Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am back!!!!!

After a month hiatus from blogging I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry for just disappearing like that but life is funny sometimes.  Currently we are working on opening a store and website for our FJ Cruiser and other enthusiasts. That takes time.  Also, we adopted a bloodhound the end of October and he definitely takes time.

I also needed a break from the computer.  Having pets, a job, house and everything that comes along with it kinda stressed me out.  The holidays didn't help either!  I couldn't find the time to craft, blog, keep my home clean, take care of the animals, work and sleep.  I'll be honest I could have done without the sleep but my hubby said otherwise.

The good news....... We are back and have some great craft and home projects to show this month!!!!!!!!

Take care my blogger friends!

What has kept me so busy the last month....

1.  Day tripping in the FJ Cruiser

2.  Quick trip to the Grand Canyon with my Grandparents

3.  Trip to the Painted Desert in Arizona

4.  Some shopping with local Artisans

5.  Meet Hank, our new Bloodhound

6.  Decorating for Halloween

7.  Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

8.  RIP Luci-Fur!  She passed away in October

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Addition

After taking a break from blogging for a few days to put my house and life back in order after having an extremely busy month I have a very special announcement.

Part of my reason for a brief blogging break was to get my house "Bloodhound" proof. Meet our newest additions, Earl.  Earl is a 2 year old Bloodhound that we adopted from the South Central Bloodhound Club/Rescue.

The first night was alittle hard on Earl.  He wasn't sure what he should be doing and where he should be laying.  He quickly found the sofa and everything was ok. 

Earl with his foster Daddy, Mark.  Mark took such good care of Earl until he was ready for his new home.  When Mark received Earl he was under weight, and unsure about life.  Mark quickly brought him our of that and got him to gain weight at a healthy pace.  Earl is now 86 lbs of solid muscle. 

We are very excited about our new addition and can't wait to learn more about bloodhounds and get to know Earl.