Saturday, January 5, 2013

50 Things About Me

I decided to join in the fun over at City Girl Gone Coastal.  If you decide to join in please link up HERE

50 things
1. I was born at 11:50 PM on August 15th 
2. I grew up in the country
3. I did not start driving until I was 18
4. I lived in a village of less than 600 people
5. I basically grew up in the restaurant business
6. I was a top junior handler for many years, showing Shiba Inu
7. My husky, Fyr, has over 30 Best in Shows and won the UKC premier in 2002
8. I miss spending my summers in the upper part of Michigan
9. I moved to New Mexico in 2006 to be with my Husband
10.  I am a PROUD law enforcement wife
11.  I currently have 4 dogs
12.  I never thought I would ever own a Bloodhound but now I can not imagine my life without one
13.  I refuse to be told how to live my life 
14.  On the weekends you will find me 4x4ing in my FJ Cruiser.  
15.  I name all of my cars.  My FJ Cruiser is Abby and my PT Cruiser is Toby
16.  I am a muscle car girl at heart and will own another Mustang some day
17.  I love guns and I am a VERY responsible gun owner
18.  I have a wonderful 8-4 M-F job working in investments
19.  I have worked very hard to become an advanced communicator bronze in Toastmasters
20.  When I am sick I turn into a 5 year old
21.  I have crazy dreams and remember most of them
22.  I am addicted to makeup and collect it
23.  My favorite blush is Tarte Dollface
24.  Ruby Woo will be my favorite lipstick for as long as I live
25.  I met and married my husband within a year
26.  I purchased my first home before I was 25
27.  We do not want Children.  We love kids but they are just not for us
28.  I still "back to school" shop for myself
29.  I decided to follow my dreams and open a boutique 
30.  I have a love for reused and recycled decor
31.  My husband and I do not agree on anything
32.  My favorite guilty pleasure food is pepperoni cheese bread from Little Ceasers
33.  I can listen to Shinedown all day long 
34.  I will always be a redneck at heart
35.  I am a compulsive planner
36.  I will justify any purchase from Target 
37.  If I had a million dollars and could only shop at one store I would probably choose Target
38.  I refuse to shop at stores that promote animal cruelty or animals of any kind
39.  I love my ferret!
40.  Someday I want to move to White Oaks, NM and have a ranch
41.  I will own a mini Sicilian donkey someday! 
42.  My Bloodhound, Hank, is my world!
43.  I use way to many ...... and !!!! when I write
44.  I spend to much time reading blogs and watching YouTube videos
45.  I still have a huge crush on The Rock
46.  My husband is 6'6" and I am 5'2.5"
47.  When I am frustrated and trying not to speak my mind I crack my neck
48.  I wish Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau were still around. 
49.  I wish our society would take the time to learn about history and the importance
50.  I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished.  I can't wait to see what happens this year! 


Amanda said...

Yay, you're the first to link up, thank you! Great list of random, you have a shed load of pets!

Kei said...

Happened upon this post via the blog hop at City Girl Gone Coastal. Glad to find another person that does not want children :) My mum's friend names her cars too (her current car is named 'Presh' as in Precious!)

Mandy Jean said...

My pets are my kids :) I love my hounds!

I love my niece and nephew but hubby is a few years older than me and we plan on retiring young :) We love kids but we love to give them back to their parents even more, LOL!!

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

Angela said...

I love your blog, LOL's at the south west throwing up over your bedroom image!

If you would like to follow each other just let me know xx

PS I have 5 furry grand babies :)

Mandy Jean said...

Thanks Angela! I will check out your blog!

My dogs are my kids :)

Take Care,
Mandy Jean