Friday, August 31, 2012

Be Back Monday :)

We are officially off to Thrill on the Hill!  Be back Monday.

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Fashion Friday- JCP Haul

Am I the only one who is IN.LOVE with JCP???  I love their new clothes!  I love the new look!  I love EVERYTHING!  This evening I ran into JCP with hubby to spend my $25 gift card.  JACKPOT!!

I am a thrifty shopper by nature.  I always head to clearance racks first.  I love a great deal!  I walked away with $111 in clothes for $30!!! I saved over 73%.  Yeah!!!

Please be kind to my crummy photos.  I am getting ready to leave on vacation but wanted to share my great deals!!  :)

Originally $22 Paid $5

Originally $20 Paid $5

Originally $15 Paid $5

Originally $20 Paid $5

Originally $12 Paid $5

Originally $22 Paid $5

What do you think of the new JCP???

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe and Prep for 20 Days to Organized and Clean Challenge

I desperately need to clean and organize my home.  I don't live in filth or anything like that but having 4 dogs, a husband, working full time, volunteering and my hobbies make keeping a cleaning routine or schedule hard.  I heard about The Organised Housewife 20 days to clean and organize your home challenge and decided I needed to try it!  Visit her blog for more details and if you decide to participate leave me a comment.  I love following along and comparing.  I also post pictures to Instagram of my progress :)

Pre-Challenge Day #1 was to create a binder to help you get organized for the challenge.  View my binder on Instagram. 

Pre-Challenge Day #2- Create a cleaning kit.  Visit the Organised Housewife for details and free printables. 
Contents: Micro cloths, rags, soft sponge, scrubber, large sponge, plastic bags, lint roller, water bottle, all-purpose cleaner and small spray bottle of vinegar (not pictured). 

I make the majority of my own cleaners.  In my opinion they are more pocket book friendly, smell better and  clean like a dream!!! 

There are MANY recipes for all-purpose cleaners on the internet.  If you are researching I would suggest peaking around and looking at the ingredients.  Some people want 100% natural, others want mild because of allergies and so on.  

Mandy Jean Chic's Clean Everything Cleaner 
Fits in a large bottle
3 cups warm water- Does not need to be boiling
1.5 Teaspoons of liquid castile soap
1/2 Cup white vinegar
2 teaspoons borax
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
*you can add essential oils if you want but I use castile soap with lavender so the oils are not needed :)

I store my cleaner with all my others and have found its ok to use on most surfaces.  Glass... NOT OK 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

20 Days to Get Organized Challenge

I read about this challenge on Cherished Treasures blog.  If you have not visited please do!  

The Organised Housewife is challenging bloggers to become more organized in 20 days.  I accepted the challenge.  You can read about the challenge here

The Organised Housewife

If you accept the challenge leave me a comment and I would LOVE to follow along!

The challenge starts on Monday Sept 3rd but the pre-challenge is starting tomorrow. 

$8 TV Stand into Temporary Kitchen Storage

I love my house but I HATE dislike my kitchen!!  Its a galley style kitchen with a teeny tiny little eating area.  NO BUENO!  About a year ago we decided to make our den into a formal dining room and add cabinets to the eat in area to extend out kitchen.  

Fast forward.... a year later....

Dining furniture is in the new formal dining space.  We decided to keep our small bar set until we add the cabinets and counters but I still DESPERATELY need storage.  

Hello sad looking TV stand.  How you do-in! 

We had been using this as a junk collector but I stole it back in the name of kitchen storage today!!! 

After Mr. Chic gave her a spray with some black spray paint I noticed the top wasn't as perfect as I hoped for. 
Moments like this is why I think the Dollar Tree carries such cute contact paper!  I use this ALL.THE.TIME! Carefully measure your area, cut, stick and admire! Easy peasy!!

As you can see by the pic I folded my edges over to make them look cleaner.  Along the bottom you will see where it has come up a bit.  Just use some scotch-tape and you are good.  

All done :) 
$5 for the cart at a yard sale
$2 for paint
$1 for contact paper

Baskets are from World Market a few years ago. 

New cabinets will look better but this will work until we are ready for that project. 



Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally painted the interior of the front door!!

After living with a white interior door for 4.5 years I FINALLY talked Mr. Chic into a paint color.  What actually happened was I picked a sample pot at Lowes and just painted the door. :)  I didn't think to take a before picture but here is how she turned out...

Paint color: Dreamy Caramel by Valspar

I need a bright color for the space and this color is PERFECT!!  It looks great with the darker fixtures, slate tile, wood floors and Mr. Chic actually likes it!!  No Mr. Chic just needs to finish that tile work :) Its apparently on the 10 year plan... 

What do you think??  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 2012 Birch Box

Birchbox is a monthly beauty sample mailing.  It is $10/month and every month you receive 4 to 5 high end samples to try.  What I like about Birchbox is you take a beauty quiz and the samples are picked out for you.  If you don't like the samples you are getting you can change your quiz and try again.  Easy peasy!!  Also if your friends sign up for Birchbox and use your link you get beauty points for products. :) 
If you are interested in trying Birchbox follow this link.  I never thought $10 would make me run to my mailbox!

I am going to be honest... Not loving this box :( I am sick of perfume samples already.  I think I am going to change my settings and see if the box improves next month. 

"The uplifting scent opens with a sparkling cascade of mandarin and wild berries. Next, sweet notes of honeysuckle, gardenia petals, and jasmine peek through, followed by a lingering trace of waterlily."
Full Size $70.00

"This water-resistant formula uses polymers that create thin films around your lashes to give them extra length. It curls lashes immediately and holds the shape with a special drying resin. Even the brush is unique — the patent-pending shape is designed to coat and curl lashes from base to tip."
I was excited to see a Stila product this month!  I love ANYTHING by them!!
Full Size $22.00

"The luxurious, nourishing oil coats dry strands, taming down frizz and flyaways to leave them silky. Antioxidant-packed Camellia Oil protects and hydrates."
Full Size $68.00

"At night, pump one to two squirts of the cleanser onto a cotton ball and gently wipe your eyes. Let product sit for a few seconds to fully breakdown lingering makeup residue. Follow with your favorite cleanser."
Full Size $25.00

"Made with an innovative compact oval-cartridge head, each razor is equipped with five blades for an incredibly close shave. The blades work with your legs’ natural curves to make shaving tricky spots like your knees and ankles a breeze. Our favorite part? The water-activated moisturizing serum has marine extracts and shea butter and hydrates your skin."

Like I said I am kinda "Eh" on this months box.  I am excited for the Stila Mascara and the Hair oil but everything  else is "Eh". 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

30 before 30 list

30 before 30

I will turn 30 on August 15, 2013.  I have decided turning 30 really isn't that scary and it does not mean I am on a downhill slide to a slow death. I am actually excited to turn 30.  I feel like in my late 20s I was still finding myself and now by the time I turn 30 I've found what I needed to and can truly live. Hopefully....

My 30 before 30 list

  • Visit New Mexico Museums- I would LOVE to spend a day visiting museums in Albuquerque.  
  • Guest Blog- This year I would like to guest blog about home, fashion or New Mexico
  • Holiday Card- I would like to photograph, design and actually send out my holiday cards this year
  • River of Lights in Albuquerque around Christmas
  • Make 30 Martha Stewart crafts from her Crafts book
  • Take a crafting class- Not sure which one yet
  • Learn Basic Italian
  • Have Family Photos done of me, Brett and the dogs
  • Recipe Box- I would love to create a recipe box of all of my friends favorite recipes in their handwriting
  • Digital Photos- Have all of my favorite photos printed
  • Visit 30 New Mexico Historical Landmarks
  • Have a real bday party on my 30th
  • Pay off my car
  • Finish 1 room in my house completely- any room will do
  • Clean my car- Horrible as it sounds I really need to
  • Attend a blog conference
  • Buy something not on sale at Pottery Barn
  • Take the Sandia Tram at Sunset
  • Make a garment
  • Paint a piece of art
  • Start Interior Design Classes
  • Buy totally different glasses
  • New Laptop
  • Ghost tour of Old Town Albuquerque
  • Visit the Hubbard Museum
  • Watch all episodes of FRIENDS
  • Get a quote tattoo
  • Read 3 books from Times 100 list 
  • Go to The Salmon Ranch and pick berries
  • Do the Geronimo Trail by FJ Cruiser

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy Early Birthday to Me! My Target Haul and Minnetonka Flats

***My friends who are reading this are shaking their heads and thinking "goodness her birthday isn't until Weds and she is already shopped for herself!" ***

I will turn 29 years old on August 15th.  Normally my wonderful hubby takes me out for dinner and we do a bit of shopping.  We have a pact with each other never to buy each other anything super expensive until the birthday girl or boy picks it out.  I told him this year I would rather catch some great sales at Target during the back to school time. :)  Yeah for me! It worked!  :) :) I was able to pick out my birthday presents a week before my birthday!  :) 

I spent less than than $100!  Yeah for sales!! 





LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!!  Paid full price $29.99.  Anyone who really knows me knows I NEVER pay full price for anything.  I have a hard time finding skinny jeans that fit me correctly.  I am a plus size girl with no hips or butt.  Yeah... try to fit that in a skinny jean.  I will probably go back and buy all the colors. Again. I. Love. These. 

LOVE THESE!! Cutest sandals ever!  Paid full price $19.99



In June we were traveling back from Amarillo, TX and we stopped to Clines Corners, NM.  For those who have traveled along I40 through NM I am sure you have stopped one time or another.  Clines Corners is pretty much a tourist trap with quirky souvenirs.  LOVE places like this! 

Mr. Chic HATES road trips with me because I want to stop at every quirky road stand, take back roads and enjoy the open road.  He wants to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.  We've had many discussions about this.... Normally I win :) 

When we were walking around inside I fell in LOVE with these Minnetonka flats.  I thought the design was really cute and they fit my wide Fred Flinstone feet. :)  Originally $37.99 but I found them on sale for 25% off.  I told Mr. Chic these were for my birthday :) 

Have you found any great deals lately???  Leave me a link and I would LOVE to check them out!  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Mexico Love

Am I the only one who never gets pictures printed??  Living in the digital age has really hurt my number of framed photos.  

Today I decided to go through my photos and pick 10 or so to have printed.  I have frames with strangers in them. I am serious!  All of my frames are hanging out on a bookshelf in my room full of junk staging room craft room with pictures of people I do not know in them.  Did anyone else just get a flashback from FRIENDS when Phoebe shows everyone the picture of her Dad and he is the guy in all the store picture frames?  

I decided to do a post of some of my favorite pictures of New Mexico. Enjoy :) 

 White Mesa, NM
White Mesa, NM
 Rio Puerco
 Rio Puerco
 Rio Puerco
 Rio Puerco
Rio Puerco
 Sandia Mountains, NM
  Sandia Mountains, NM
  Sandia Mountains, NM
  Sandia Mountains, NM
 Sandia Mountains, NM

New Mexico truly is enchanting!