Sunday, January 6, 2013

Master Bedroom Inspiration- Modern Cabin

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, right??  Our bedroom is more like a disaster area. We have lived in our home for 4 years now and our bedroom is still builder grade white.  We have no headboard.  Our nightstands are the same nightstands from our apartment.  We have a HUGE over stuffed buttery yellow chair just hanging out.  Its honestly looks like a frat house than a sanctuary.

Last night while we were driving home from shopping I asked Brett what ideas jumped into his head when he thought of our bedroom.

 Here are some of our inspiration words:
*cozy  *dog friendly *modern cabin  *warm but bright  *dramatic headboard * cozy blankets  * ruidoso/cloudcroft, NM   *relaxing  *vintage but fresh  *textures  *natural  *mountain lodge

If we could move anywhere we would head south to Ruidoso or Cloudcroft.  We love the easy lifestyle of the mountain towns.  After talking we decided we wanted to bring that easy living to our bedroom, bathroom and master closet.

Here are some of our inspiration photos with links to sources.

I love the nightstand and lamp.
Photo from Anna Williams of Ethos Interiors. 

Cottage Master Suite with Open Bathroom, Set within the eaves of a front-gable Victorian cottage, this master suite has an open bedroom/bathroom concept, complete with a Japanese soaking tub., Bedroom from different angle., Bedrooms Design

I want this bed!!
Photo from Rate my Space

I love the texture and interest of the frames.  This would be a cool way to bring New Mexico into the room without it looking like the southwest threw up all over it :)

I LOVE the painted branches!!! DIY Project!!!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

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 What do you think???