Wednesday, September 26, 2012

30 before 30- Watch All Episodes of FRIENDS

Some girls grow up idolizing Madonna, Britney Spears, or other celebrities.  I grew up wanting to be Rachel Green.  I watched FRIENDS from the "Pilot" and cried at "The Last One".

I LOVE this show!  10 years after the last episode aired I still set my DVR to record the re-runs.  My favorite character was Rachel.  I always loved how she truly worked her way into fashion, her attitude on life, her bad decision making and the love she had for Ross.  Aaahhh... that is my love story :)

One of my 30 before 30 goals was to re-watch ALL the FRIENDS episodes.  I can finally cross a to do off my list :)

For my own personal enjoyment I decided to make a list of my 10 favorite episodes.  Enjoy! :)

10. The One with Phoebe's Wedding:  I love the story behind her wedding, the drama with her "planner" Monica, how beautiful her wedding was and Chandler and Ross arguing over who was a groomsman.

9. The One Where Paul's The Man: Bruce Willis. That.Is.All :)

8.The One with The Chick and The Duck- The Chick and the Duck are introduced. SO FUNNY!
7. The One Where Rachel Tells....: This Episode Rachel tells Ross she is pregnant.  His reaction is PRICELESS!!

6. The One with Unagi- Rachel and Phoebe attend a self defense class.  Ross teaches them about the art of "Unagi"

5. The One with The Cop- Ross buys a new sofa and tries to enlist Chandler and Rachel to help him move it. "PIVOT!!!"

4.The One Where Ross is Fine: Ross walks in on Rachel and Joey kissing.  He invites them over for dinner. During the whole evening Ross drinks and keeps saying "I am fffiiinnneeeeeee..... Everything is just working out!"  Best quote of this episode "MY FAJITAS!!!"

3.The One Where They All Turn 30: Rachels 30th birthday party. Sssooo funny!!

2.The One Where Ross Finds Out- Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time. :) :)

1. The Last One- Part 2- Everyone ends up happy.  What more can I say. :)

What are some of your favorite FRIENDS moments?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Money Monday- Meal Planning

Before I get started I thought I should give everyone a bit of info about my family.  My family is made up of me, Mr. Chic, our 4 dogs and 1 ferret.  Mr. Chic and I are HORRIBLE about eating out and blowing $100s of dollars on crappy food.  Why you may ask?? pure convenience! I dislike stopping to the store on my way from work and Mr. Chic feels the same.  This is why we meal plan.  Some gals go all out with planning a month in advance, shopping one day per month, saving serious $$$ using coupons and strategic shopping... that's really not me. :)  We meal plan so we eat healthier, spend less $, have more time in the evenings and we don't have to have this conversation every night:

Me "What do you want for dinner?"
Mr. Chic "I don't know. You?"
Me "Not sure... Burgers?"
Mr. Chic "No burgers do not sound appetizing. Steak?"
Me "Eh... pasta??"
Mr. Chic "No, Had pasta for lunch"
Me "Stop and grab KFC?"
Mr. Chic "Perfect!"

You see the never ending cycle of annoyance over what to have for dinner and then stopping because we are to lazy to cook.  I am not saying the way I meal plan is perfect-o but it works for us. :)  I would LOVE to hear how you meal plan!

We plan our meals like this:
Saturdays- light breakfast, snack, Date Night
Sunday- Larger breakfast, snack, Dinner
Monday- Pre-made breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, Dinner
Tuesday- Pre-made breakfast, sandwiches or leftovers for lunch, Dinner
Weds-Pre-made breakfast, sandwiches or leftovers for lunch, Dinner
Thurs- Pre-made breakfast, sandwiches or leftovers for lunch, Dinner
Fri- Pre-made breakfast, sandwiches or leftovers for lunch, Dinner

Friday Evening
1. AFTER dinner I sit down with hubby and we plan our meals. I love this worksheet from  You can download it for free HERE.  There are TONS of printable online.  I suggest goggling "Meal Planning Printable" and finding the one that works best for you.  Make sure you leave the blogger a comment and say "Thanks!"

Eat Sheet Menu Planner

2.  Before looking at the weekly grocery ads I take a peak at my coupon file and check out the pantry. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS shop your pantry, freezer and fridge before looking at the ads.

3. While we are planning what we want to eat we also look at the ads for our local grocery stores.  We mainly buy our groceries at Smiths and our meat at Rio Rancho Meats.  We try to support as many local farmers as possible too. 

4.  After we create our plan I double check the local Albertsons ad just to make sure they do not have anything we need to stock up on. ;) Majority of the time Smiths is cheaper and their rewards program is AH-Mazing but I always check :) Its my OCD thing :)

5.  SHOP- We like to shop on Friday evenings.  The stores are less busy and we have already ate so less "mmmm that looks good" falls into our cart. I set a budget before we go.  Always set a realistic budget.  If you need meat, milk, eggs, veggies, etc don't say "I will only spend $40". Its just sets you up to be boo boo lipped :(

6.  Up groceries away

7.  Hang out with Hubby

While cooking a light breakfast I wash the veggies, separate meat, and misc prep work

We normally have a large breakfast on Sunday mornings.  Normally we have the burners going, ovens on, dishwasher is filling up so we start prep cooking for the week.

An example of prep cooking is, if I am cooking bacon in the oven I can throw some baked potatoes in, bake my casserole, etc.  If the oven is already on why waste the space and energy???

On Sundays I also make all the breakfasts for the week.  Some mornings we like breakfast burritos, others its just fruit.  Mr. Chic will also make himself Oatmeal during the week.  Normally I make about a dozen burritos and freeze them. This lasts a couple of weeks for us.

I also separate snacks into easy grab bags, brown the burger I need, separate groceries that need to be frozen, etc.  Any food I can make a head I will (pasta sauces, soups, etc).  Normally after we cook I will toss in a couple of dutch ovens with some soups and let them slow cook. After the soups are done I portion them into containers and freeze.

The keys to meal planning are:

  • Shopping Smart
  • Planning
  • Prep Cooking
  • FREEZE your leftovers!  
  • Pack your lunch
  • Keep fruit handy for snack time
  • Stick to a budget
  • Stock up on great deals
If you are starting out with meal planning I suggest planning one week at a time for 2 months until you get the swing of it.  After that you will be organized and have some ideas on meals you like, what you can freeze, etc. 

Next week I will continue the smart shopping tips with how to stock your pantry and freezer on a budget.  :) 

What are some of your meal planning tips??


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Erica B. DIY Style!

I have been a follower of Erica B. for a few months.  I love her blog

 Her about me section is EXACTLY why I LOVE her blog! 

My Photo

Welcome to my DIY Style blog! How many times have you seen clothes in an upscaledepartment store or a posh boutique and cringed at the sight of the price tag? I've done it many times and have said to myself, "I could make that"! While reading my fashion sewing blog, you'll share with me in my adventures in taking "boring" patterns from drab to fab by creating "inspired" looks pulled straight from those boutiques, the runway and fashion magazines. Also my adventure in learning to tailor and couture sewing techniques.

I love re-purposing clothing, sewing and I too am learning to tailor my own clothing. I was browsing around her blog last night and she posted one of the most beautiful skirts I have EVER batted my eyelashes at. 
Visit her post HERE
Isn't that skirt amazing!  Take a peak over at her blog for the full post!  Don't forget to follow along with her. This gal is so creative, hip and you will LOVE her posts!  

Erica B.'s - D.I.Y. Style!
Visit Erica B. DIY Style! HERE