Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day #6- Style Me March

As you may know I am taking part in the "Style Me March Photography Challenge".  

Please take a moment and visit Bow ties and Bettys blog for a full description of the challenge.  

Day #6 was to wear a little black dress to work.  Getting ready this morning I almost skipped this challenge because I thought my little black dress was to dressy for work.  This challenge kind of opened my eyes.  I should be looking at my closet differently and try new combos.  I am a creature of habit and unless someone calls me out on that I will do the same thing over and over. 

I decided today I am going to look at my outfit before I getting fully dressed in the morning and see if I can change it up.  :)  

Dress: Lane Bryant (purchased 2010 for anniversary dinner)
Cardi- Avenue

It was really windy today!!!

Simply turquoise cardigan.  My favorite color! Cuff is from Forever21 years ago! 

Bottom of my dress.  Love the pleats!  

Kay joined in the fun today too!  Love her red blazer!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Days 4 & 5- Style Me March

As you may know I am taking part in the "Style Me March Photography Challenge".  

Please take a moment and visit Bow ties and Bettys blog for a full description of the challenge.  

Day #4 was bought on sale and day #5 was bold lipstick. I never left the house on Sunday and the jammies I was wearing were not purchased on sale :)  I decided to combine the two days into one.  

My hubby snapped this quick picture after I got home from work.  He had a rough day so I stopped to World Market and bought him a expensive classy beer and a new glass.  :) I also stopped to Avenue.  For all the gals/ guys who are single one day you will learn that if you spend $ on yourself it is fffaarrr easier to justify your purchases if you buy them a present also.  :) 

Sweater- Lane Bryant- Sale $7.99
Cami (can't see)- Lane Bryant- Sale $14.99
Black Jeans- Can't remember
Boots- Avenue- Sale $18.99

Day #5 is bold lipstick.  I will admit I am a pinkish lip gloss kinda girl.  Rarely do I wear a lipstick for very long.  I was shopping around Walgreens over the weekend and they had Wet N' Wild lipsticks on display and this color caught my eye.  I have never wore a lipstick this bright but I like it.  I left the lipstick at work but I think the color was salsa or something.  I will look tomorrow. 

Also, not sure why I look so mean in the photo!  I had a great day and was in a good mood!  

Details for Kay tomorrow after I talk to her.  I'am sure her outfit was on sale too.  She is a bargainista also! 

Doesn't Kay took beauty with her bold lipstick!  

Tomorrows post should be super fun!  I talked some of the gals in my office building and one of the guys in my branch into wearing patterns tomorrow :)  Im excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

IFB Project #37- A Walk Down Memory Lane

This weeks IFB challenge is to dig up some pictures of your earliest fashion.  I have hardly any pictures of my childhood but my aunt lovingly tagged me in the photo on facebook.

This my friends is why children SHOULD be allowed to dress themselves at a young age. 

This is me asleep on my very first pony, Buckshot.  I think I was the only kid that could rock socks, pink shoes, a dress and grandpas barn coat. That is farm girl fashion! :)

Office Fashion Diva- Kay

One thing I love about fashion is everyone has a type of style and you can express yourself.  Some people choose to express themselves more modestly and other people go all out.  I am a sucker for traditional 20s-40s glam.  I love it!  I think it is so lady like and respectable.  

Meet my office fashion diva, partner in crimes against fashion, and friend, Kay.  Kay started working at the branch with me about 7 or 8 months ago and I ADORE her!!  She is a kind person, funny, respectful, listener,  and likes fashion as much as I do. When you sit close to someone for 4 hours a day all of this becomes very important. :)  

When I check blogs during my breaks or lunch we usually talk fashion or interior design.  Kay came into the office on Tuesday and she looked ADORABLE!!! I quickly commented on how cute she looked and asked if I could take her picture for my blog.  She quickly agreed and we attempted to find some good lighting.  Our office does not have any windows so we opened up one of the reps offices and used her natural light :) When its for fashion, breaking and entering is ok :) :) :) 
I love her coat and hat!!  She told me she found them on clearance at Dillards.  

I always tell her how tall she looks in that coat! I love the detailing around the collar. 

Cute and chic without the coat. 

Kay is one of the most beautiful gals I have ever met. Inside and out :)