Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY Nail Rack

Check out my DIY Nail Rack Tutorial over at 

If you build a DIY Nail Rack using my tutorial or have built one of your own please leave me a comment with a link.  I would LOVE to check it out!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

FREE Toilet Room Makeover

Last weekend we decided to makeover our toilet room only using items we had laying around the house.  As any DIYer knows you have a ton of left over paint, wood scraps, decor etc.  We couldn't see the sense in going out and shopping for a room makeover when we probably had the stuff laying around.  We also like free :)

Supply List 
Paint- Oops paint from Lowes.  Purchased a year ago $3
Wreath- JoAnns. Purchased in the spring $10
All other decor purchased at yard sales and discount stores off and on through the years

Hubby created the light fixture.  He used an old outdoor light and replaced the glass with metal. 

I love the texture of my wall!!



mop it up mondays feature
Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle

Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Beauty Blogger Headquarters Task

This month the task for Beauty Blogger Headquarters is photography.  Photography is something I am still a novice at.  My husband takes beautiful pictures.... I on the other hand... no patience what so ever.  Until recently I thought I could photograph my life with a point and shoot camera.  There is nothing picmonkey can 't fix right??

I am very lucky that my Grandparents sent me my first "real" camera for Christmas.  I have been eyeing the Canon Rebels for sometime but my Grandma had a brand new Canon Powershot SX10IS laying around and a week of shipping later I was playing with my new camera.  I still don't know how to use it fully but I am figuring it out.  :)  Patience is not one of my better qualities!

So far I LOVE my camera!  This weekend I am going to practice taking some videos so I can start my YouTube channel.  :)

Now for the questions...

#1- What camera(s) do you use for blog photography?
Mainly I use my Canon Powershot SX10IS or my Iphone.  My Iphone really does take nice pictures and videos.

#2- What type of lighting do you use?
I am building a light box as we speak, well my husband is.  So currently I only use natural light or some flash. It depends on what I am trying to do.  Some people are anti-flash but I do think it has a time and place.  As long as it does not distort the colors I don't have a problem with it.

#3- Do you use a light box (purchase or DIY)
 Hubby is in the process of building one now. As soon as it is done I will have a DIY blog post. I live in New Mexico.  This whole state is a giant light box!

#4- Do you use a specific background?
This depends on the pictures.  If it is a product, yes, I use a white box that I made out of foam board.  If I am taking a outfit picture I look for lighting.

#5- What does your photography set up look like?
Currently it is a mess!  I have been doing my end of the year posts and its covered in makeup, LOL!!  As soon as I get my craft room and vanity in order I will do a tour.  :)

#6- What is your top photography tip for a blog beginner?
Don't be afraid to take pictures and play around.  Honestly, how else will you learn??  I have sssooo many pictures of my bloodhound because I was playing with my camera settings.  Play with lighting, play with products, just play!  Also, I recommend paying the $4.99/m for  If you do not have Photoshop or another editor program picmonkey is awesome!

#7- For fun, If you could upgrade your photography equipment what would you buy?
I am honestly not sure.  Possibly a video camera strictly for YouTube videos and imovie or another editor.  I would definitely buy a IMAC!

What type of camera do you use?

Missed Products 2012

I am not a negative person and please don't take this post as a reflection of the product itself.  This is ONLY my opinion on the product.  Some people have different experiences and if I've chosen a product that you love please leave a comment :)  I lllooovvveee to talk makeup!  

These are products that I would NOT buy again for various reasons. 

Giordano Colors Eye Shadow 
$1 Walgreens Stocking Stuffer Section

Maybe my Naked palette has spoiled me but I thought these shadows were extremely messy and the pigmentation just wasn't there for me.  They do blend well!  

E.L.F Palette
$3ish Walgreens
elf products can be hit or miss.  This was definitely a miss with me.  The shadows have almost no pigment at all, the lip products are a mess to put on but I do like the bronzer/blush.  

Profusion Eye Shadow Palettes
$1 Walgreens Stocking Stuffer Section
I love love love the blue shadow but the other colors are just chalky and messy.  I can stand a little fall out in a cheaper shadow because of the Talc but these are just to messy for me.  

Avon Beauty Sponge/Blender
$5.99 online
I love love love AVON products and the first time I used this sponge I fell even deeper in love but gosh darn it!!  I washed it once and it almost disintegrated in the water???  I am still using this as I do love the sponge.  It blends my foundation like a dream on my face and I love using this for dabbing on moisturizer when i need it but I am sssoo ticked it split like this!  

Free with Birchbox
The smell ruined this for me.  My brushes cleaned like a dream but the soy smell was awful.  I ended up rewashing my brushes with my Dove soap.  Read my review HERE

E.L.F Lip Shine
$1 Walgreens Stocking Stuffer Section
I have a love/hate relationship with these.  They do create a nice shine on the lips but they smell and are sticky.  I hate things that are sticky but I love the slight color.  

Wet n Wild Lipstick Breeze
$0.99 Walgreens
Normally I love WnW lipsticks but these color is just not for me.  Its to light and it really dries my lips out.  I will say, like the dork that I am, I disliked it so much I bought it twice. :/

NYC Smooth Skin
Dollar Tree
LOVE the product! Hate the packaging!!
I adore the face powder but the crappy packaging makes this to hard and messy to use. Every time you open it powder flies all over everything! 

E.L.F Color Stick, Persimmon
$0.99 Target
I am going to try another technique for applying this but I will say, so far, I am disappointed.  The color pay off just isn't there.  When applied from the packaging you do get a subtle glow on your cheeks but it does not stay on long.  I will definitely play with this product more :)  Does anyone else stalk YouTube videos for products you don't like to see if you are using it wrong?? 

E.L.F Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo
$0.99 Target
I can't even put words to how much I dislike this mascara!  Last weekend we were helping a friend move a sofa and I was putting my makeup on.  Face was done and I decided to try this out.  My eyelashes clumped together and it seriously looked like I had 3 huge lashes! I tried brushing them out but somehow this mascara has super human strength and I ended up removing my eye makeup.  PISSED ME OFF!

Wet N Wild Mega Plump Mascara
$2.99 Walgreens
When I first used this mascara I really liked it.  I liked the applicator.  I liked the color but after wearing it for a few hours the mascara started to flake.  There are to many good mascaras out there to put up with that.  For $2.99 I don't think this is a horrible mascara but I definitely will not repurchase it. 

I own a ton of makeup.  Some people collect baseball cards. I collect makeup.  I do not consider myself a beauty guru or expert on makeup but I know what I like.  I have makeup that is considered low end and some that are high end.  Most of the products listed are lower end but please DO NOT take this post as me bashing lower end products.  I love all makeup equally.  These are just a few products I didn't care for this year.  :) 

What are some of your misses this year???

Cheers and Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Favorite 2012 Makeup

I was originally trying to pick 10 products but that is impossible for me.  This year I found some really great products that I am in love with!  These were all new purchases for me in 2012. 


I could not live without this brush.  I wear different types of foundation and this brush applies them all flawless!  I love this brush!  The bristles are super soft but they are strong enough to stipple the foundation/concealer into your skin.  Seriously!  My skin looks airbrushed!  I am going to buy another one of these as a backup :) 

I have washed this brush a few times and it cleans up beautifully!  It never sheds and stays soft! LOVE IT!!

$0.99 Target, elf online, Dollar Tree
This is my favorite shadow brush.  I only use this for applying my shadow.  Its a stiffer brush so I don't blend with it but it fits my eyelid shape and makes placing shadows on easy peasy.  This brush is only 0.99.  I have picked up about 10 so I don't have to wash the same one as much because as much as I like elf their brushes do shed and sometimes don't last as long if you are religious about cleaning your brushes.  I clean mine every Sunday plus use a daily brush cleaner.  No germs here! 

If you are interested in trying elf products make sure you sign up for their emails.  I receive some great coupons!  

Oh my goodness!  I received this in my Dec Ipsy Bag and I LOVE IT!  Every company has a face primer and there are some great ones out there but this one by Mirabella is by far my favorite.  It fills in my pours, smooths my skin and feels like silk on the skin.  LOVE IT!!!  My makeup lasts all day when I wear this.  My only con is that it is $29 but you do not use a ton.  I will definitely purchase this. 

$8.99 Ulta, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS
*Currently buy one maybelline product and get one half off*
I don't wear a ton of concealer but I love to use this under my eyes.  It covers my dark areas and my foundation blends perfectly with this.  Its also very light on the skin so it doesn't feel like I have on thick concealer.  LOVE IT!!  I also love the applicator.  

$8.49 Ulta,Walgreens, Walmart, CVS
*Currently buy one get one half off*
I have purchased some great foundations this year, MAC Mineral, Tarte, Urban Decay, Dr. Jart BB, etc but this one from Covergirl is my favorite.  The color is perfect for my skin and it covers without feeling heavy.  I have VERY dry skin, with my Mirabella primer and this foundation I have a flawless look.  LOVE IT!!! 

$3 ELF Store, Target
I saw a few reviews on this and decided to buy it one day while at Target.  I am so happy I did!  I actually use this on top of my foundation.  Any discoloration I have on my skin is gone.  I love this!  My only con is when we swirl your face brush around you have a ton of fallout.  For $3 I am not going to complain but just a heads up.  It also comes in 2 other colors.  This one is for cool tones.  I will probably buy the warm tone also just to see how it works.  

I also love the packaging on ELFs' Studio line.  Very MAC :) 

This was a hard pick.  I love my Hoola by Benefit but I chose Tarte Park Avenue Princess because I love the feel of it and the color is perfect for me.  Park Avenue Princess comes in Matte also.  I love them both!  The one pictured above has a touch of shimmer.  I wear this just about every day.  This bronzer is not dark enough to do any serious contouring but it gives my skin a healthy glow.  I will continue buying this and other Tarte bronzers because I love their products. 

I am obsessed with Tarte blushes.  I have a few of them and intend to purchase more.  I love the coverage.  I love that they truly last 12 hours.  I love that they are very pigmented.  My favorite color, currently, is Dollface.  I love the soft glow.  My skin is very dry and I love that this blush does not dry out my cheeks.  Some powder blushes do that.  According to Tarte this is part of the Amazonian Clay at work :) 

This primer came with my NAKED palette.  It sat in my "need to try and review for the blog" drawer for a good month before I tried it. I have a few eye shadow primers in my collection but this one is my favorite.  It goes on smooth and my shadow does not budge ALL DAY.  Love this!!  I will buy the full size when this runs out. :)

I can not believe it took me a year to finally buy this.  This is my favorite eye shadow palette.  All of the colors flatter and I can not even describe how these feel on your eyes.  It doesn't feel like you are wearing makeup.  I don't even have a favorite color because I love them all!  I now want to buy NAKED2 and the Basics.  

I have the 24/7 Glide-On Pencils in a few colors but my favorite is Zero.  It truly does glide-on the lid and it stays on all day!  If I had to choice only one brand of eye pencils I would choose Urban Decay.  These are fabulous.  My other favorite color is Perversion.  Beautiful matte black.  LOVE THEM ALL!

I wear this mascara every day.  I receive tons of compliments on my eyes.  This mascara is non-clumpy, goes on smooth and stays on.  My only con is this one is not water proof.  I picked up this sample in one of the Benefit holiday packs.  

I know ya'll have read how much I love Baby Lips but how could I do a favorites of 2012 without it?  My favorite one is Cherry Me.  Its the perfect color for my lips and it smells so good.  I always have Baby Lips on me.  Best moisturizer for my lips! LOVE THIS STUFF!!

$0.99-1.99 Walgreens
Most of my go to lipsticks are red.  When wearing a red lipstick you MUST wear a lip liner.  No if, ands or buts. I have a TON of liners ranging from Wet n Wild, Mac to high end but I love the Jordana liners.  They are great colors, last all day and you get a TON of product for the price!  This is one of my secret deals to save $.  As we all know, wear and collecting makeup is not cheap.  

I received this gloss in my Dec Ipsy Bag and I LOVE IT!  I love the color and most importantly, IT IS NOT STICKY!  This gloss is a beautiful fire red color but it tones down after you put it on.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It does not last as long as some of my Tarte or MAC glosses but I love it.  

I finally found my perfect shade of Matte red lipstick!  I can't describe how much I love this color and texture.  I have 2 drawers full of lipsticks but this one is by far my favorite.  Its honestly probably my favorite EVER!  

I love MAC lipsticks because they last forever and you can't beat the colors.  I will probably buy a few Ruby Woo and stock pile them, LOL!!!  Is there a such thing as a MAC lipstick hoarder ??  

What are some of your favorite makeup purchases this year??  What is your favorite lipstick??  

Monday, December 24, 2012

Remembering 2012

I wouldn't say I accomplished a ton in 2012 but it was a fun year.  I decided to go through each month and share some of my favorite memories.  


Mandy Jean

January 2012

Ladybird became permanent member of our family
We were only going to foster Lady overnight but everything fell through and she became so attached to Hubby that we decided to let her live out her life with us.  She is 11 or 12. 

February 2012
5 year wedding anniversary with Hubby.  We went to Jemez Springs Bath House and Ponderosa Winery.  :)  GREAT DAY!!

March 2012
White Mesa 4x4 and Geology trip with Hubby and Bev

April 2012
Surviving tax time at work!  Enough said! 

May 2012
Attending obedience and agility classes with Hank.  He did well but he is a Bloodhound...  We decided not to continue because everyone expected him to be a border collie and he is no.  He is a lazy, stubborn but very smart Hound! 

Fetch-a-Polooza with SCBC
Change a life! Adopt a Bloodhound!!!! 

June 2012
More adoption events for Bloodhounds!

July 2012
Weekend get away to the Bernalillo KOA campground for a weekend of relaxing and swimming. 

Hubby received a promotion/position change at work.  Well deserved, may I add!
Support Law Enforcement!!

August 2012
Decided to do what I really love and figure out a career in fashion! That is where my passion is! 

Turned 29 and created my 30 before 30 list

September 2012
 Pulled a Hummer up a mountain with my FJ Cruiser

 Visited White Oaks, NM with this rowdy bunch!  I love White Oaks!  I hope to move there one day!

 Thill on the Hill over Labor Day  Weekend.  FJ Cruiser people ROCK!

October 2012
4X4 trip to Cabezon Peak with FJ Cruiser friends

Enjoyed the beauty of NM

 Toured Lincoln County, NM with Grandparents.  I love history and visiting the Lincoln County Courthouse and the Tunstall Store are two of the coolest things I have EVER done in my life!

November 2012
Relaxed at home and enjoyed the Holiday with Hubby and the dogs

December 2012
2  Four day weekends in a row!!!! HECK YES!!!!

For all of my friends who love history as much as I do would you like to see some of my pictures from Lincoln County?? 

What are your favorite 2012 memories?  

This week I will do a favorite products of 2012 and least favorite products of 2012.  :)