Monday, January 16, 2012

January 2012 Birchbox

In December I decided to sign up for Birchbox and MyGlam. Part of my new years resolution was to work on finding myself again and (like most girls) I love makeup and beauty products.  I should be receiving my first Glam bag in February but on Saturday I received my first Birchbox!!!!  I never thought one little box with pink paper would make me so happy! 

Birchbox is a monthly beauty sample mailing.  It is $10/month and every month you receive 4 to 5 high end samples to try.  What I like about Birchbox is you take a beauty quiz and the samples are picked out for you.  If you don't like the samples you are getting you can change your quiz and try again.  Easy peasy!!  Also if your friends sign up for Birchbox and use your link you get beauty points for products. :) 

If you are interested in trying Birchbox follow this link.  I never thought $10 would make me run to my mailbox! 

It arrives in a wrapped box.  The box is so simple but pretty. Who doesn't love pink?

Everything is wrapped with pink tissue paper. aahh... pink :)

Everything that was in my box except the disgusting granola.  My Hubby ate that and said it was horrible. 

Cute little list for mini detoxes.  I need to do all of them!
About each product and how much the full size costs. 

Treats and hides problem areas at the same time.  I rarely wear concealer because I do not like to feel like my makeup is caked on.  I rubbed a dab on my hand this morning and was AMAZED at how light it felt.  I am going to try to tomorrow.  So far I really like it.  It also doesn't smell medicated or super make up like. 

I *heart* this color!!  When I first got it I thought it looked alittle chalky.  I used it on Saturday and its a beautiful lavender/gray color.  I have used Zoya nail polish before and loved it.  This is no exception.  Its also a thicker nail polish and doesn't chip like cheaper brands.  The polish has a super glossy finish. 

This fragrance is really flowery.  It smells good but I have not tried it yet. 

VMV vows to conquer dark circles once and for all. I will be trying it this week.  Out of all the products in my Birchbox I am the most excited about this one.  I want to stay 28 FOREVER!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

O Well....

It was nice for an hour :) 

I still love them!

A Few Changes

One of my goals this year is to replace some of the lighting around my house.  We started this last year but never really finished it.  We purchased our home brand new in September of 2008 and all of our fixtures are builder grade.  We are not builder grade kind of people.

The first fixtures we changed were the lights by our front and back door.  Unfortunately I didn't take a before photo.  I thought I did but I guess my camera had other plans.  We found these fixtures at Lowes for $24.99 each.

These lights reminded me of growing up near the Great Lakes.  Such wonderful memories. 

I love the color and shape of the light.  These are by the front door. 

Light by the back patio doors. SO MUCH BRIGHTER!

The second fixture we changed is the one by our front door.  Normally this light faces the other direction but my hubby is tall and hit his head on it one to many times.  I came home one day and it was facing up. :)

We found this guy at Lowes for $38.99.  I fell in love with it instantly!

The light is on the wall straight :)  When you are only 5'2" you need to hold the camera above your head. HA HA!

Such a pretty light!  Very soft.

Our other change..... Meet Ladybird!
 Ladybird is a 10 year old female Bloodhound we fostered for a week.  We became so attached to her that we decided to adopt her.  :)  Yes we are big softies!

She is the sweetest thing and my husband is totally in love with her.

As you can see by our photo bombed picture we now have 2 bloodhounds.  Never in a MILLION years did I think I would ever have a bloodhound let alone 2!  I absolutely love this breed!  They are the sweetest dogs!     I wish I could just fill my house with them.  If you are interested in rescuing a bloodhound please visit South Central Bloodhound Club.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is my style????

As I am relaxing at home this evening listening to two bloodhounds snore I thought it would be fun to take some "what is my style?" quizzes.  

The first one I took is from the ladies home journal online.  My result was:

Your Style Is: Classically Chic

You're a woman who loves her life -- you've worked hard to get where you are, and you're darn proud of it! You are brimming with confidence and assertiveness, and friends and colleagues know that if they need help solving a problem, you're the woman to see.
Looking pulled-together at all times is a priority for you. That's why you rely on classic, simple items that don't require a lot of thought and have timeless style.
Your wardrobe staples:
  • Several impeccably-cut suits in neutral shades of navy, black, charcoal, and chocolate. Buy pants and skirts for more options.
  • Tailored button-down oxfords. They look great under a jacket, and just as good paired with weekend jeans. 
  • Cashmere crewneck sweaters. Stock up on sleeveless versions for summer, long-sleeved ones for winter.
  • Glossy leather pumps with a manageable heel of 1 to 2 inches.
  • Man-style oxfords to wear with pants. 
  • A stainless steel tank watch, which goes with everything.

I agree with everything except:  I do not own several suits but I love pants and skirts.  Also, my heels are WAY higher than 2 inches.  I am only 5'2" and need all the height help I can get.  

If you would like to take this quiz click here

Second Quiz was from Spiegal. My result was:
Your Signature Style is: SIMPLE CHIC
Simplicity is more than just your style, it's your approach to life. You firmly believe that it's better to have one perfectly beautiful piece you can wear for years than a closet full of "almosts". Quality rules in your world. The trends of the moment may interest you, but they never determine your choices. And that applies to more than just fashion. You are selective and deliberate in all your decisions. The saying "less is more" could have been written for you.

This is dead on for me.  I like to think that I have classic style.  I do like trendy piece but I hate wasting money on something I may never wear again.  I would rather spend more on a quality piece and less on the trendy ones. 

If you would like to take this quiz click here

Hhhmmm.... I am starting to see a pattern here... My third quiz from Elle also told me I like classic style.
You are a classicist. Modern yet edgy, you love smart blazers, sleek skirts, and accoutrements with a professional flair.  

I will agree with that also!  I love a great blazer and skirts!
If you would like to take this quick click here

After taking 3 more quizzes and all came back with a classic style, I guess I have a classic chic style :)  Yeah for shopping!!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Style Inspiration

Part of my new years resolution is to update my wardrobe and fine my style again.  I have been crusing around pinning like crazy on (follow me here) and found some interesting outfits.  ENJOY!!!!

I love this outfit except the sweater. I like the color but when you have a chest cowl neck is not uber friendly.

Not sure about the cap sleeve but the outfit is cute. I could wear this to work.

This would be perfect for weekends. I love the detail on the top.

Starting Monday I will be posting my outfits online. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


Our first FJ Cruiser article has been published.  Take a look at the Thrill on the Hill article.

FJC Magazine - January 2012

We are VERY excited and looking forward to working with FJC Mag this year!

Also don't forget to visit AbbytheFJ blog and like us on facebook!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Etsy Finds

As many of you know I love peacocks!  I think they are gorgeous!  I woke up early this morning because my dogs could not wait to open their presents from Santa.  At 6:00 AM this morning I am strolling ETSY looking for some quirky peacock pieces.  Here is what I found...

Peacock Feather Scarf
seller: TieObsessed

PEACOCK CAMEO Necklace Locket Pendant Beautiful Bird Cascading Tail Feathers
seller: Artalot

antique silver peacock necklace(gift box pakcage)---Z025
seller: happynessDIY

Vintage style Peacock necklace, Photo box, can open
seller: ShiningGifts

Peacock Necklace Fashion Antique Retro Bronze Peacock Dewdrop Rhinstone Long Chain Necklace
seller:  AngelssTouch

These are just a few of the many pieces Etsy has to offer.  One of my New Years Resolutions is to purchase more handmade gifts and personal pieces rather than head to the store. Some of the Artisans on Etsy are amazing and the prices are reasonable!  


Friday, December 23, 2011

I needed a change... BAD!!!!!!

This year has been a blur.  So many things happening and coming up... not enough time to deal with them all.  I feel like this year I kind of lost who I was/am.  Last Sunday it hit me... I am so boring!  I have become someone I am NOT.  I have always been a fun person, some would say "quirky" but I will go with fun.  I looked through my closet.. all of my clothes are boring... shoes... boring... I have absolutely NO hair accessories... nothing fun... I am not saying I was the most popular girl or a trendsetter but I was always "Mandy".  Now.. not so much.

I understand as we get older we mature but I think I got mature to fast.  I need to remember I am still only 28.  Yes I am married, yes I have 3 dogs, 2 cars, a house, possessions, and yada yada but I am still only 28.  Being mature for 28 isnt a bad thing but I just feel like I have become someone I am not... BORING!!

Sunday night I decided I was not going to be boring anymore!!  The first thing I did was notice I have not had a hair appt since AUG!  GASP!!! I KNOW!!!!

This photo was taken a few months ago at a hockey game.  BORING!!!  I have worn the hell out of the Red Wings shirt!!

Cell phone pic in the bathroom.  New hair and new color.  After I explained my dilemma to my hubby he was sweet enough to set an appt for me to get my hair colored and cut as an early Christmas present.  He is the sweetest man.

I tend to be a compulsive planner (when you admit it, its ok :) ) I have started a list for the "finding Mandy" project. Wish me luck :) I promise to be a better blogger and keep up with everything. 
PROJECT #2- TAME EYE BROWS (Tuesday Dec 27th appt)
PROJECT #7- CLEAN MY HOUSE AND KEEP IT CLEAN (Hard to do when married)

Wish me luck!!