Monday, November 26, 2012

BlenderCleanser Review

I love getting my birchboxes every month!  I look forward to opening my boxes and trying all of the goodies.  For those who do not know what birchbox is... Birchbox is a monthly sample subscription service.  To checkout birchbox click HERE

In May of 2012 my box included a sample of beautyblender blendercleanser.  

Beautyblender states "Keep your makeup sponges and brushes in primer condition with this soy-based formula, which removes built-up bacteria and oil." FULL SIZE $17.95 6oz

To use "Saturate your tool with cleanser and rinse with warm water" 

I ALWAYS use a Dove bar soap to clean my brushes.  It works great, my brushes are clean, smell nice and are soft.  When testing out a new cleanser I normally test it on my cheaper brushes first.  My elf set made the sacrifice. 
Blendercleanser is a low suds formula with no irritants or dyes. I was surprised how much product came out of my brushes!  

After leaving my brushes to dry overnight they were VERY clean and felt so soft!  

My ONLY negatives about the cleanser was the smell and price.  After rinsing my brushes and leaving them to dry they had a weird natural smell.  I am assuming this is because the product is soy based.  Its not a horrible smell but the brushes definately do not smell fresh.  Also I think $17.95 is a bit high for 6oz of cleaner.  I did not use much to clean my brushes but my Dove Sensitive Skin Bars are like $3.00 for 2.  Hard to beat that. 

PROS: low suds, rinses easy, no build up, brushes were REALLY clean and super shiny. 
CONS: smell and price

If I wanted a specific brush cleanser I would consider buying this product.  For now I will continue to use my Dove Bars and keep my sample as maybe a monthly deep cleanser.