Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Few Changes

One of my goals this year is to replace some of the lighting around my house.  We started this last year but never really finished it.  We purchased our home brand new in September of 2008 and all of our fixtures are builder grade.  We are not builder grade kind of people.

The first fixtures we changed were the lights by our front and back door.  Unfortunately I didn't take a before photo.  I thought I did but I guess my camera had other plans.  We found these fixtures at Lowes for $24.99 each.

These lights reminded me of growing up near the Great Lakes.  Such wonderful memories. 

I love the color and shape of the light.  These are by the front door. 

Light by the back patio doors. SO MUCH BRIGHTER!

The second fixture we changed is the one by our front door.  Normally this light faces the other direction but my hubby is tall and hit his head on it one to many times.  I came home one day and it was facing up. :)

We found this guy at Lowes for $38.99.  I fell in love with it instantly!

The light is on the wall straight :)  When you are only 5'2" you need to hold the camera above your head. HA HA!

Such a pretty light!  Very soft.

Our other change..... Meet Ladybird!
 Ladybird is a 10 year old female Bloodhound we fostered for a week.  We became so attached to her that we decided to adopt her.  :)  Yes we are big softies!

She is the sweetest thing and my husband is totally in love with her.

As you can see by our photo bombed picture we now have 2 bloodhounds.  Never in a MILLION years did I think I would ever have a bloodhound let alone 2!  I absolutely love this breed!  They are the sweetest dogs!     I wish I could just fill my house with them.  If you are interested in rescuing a bloodhound please visit South Central Bloodhound Club.