skin Matching Foundation Light to Medium $3.47

What a dud!!  Considering for liquidy this foundation was I figured it would be awesome for my dry skin.  Not so much :(

My first Debbie Downer moment was the smell.  The smell was so strong and not really perfumey.  It was more makeup smelly.  Not good!

Second Debbie Downer moment was during the application.  I applied this with a Beauty Blender and it is so streaky and gave me no coverage what so ever.  The redness was still very apparent in my skin.  

I honestly couldn't stand the smell anymore and removed the foundation before adding concealer, powder, and blushes. 

If you love either one of these products please leave me a comment below.  Let me know you skin type and why you love them.  I dislike giving bad reviews and I would love for other makeup loving gals to hear other opinions.  :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review- Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

Is it me or does every makeup manufacture have a Beauty Balm?  I have tried a few of them and so far my all time fav Beauty Balm is Dr. Jart +.  I had the opportunity to try a sample of Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Light/Medium.

Photo from TARGET.COM
Retail $7.44
Available in 5 tones

Blur Imperfections
Evens Skin-tone
No Heavy Ingredients
0% Oils

Before I tried Dr. Jart+ I thought BB were basically tinted moisturizers.  I do love a tinted moisturizer for running out the door but when it comes to using one for coverage I've never been happy.

My brief review of this BB is that it is ok.  It covers better than most drugstore BB.  I did use this and a WetNWild concealer.  The coverage together was decent but not a foundation.  I do think it lives up to its claims.  My skin-tone was more even, my face appeared brighter and it was very smooth to put on. I checked on my makeup around noon and my face was still hydrated.

If i was in the market for a drug store BB I would definitely pick this up.

How does this compare to Dr. Jart+
Dr. Jart+ is a high end BB and there are definitely some difference between Maybelline Dream Fresh.  Dr. Jart+ offers more coverage and keeps the brightness for the majority of the day.  Also blending blushes, bronzers, etc on top of Dr. Jart+ appears easier than Maybelline Dream Fresh.

Dr. Jart+ is around $40 and Maybelline Dream Fresh is under $8.

If you would like more information about Maybelline Dream Fresh checkout these reviews:

Have you tried either of these?  What is your fav BB?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February BirchBox

Birchbox is a monthly beauty sample mailing.  It is $10/month and every month you receive 4 to 5 high end samples to try.  What I like about Birchbox is you take a beauty quiz and the samples are picked out for you.  If you don't like the samples you are getting you can change your quiz and try again.  Easy peasy!!  Also if your friends sign up for Birchbox and use your link you get beauty points for products. :) If you are interested in trying Birchbox follow this link.  I never thought $10 would make me run to my mailbox!

This Month's Box
Photo from

What is in my box:
Lancome Le Base Pro Makeup Primer
Miss Jessie's Original Pillow Soft Hair Lotion
Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
Color Club Nail Polish-Wild Cactus
Ghiradelli Chocolate

I am not horribly excited about this box but i don't think it's the worst either :)  As always expect to start seeing reviews next week. 

What was in your Birchbox?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring Fashion Inspiration

It's official.  My brain is focusing on spring.  Spring fashion. Spring colors.  Spring design.  Lets melt this snow, enjoy freshly planted flowers and bring on the sun!  Ok.. I live in New Mexico and we do not have any snow but I did grow up in Michigan and totally feel for all of my friends hit over the past few days.

Here are a few things I am loving for spring.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I love rolled up boyfriend jeans and heels
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

What spring fashion are you looking forward to??