Monday, February 4, 2013

Beauty Blogger Headquarters- February Task

Who doesn't love to be organized!!!  This months task is all about a bloggers office and how we organize it.  

For more info about the Beauty Blogger Headquarters please visit HERE

Where do you blog? 
I use a laptop and desktop for my blog.  If I am using my laptop I blog where it is comfortable.  My desk top is located in my craft room. 

Do you have a space dedicated to blogging?
Yes and No.  The majority of my spreadsheets, pics, etc are located on my laptop but some pictures are on my desktop.  My goal is to by an external backup this year and keep majority of things on that.  I also keep graphics, docs, etc on icloud and dropbox.  I have a binder that I keep hard copies, notes, goals, etc in.  This is always in my "blog bag".  In my blog bag I keep magazine tear outs for inspiration, my laptop, notes, etc.  I guess you could say my blog bag is my blogging office.  

What do you blog on?
Currently I have a dell laptop and desktop.  I love them both but this spring I am buying a MacPro and possibly and IMac.  I have been a die hard PC girl until I got my Iphone.  Nothing is purchased or written in stone yet but I do know I will be atleast replacing my laptop shortly.  

Do you have any blogging rituals?
Before I start blogging I look at other blogs for motivation and inspiration.  This allows me to think and comment on other blog posts.  Normally I listen to music or have the TV on.  I am a background noise kinda girl.  

How do you keep your blogging ideas organized?
I have a blogging binder.  Its separated by weekly to do sheets, goals, inspiration, notes, and so on.  I also keep some spreadsheets on my laptop.  I am a pen and paper kind of girl but I am trying really hard to use technology more.  

Do you have a blogging schedule?
Yes!  I mean sort of.  I am trying really hard to keep a blogging schedule.  This is a work in progress. 

If you review products how do you keep track of what needs to be reviewed?
I keep a note book and a spreadsheet.  When I buy a new product I create a new sheet in my notebook with the packaging and some notes.  Once its in the notebook I add it to my spreadsheet with a due date.  

What do you do with all of your old data?
Currently it sits on my computer or on dropbox.  I want to buy external storage this year.  I also delete pieces I do not need.  

This quarter I will try to show you how I keep organized with some photos and a few printables.  :)  This task was very inspiring to me.  I LOVE hearing how other bloggers organize.  

How do you keep organized? 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Style Me February-Day #3- Favorite Thing About My Gams

One of my favorite blogs is Dean Street Society.  They have a blog for Bettys and Gents.  Every month Hillary (who is super cute, by the way!) creates a list of daily fashion challenges.  I have never finished a whole month but I do love to check out the daily challenge and try :) 


Some plus size women dislike having larger calves.  I love mine!  I am only 5'2" and I think my muscular calves show my strength   They show that just because I am plus size does not mean I am lazy and never work it.  

For the Hank fans :) Yes I changed my shoes.  After walking him for 30 minutes in 4 inch heels I decided to switch to my fav flats. 

What is your favorite thing about your gam?? 

Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag

I've saw this tag on a few different blogs and after Martha at Quick Cheap and Pretty posted her answers I decided "What the Heck... I'll do it too"

If you have a minute head over to Quick Cheap and Pretty and check out her blog.  She is a fellow animal lover and only wears/reviews makeup that is crustal free. :)

1. Greed. What are your most expensive and inexpensive beauty items?
Expensive: Tie between Tarte Gift Set and Naked Palette.  If you count a mirror as a beauty item my Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror definitely wins this! 
Inexpensive:  elf shadows and $1 blushes.  Shadows can be hit or miss but I love the blushes!

2. Wrath. What products do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Wet N Wild Eye Shadows.  Some I love and others I think I could live with out.  Some of their shadows blend amazingly and others look dull.  

Cream Blushes- I love blushes but for some reason cream blushes either make me look to dewy or they do not last.  

3. Gluttony. What are your most delicious beauty products?
Maybelline Baby Lips.  I love them all.  They smell amazing and are wonderful lip products.  LOVE THEM!!!

4. Sloth. What beauty products do you neglect due to laziness?
False Lashes.  I love them but I am just to lazy to deal with the glue, getting them straight, etc.  

5. Pride. Which beauty product(s) give you the most self-confidence? A great eye liner.  I have blue eyes and when I wear a brown liner I get so many compliments.  :) 

6. Lust. What one product are you currently lusting after? Not really a product but I am dying to try the new collections at MAC.  

7. Envy. What product would you like to receive as a gift? The new collections from MAC.  Our anniversary is this month and Hubby got his list :) 

If you decide to do this tag or have already done it leave me a comment with your link and I would love to check it out! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Style Me February- Day #1- My Happy Color

One of my favorite blogs is Dean Street Society.  They have a blog for Bettys and Gents.  Every month Hillary (who is super cute, by the way!) creates a list of daily fashion challenges.  I have never finished a whole month but I do love to check out the daily challenge and try :) 


I am a girl. I am a girl who LOVES pink.  Pink is my happy color.  I love color in general but when I am having a rough morning I always wear something pink. :) 

When I saw the challenge yesterday I knew I wanted to wear my pink dress. 

Jacket- JCP forever ago
Dress- Lane Bryant
Boots- Avenue
Bloodhound- South Central Bloodhound Rescue

While taking Hank for a walk I asked Hubby to snap a few pictures.  :)  I had about 90 pictures of Hank and 5 of me, LOL! 

This is our serious face  :)

Nothing better in life than the love of a Bloodhound.  Hank is my world!  

If you decide to play along please leave a comment and I would LOVE to check out your blog :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Friday- Work It!

I have the greatest job ever!  I really do!  Without getting into a huge amount of detail (and compliance, BLAH!) I work in the investment world.  I am very fortunate to be the branch assistant at the largest LPL Branch in New Mexico and one of top in the country!  My branch manager has worked very hard building this branch and I really do love my job!

The point to my blog post is not to send you screaming into boredom with investment talk but to bring up the topic of appropriate work attire.

The past few days I have been snooping around online looking for a few new outfits for my work wardrobe. I am in a great position when it comes to dressing for work.  I have my own space and ever so often need to meet with clients.  This allows me to be slightly more casual.  :)  

Enjoy my Work It! inspiration.  

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Obsessions

Spring 2013 here I come! I love black tanks and jeans. I am also learning to love hats. The New Mexico sun is brutal!!
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Such a great craft!

Love these colors!! Great for a New Mexico evening.

I am obsessed with this whole outfit!

I need this for work

Isn't this wreath the cutest!

Love this look!

Smokey eyes are my fav!

I am obsessed with long bobs right now! Love this!

I am obsessed with Bloodhounds. God created Bloodhounds so women would have a true best friend. Hank is my world!!
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

So perfect for my closet!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Money Monday- Saving $ on Makeup

I have no problem admitting it... I, Mandy Jean, am addicted to makeup.  I love buying new products every month to try and use.  Having this addiction can be very expensive and you can easily loose track of how much you have spent over the course of a month.  Been there... done that... got the t-shirt...

I've created a few rules for myself when buying makeup.

#1- Make sure all bills are paid 1st and include groceries in budget.  Sometimes I forget groceries and buy blush instead.  :/

#2- Only spend what we can afford for the month. Make sure to give hubby the same amount to buy whatever men spend $ on.

#3- Do not buy mascara unless I need it or they have a great deal.  Mascara spoils quickly.

#4- Watch for coupons and sales.  Try not to impulse buy.

#5- If I love it and can afford it, I can buy it.  If I think it is to trendy I try and find a cheaper alternative.


The makeup in my collection range from elf to Chanel.  I am very careful in how I buy a product.

#1- I love Urban Decay eye shadow but I only buy the palette sets because spending $18 for one eye shadow doesn't make sense to me.

#2- If I find a color of eye shadow I can not live without I will check the manufacturer site first, ebay second and if those two are a dud I will pay full price.

#3- Watch Youtube Dupe videos.  So many beauty gurus have high end dupe videos.  A great example is I love Nars blush.  But did you know some of the elf studio blushes (black packages) are almost identical??

#4- Look for sample kits.  Benefit, Nars, Tarte, Lorac, Stila and sometimes Urban Decay will have value packs or sample kits.  I love love love love trying new products and I would rather pay $30 for a box of sample size products to try then $200 on full size products.  If I love the sample I will buy the full size.

#5- Ask for a sample- Sephora will give you up to 3 free samples with a purchase.  Just ask at the counter!!


Where do I find deals????
#1- Blog sales.  Many gals have blog sales of products they swatched or purchased and did not use.  Their loss is your gain!

#2- Grocery and Drug Stores- Always look for coupons and clearance!  Ulta also runs buy on get one half off frequently.

#3- Beauty Reward Cards- Ulta, Sephora, Sallys all have beauty rewards cards.  USE THEM!!

#4- Ebay-  You need to be careful on ebay because of fake products but if you find a seller you like that is purchasing product at wholesale and you can save 50% for an authentic product why not??  Also people will piece out gift sets. Ebay is a goldmine!!!  Just be cautious!

#5- Have a makeup swap with your BFFs.

#6- Shop around online.  I love palettes and this is a great way to get a bang for your buck.  My favs are BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents.  I am also loving Sleek!  Research and shop around!

I hope you found my quick tips helpful!

Here are some great resource and a few of my favorite youtube dupe videos. ENJOY!!!

CAN YOU TELL WHO MY FAVORITE YOUTUBE MAKEUP GURU IS??? LOL!!! Emily is amazing!!!!  Love her videos!!  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ipsy VS Birchbox January 2013

I love beauty boxes!  I am like a child waiting for a new toy every month around the 15th. I've been a subscriber to Birchbox for over a year and love it!  In November I decided to add Ipsy after seeing all the great bags other bloggers were receiving.  Both are $10/month.  

For more information about Ipsy please visit their site at or CLICK HERE

For more information about Birchbox please visit their site HERE

I thought it would be fun to change up my beauty box posts and do one post comparing the two.  :)  This month my favorite is my Ipsy bag. 

I will do individual product reviews this month :)

What's in this months bag?
*Pacifica Body Butter (Full Size Sample, $7.00)
*Josie Maran Argan Oil (Sample is TO-GO size, $14)
*Nailtini Polish- Frappe (Full Size Sample, $13)
*Big Sexy Hair Spray (Sample Size. Full Size $17)
*SOHO Concealer Brush (Full Size Sample, $8.99 Walgreens)

My Ipsy bag is worth $42.99!!!

Every month your samples come in a cute makeup bag.  This month the bag is navy blue with a star interior. SO CUTE!!! 

What's in my Birchbox?
*Frownies Eye Gels (Full Size contains 3 sets $29.95, Sample contains 1 $9.98)
*Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray (Full Size 2oz $11.95, Sample about 0.5 oz $2.98)
*theBalm Put a Lid On It Eyelid Primer (Full Size 0.4 oz $18, Sample 0.125 $4.50ish)
*My Multi Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer (Full Size 2oz $68, Sample 0.3 oz $17ish)
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy (Full Size 3.4oz $90, Sample 0.05oz $13.25ish)

My Birchbox is worth $47ish. 

Do you subscribe to Birchbox or Ipsy?  What did you think of this months bag/box?  Which product would you like to see a review on first? 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Master Bedroom Inspiration- Modern Cabin

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, right??  Our bedroom is more like a disaster area. We have lived in our home for 4 years now and our bedroom is still builder grade white.  We have no headboard.  Our nightstands are the same nightstands from our apartment.  We have a HUGE over stuffed buttery yellow chair just hanging out.  Its honestly looks like a frat house than a sanctuary.

Last night while we were driving home from shopping I asked Brett what ideas jumped into his head when he thought of our bedroom.

 Here are some of our inspiration words:
*cozy  *dog friendly *modern cabin  *warm but bright  *dramatic headboard * cozy blankets  * ruidoso/cloudcroft, NM   *relaxing  *vintage but fresh  *textures  *natural  *mountain lodge

If we could move anywhere we would head south to Ruidoso or Cloudcroft.  We love the easy lifestyle of the mountain towns.  After talking we decided we wanted to bring that easy living to our bedroom, bathroom and master closet.

Here are some of our inspiration photos with links to sources.

I love the nightstand and lamp.
Photo from Anna Williams of Ethos Interiors. 

Cottage Master Suite with Open Bathroom, Set within the eaves of a front-gable Victorian cottage, this master suite has an open bedroom/bathroom concept, complete with a Japanese soaking tub., Bedroom from different angle., Bedrooms Design

I want this bed!!
Photo from Rate my Space

I love the texture and interest of the frames.  This would be a cool way to bring New Mexico into the room without it looking like the southwest threw up all over it :)

I LOVE the painted branches!!! DIY Project!!!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

To keep up with my master bedroom inspiration follow my Master Bedroom Inspiration Board on PINTEREST HERE 

 What do you think???