Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Beauty Blogger Headquarters Task

This month the task for Beauty Blogger Headquarters is photography.  Photography is something I am still a novice at.  My husband takes beautiful pictures.... I on the other hand... no patience what so ever.  Until recently I thought I could photograph my life with a point and shoot camera.  There is nothing picmonkey can 't fix right??

I am very lucky that my Grandparents sent me my first "real" camera for Christmas.  I have been eyeing the Canon Rebels for sometime but my Grandma had a brand new Canon Powershot SX10IS laying around and a week of shipping later I was playing with my new camera.  I still don't know how to use it fully but I am figuring it out.  :)  Patience is not one of my better qualities!

So far I LOVE my camera!  This weekend I am going to practice taking some videos so I can start my YouTube channel.  :)

Now for the questions...

#1- What camera(s) do you use for blog photography?
Mainly I use my Canon Powershot SX10IS or my Iphone.  My Iphone really does take nice pictures and videos.

#2- What type of lighting do you use?
I am building a light box as we speak, well my husband is.  So currently I only use natural light or some flash. It depends on what I am trying to do.  Some people are anti-flash but I do think it has a time and place.  As long as it does not distort the colors I don't have a problem with it.

#3- Do you use a light box (purchase or DIY)
 Hubby is in the process of building one now. As soon as it is done I will have a DIY blog post. I live in New Mexico.  This whole state is a giant light box!

#4- Do you use a specific background?
This depends on the pictures.  If it is a product, yes, I use a white box that I made out of foam board.  If I am taking a outfit picture I look for lighting.

#5- What does your photography set up look like?
Currently it is a mess!  I have been doing my end of the year posts and its covered in makeup, LOL!!  As soon as I get my craft room and vanity in order I will do a tour.  :)

#6- What is your top photography tip for a blog beginner?
Don't be afraid to take pictures and play around.  Honestly, how else will you learn??  I have sssooo many pictures of my bloodhound because I was playing with my camera settings.  Play with lighting, play with products, just play!  Also, I recommend paying the $4.99/m for  If you do not have Photoshop or another editor program picmonkey is awesome!

#7- For fun, If you could upgrade your photography equipment what would you buy?
I am honestly not sure.  Possibly a video camera strictly for YouTube videos and imovie or another editor.  I would definitely buy a IMAC!

What type of camera do you use?

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