Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Loves!

I can't wait for spring! I am ready for some sun, rain, and warm weather.  Here in New Mexico our temperatures have been warmer than usual but I am ready for the wind to go away!  We also need some serious rain.  I do not want a summer like last year.  We had terrible fires, hot temperatures and wind.

I don't have an outfit to post today (or as of yet) so I was cruising around pinterest looking for some spring inspiration.  Look to the right if you would like to follow me via pinterest :)

I am in love with neutrals and pops of color right now!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I need these shoes!!!

Every girl needs a nude pair of heels!

Very New Mexico

Mint is one of my new fav colors. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wardrobe Updates 3/1-3/17

I haven't been doing much store shopping the last two weeks because of how crazy work and home has been.  Hubby has been working extra hours lately which means I have to rush home after works to take care of the dogs.  After I get home I lose energy and just want to relax. :)  I think I made one avenue stop to return some HORRIBLE fitting pants. 

I did some online shopping and hit Goodwill once.  I actually hit the jackpot on both!  

3/1 Avenue Online Shopping
Avenue was having a 50% off clearance sale PLUS 50% off your highest priced item and 40% off the next. Advantage... Mandy :) 4 Cardigans and 4 Knit Tank Tops for around $40 with shipping and taxes

Just before I started tearing plastic :) I have no patience!

Cardigan in Turquoise $5.71

Cardigan in Emerald $5.71

Cardigan in Peacoat $5.71
Cardigan in Fuchsia $5.71

Soft Tank in Emerald $3.80

Soft Tank in Peacoat $3.80

Soft Tank in Black $3.80

Soft Tank in Fuchsia $3.80

I love these cardigans and tanks.  They are super light but warm.  I can wear these year round to work :) 

AVENUE- IN STORE TRIP 3/7/12- Returned HORRIBLE fitting pants and sandals. Total after returns $0.05. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE Avenue tights! They are by far my favorite tights ever!  I like my tights alittle bigger than most because I don't want to feel uncomfortable at work.  Im not saying I like saggy tights though, LOL! Also I think if you get one size bigger than you think they will last a bit longer.  Not as much pulling, rubbing and stress on the fibers. These tights were 2/$10.  I actually got 6 pairs but the other two are some where in my dedicates laundry basket. 

Avenue Sweater tights are awesome!  I can wear them, be warm and look hot!

Love the pattern.  I bought 3 pairs of these because I love the pattern so much. I had so many compliments wearing them. Not only from men ;)

These are cute too.  Not sure what to wear them with yet. 

Turquoise jersey top $7
GOODWILL TRIP 3/12/12 $40ish with taxes
New Target skirt $4.50.  I'll be honest Im not 100% in love with it but I thought it was cute.  Love the pockets and light fabric. 

Cute detailing around the waist band

Love the pockets!

Bottom is cute also!

Lane Bryant Skirt $4.50.  Love the colors and print!

Close up of the print. 

Wider waist for us fluffy girls :)

Brand new Target skirt $4.50 Love the print and colors!

New Target wedges $9.99

New Target purse $7.99

Love the chain detailing on the strap

This is more of its true color

Two pockets on the outside

Plenty of room in the inside :)

New Target purse $7.99

Loved the pink too!!
Doing some guessing Math I would say in the last 2 weeks I saved approximately $266.78
Avenue Cardigans: Retail $14.99 each ($59.96 total), I paid $22.84 total
Avenue Tanks: Retail $9.99 each ($39.96 total), I paid $15.20 total
Avenue Tights: Retail $14.99 each ($89.94 total), I paid $30.00 total (returned pants and sandals)
2 Target Merona Purses via Goodwill: Most Merona purses are 17.99-19.99. Average Price would be 18.99 ($37.98 total), I paid $15.98
2 Target Merona skirts via Goodwill: Most Merona skirts are $22.99-25.99. Average Price would be $24.49ish ($48.98 total), I paid $9.00
1 Pair of Merona Wedges via Goodwill: Most Merona shoes are $24.99-29.99.  I think these were $24.99 last I looked, I paid $9.99
1 Lane Bryant Skirt: Similar skirt and style on LB site for $49.99, I paid $4.50
1 Avenue Tank: Retail $29.99, I paid 7.50