Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Haul

At the beginning of October I set out to do two things, #1- Blog for 31 days straight about building your wardrobe and #2- spend $ on necessary purchases only.  I failed both.. miserably.

What took up the month of October?  HUMONGOUS NEWS!! I am opening an online boutique. More details later but I spent the majority of the month getting my ideas, pictures, products, and such in order.  I also managed to do a tad more shopping that usual. <<<praying my husband does not see this blog post>>>

I will continue the building a wardrobe series this week and we will go from there.  I love fashion and I think that building a appropriate and stylish wardrobe is very important.

Normally I do my weekly hauls/reviews/etc at the end of the week.  Since I took a bit of a blogging break I decided to recap my October purchases.

MOSSIMO Iphone Case- $4.00ish. ON SALE
Around Columbus Day my Grandparents drove down to New Mexico from Michigan.  My Grandfather loves history and the Wild West almost as much as I do.  Actually... I think that is where I get it from.  We decided to head down to Lincoln County and tour "Billy the Kid Country"  I knew we would be walking around and I didn't want to carry a purse nor did I want to put my ID/CC and phone in my pocket. PROBLEM SOLVED!  Love my new case.  I thought the tapestry look was super cute and I LOVE having this little phone wristlet. 

The only draw back to this wristlet is the tapestry is fraying.  I might go on the hunt for a few more.  In December tho... I am on a "spend only on necessities" November :) 

Yes, that is my Bloodhound Hank as my screen lock. :)  

MOSSIMO Clutch $5.08 ON SALE
Basic envelope clutch in the same tapestry fabric as my Iphone case.  Rarely do I carry a clutch  but I was in line and checking out at Target, the gal in front of me bought this clutch and I had to run back to grab my own. Super cute!!! I get so many compliments on this when I wear it with jeans.  

MOSSIMO Moccasins $7.99 ON SALE
Have I mentioned lately how much I really love Target?  I am a total Target girl!  All good things come from Target. 

I am in love with these Moccasins!  Sorry for the crummy pic but these are actually a deep teal color.  Also I think the detail inside is interesting.  You can never have to many pairs of Moccasins. 

ALMAY Intense i-Color 402-smoky-i for blues
I don't remember how much I paid for this but I remember it was on sale. 

I never wear Almay make up.  Reason being they are pricey.  I love trying new make up but for some reason I just never check out their section.  

According to the advertising this set should make my baby blue eyes pop.  I picked this up because I am a FIRM believer in Carmindy's philosophy that if you want your eyes to pop use the opposite color and Almay is advertising blue shadows for blue eyes. Challenge accepted Almay!  When the time comes for me to try this I will post it on the blog and Instagram. 

ELF Little Black Beautybook $4.99
48 eye shadows, 2 applicators and 1 mirror

I do have a legitimate reason for this purchase.  I am tired of carrying a make up bag to work so I have been looking at a few different palettes to leave in my desk at work.  Love this one!! Its 5"x3".  Perfect for a make up bag, desk drawer, etc.  Easy storage! 

MERONA Booties- $10.08
Ssssooooo cute!!!!  Even cuter on clearance.  Considering this have a crazy heel they are easy to walk in. Only con is I always kick my shoes off under my desk.  Can't do with these babies. 

MERONA Booties $8.98
Jackpot!!  2 pairs of booties I have been looking at for a month, both on clearance the same time! These are super comfy!  I want to track down the other color now. 

Craft plans. :)

MERONA Wallet $3.88
Love the feel! Love the colors! This will definitely become my fall wallet. 

MERONA Bag $10.88
Like everything else I purchase from Target this was justified!  I have been looking for a wool/felt purse for fall and I fell in love with this one.  The colors are so pretty. The leather and wool is a great combo!  Its like hot chocolate, it instantly reminds you of fall/winter. 

ELF Products $1 each
elf products can be hit or miss for me.  I love their brushes!  Some beauty bloggers do not like them but I think they do the job perfectly!  I wash mine all the time and I never have shedding.  

I purchased the eyelid primer, clear mascara/brow and regular/waterproof mascara for a future post.  

Pink Top: ANA $19.99
Leather Skirt: Worthington $29.99
I wanted a leather skirt for fall.  I am fussy when it comes to skirt shopping.  I don't like super short skirts and I can't wear longer ones either.  I am only 5'2" and finding that happy middle ground usually involves tailoring.  

I tried on the leather skirt at JCP and didn't care for it.  I grabbed the top to try on quick.  LOVED the top and skirt together   I have broad shoulders and I am proud to show them off.  This top does just that and the skirt looks amazing! You know I love it when I pay full price. 

Skinny Jeans-ANA $24.99
Love the print!  I haven't worn them yet because I need to do an alternation.  Its hard finding skinny jeans when you are plus size and have no ass.  

ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine $0.99 each
1- Tropical Breeze Swirl
2- Honey Do
3- Pink Kiss- soft pink color. Shiny with no glitter
4-Groovy Grape Swirl
I am a sucker for lip products.  Normally I don't wear glosses with glitter but I love elf lip shines.  All of these smell terrific and have a hint of color.  

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector $0.99
I constantly paint my nails.  Unless I am planning on leaving my polish on for more than a day I use this top coat.  I love love love my Essie top coats but honestly for $0.99 this one is awesome!  I have longer nails, I am constantly on the computer, and my tips always get chipped.  Wild Shine definitely gives my nails protection.  

Halo-the palette-$0.99
Stocking stuffer sections get me every time!  Considering this is definitely a cheaper shadow the coverage was ok. Will do a blog review

Maybelline Volum'Express Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara- $7.99
Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow- Bad to the Bronze $3.75
Baby Lips- Pink Punch- $2.99
Baby Lips- Cherry Me $1.50
I have not tried the mascara or eye shadow yet.  
I LOVE BABY LIPS!!!  By far Baby Lips is my favorite lip butter.  Cherry Me is the perfect shade for me!!  I may go back and stock up as they are buy one get one 1/2 off. Baby Lips gives you a hint of color but CRAZY moisture.  LOVE THEM!!! 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser Concealer- Fair-$6.99
I am pretty sure every beauty blogger on YouTube has done a review on this.  The reviews were mixed but I still wanted to try it.  I LOVE IT!  Some bloggers said it dried the skin under their eyes out and I can see that but I use a crazy amount of moisturizer in the morning so it really didn't do that to me.  

Its super light, the color is perfect and I love the sponge applicator on the top. 

WET N WILD Eye Shadow- I'm Feeling Retro $0.99
Walgreens was having a sale on Wet N Wild so I picked up a few things :) 
Love the colors!!  

WET N WILD Blush- Pearlescent Pink $0.99
I have not tried this yet but I've heard WNW products are crazy pigmented.  Excited to try. 

elf Palette- $1.99
I can't remember the shade but it came with 1 bronzer, 2 lip products, and 10 shadows. 

WET N WILD Lip Stick- 522A- $0.99
I wanted to try some deeper lip colors for fall.  This is such a plumy/red color. So pretty!

WET N WILD- Liquid Mega Liner-860-$0.99
I never wear liquid eye liner.  I will be honest I am a tad intimidated by it.  I bought this to play with. :) 

WET N WILD- Mega Plump Mascara- C893A- $0.99
I purchased this mascara with the intentions of trying a cheaper brand.  I am addicted to Stila.  I HATE this mascara.  Its clumpy, dries out and the handle is just awkward for me.  I will stick to Stila or my cat eyes. 

WET N WILD Megalast  Polish- $0.99 Each
#1- On a Trip 213C
#2- I Need a Refresh-Mint 218A
I am really impressed by these nail polishes   I think the bottles are cute and I love the packaging.  The nail color is staying on nicely and the color isn't fading.  I am wearing the purple color now and I have received so many compliments.  

SINFUL COLORS Polish- $0.99 Each
Again.. huge sale at Walgreens. 
#1- Zincing of You- Nice color!  Bronze but not glittery
#2- Hot Spot- One of my favs!  Deep blue color with a bit of shine
#3- Fiji- Nice purple/blue
#4- Frenzy- LOVE this glitter polish!  Doesn't flake off and stays super sparkly

#5- Mint Apple- Another fav!  Nice mint/green color
#6- Gorgeous- name says it all
#7- Innocent- Hate this color.  It dries matte and is just blah!

#8- Boom Boom- Cute color. Not hot pink but a deep pink
#9- Timbleberry- LOVE this color!  Pink/Red
#10- Soul Mate- Loved it in the bottle but hated it on my nails.  Its to pale for me and dried super matte. 

TATTOO ME Ruffle Mini Skirt- Originally $44, paid $11
After work one Friday I decided to head to the mall.  Rarely do I shop at Macys.  No reason I just always head to JCP, Target or Torrid first.  I had some time to spare before hubby gets home so I went to every store my husband hates going into :) Aaaahhh.... peaceful shopping. 

I tried on this skirt and almost put it back.  I never wear pencil or tight skirts.  I decided for $11 I needed to try it. :) This skirt is sssooo cute. The color is more deep than the picture shows. They had it in another color.  Wish I would have grabbed the soft pink one too. 

CLAIRE'S BAG- $10.99
I am loving the southwest style right now.  I thought this bag was cool.  Its my current bag :) 


Dollhouse Heels $13.00 shipped
The heel is 5" but these are so comfortable!! I am a 7W and these fit me perfect!

TORRID Nude Heels $20.99
The shipping took forever on these!  I love the shoes though. Not the most comfortable but definitely not the worst. 

PURE ENERGY TOPS $11 each shipped
I purchased a similar top on clearance at Target a month ago and I've been obsessed every since.  These are so cute!

TORRID MINI- $9.55 Shipped
I have not tried this on yet.  Its super cute though.  If it does not fit me you will find it for sale in my store :)

Blue soft necklace $12.99
I thought this necklace was cool because its made of fabric and beads.  :)  It can be worn long, short, different lengths. 

TORRID Ruffle Tank $10 Shipped

TORRID Skirt $13.00 Shipped

Mlle Gabrielle Dress $11.00 Shipped


TORRID TOP $18 Shipped

What Comes Around Consignment Store/Albuquerque
Avenue Dress $16.00
sssoooo cute on!!!



RING $3.00
Who knew Walmart had cute jewelry???


As I said.. now I am on a "only necessary purchases" in November!