Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Mantel

As I said in a previous post about my sad sad sad fall mantel Mr and I are getting started on adding stone around our fireplace but until then I can't resist NOT decorating my sad sad sad mantel for the holidays.  Yesterday I was cleaning house and decided to re-arrange accessories.  I have boxes and bins full of holiday decor, decorations, holiday decor, etc.  I pulled out my un-used decorations and there she be......

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Snow on the Sandias!

We decided to do the whole parade of homes things today.  We went to most of the homes in Placitas and the East Mountains.  This year is appeared there were more contemporary south west designs.  Not my fav but I can appreciate the craftsmanship.  I am really bummed to say this but.... I only had one day to do the parade of homes this year.  Usually it is a 2 weekend event for me!  I love going but I have family coming into town so its a no go next weekend.  :(  

My friend who usually goes with me canceled last minute so I had to bribe my hubby to go.  If he did the parade of homes with me all day I had to take a short 4x4 trip with him up the backside of the Sandia Mountains.  WHAT A GORGEOUS TRIP!!!  The Sandias had their first snow fall last night and the sights were amazing!  Enjoy the pictures! 

Big Announcement!

After being on a blogging break for a week (work has been busy and home life has been even busier!) I guess its time to announce the big news......

After almost a week of talking with Emily from South Central Bloodhound Club, it looks like we will be adopting our first bloodhound!  Meet Duke.

Duke shortly after his arrival with his Foster parent in Texas.  Look at those eyes and ears!!!!!  

I feel alittle guilty about asking him to leave that pool!  Duke loves Bluegrass music and laying by the pool.  What a life!!

With his love of the water I guess more Jemez mountain trips will be needed!  oooo darn!!  :) :)

Is he not precious!!

Everything is approved and done except the home inspection.  Normally we are home every weekend but this week my grandparents will be in town!  We are heading to the grand canyon so unfortunately it looks like we can't do the inspection until next Sunday. :(  The home inspection should be fine as we are responsible pet owners.  After the inspection we should be able to pick Duke up around the 29th or 30th of October!  

We are so excited!  The foster parent to Duke will be taking him on some search and rescue trails the 22nd of October.  Hopefully we will do well and like search and rescue.  Mr. would love to start training him to do that.  

If you are thinking of getting a bloodhound and have done your research I suggest you contact South Central Bloodhound Club.  They are BY FAR the best rescue group I have ever worked with.  Everyone is very professional, helpful, and they understand the breed and the dog.  Some rescues just want to place the dog but Emily and her group want what is best for the dog!  That is what is important.  If you are not interested in adopting a bloodhound but still love the breed please donate to this wonderful club.  It is a 501c3.  Please visit their website for more information. 

So for my new friends who are reading this in the bloodhound world wish us luck!  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My sad sad sad mantel

This fall has been alittle hard for me to start decorating.  Mr and I are getting ready to start our fireplace project. We are adding stacked stone from the floor to the ceiling.  I love the look of a grand fireplace!  We have slowly taken everything off the mantel and yesterday I couldn't take it anymore.  We can't start our fireplace project until the middle of Oct due to work schedules so I grabbed what left over fall decorations I had and this is the end product.

It is not the perfect fall mantel that I love and adore but it will due for a couple of weeks.  Everything was free or a re-use.  

Candle Holder my Grandma bought me a few years ago.  Tossed some left over leaves, mini-gourds and small Indian corn inside. 

Extra glass container, left over pinto beans, mini pumpkin and extra scarecrow.  Also, my favorite stuffed moose I've had since I was a kid.  

Empty vase stuffed with left over flowers and an extra scare crow.

Again.. not my favorite mantel but atleast I have alittle fall spirit!!

This was our fireplace when we first moved in.  

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This is similar to what we will end up doing

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Floral Arrangement

I have been decorating this afternoon as was in the mood for a new arrangement.  I need some fall color on one of my end tables in my living room.  I am not afraid to admit this... I have an accessories problem... There I said it.  I have bins in my craft room FULL of accessories for my homes.  Candles, candle holders, knick knacks, arrangements, pillow covers... you name it.. its in there!  I am a serial decorator!

Today I rummaged through my bins and pulled some some pieces to make a quick arrangement with. :)  It was like Christmas!

#1- Find cute vase, candle holder, or whatever you think would be cute with flowers arranged in it.  My Grandma bought me this candle holder a few years ago. 

#2- It save space I usually put a smaller glass or jar to use for water and to help keep the flowers tighter. 

#3- I filled the space between the two with pinto beans.  I loved the color and texture. 

#4- Separate all your bunches of flowers.  It makes it so much easier to arrange when they are cut apart.  This involves wire cutters.  

#5- Create your arrangement.  I love arrangements that look natural and are not perfect.  I like varying height and colors. 

All together this arrangement cost me less than $5.  All the flowers are dollar store flowers.  I used maybe a cup of beans and the candle holder was a gift. :)

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Fall Wreath 2011

Every year I get very excited for fall.  I LOVE this time of the year!  Due to the worst cold I have ever had I am about 2 weeks late in decorating for fall this year.  Bummer... I know...

I needed a quick and "frugal" wreath this year for fall.  I ALWAYS check out the dollar and thrift stores for quirky and cool stuff.  This year I decided I was going to make my wreath with EVERYTHING from the dollar store (except my straw wreath).  I have many straw and vine wreath forms stocked in my craft room.  I wait for sales and buy a few every time.  You never know when a girl may need a wreath!  

#1- Wrap form in twine.  You could use the straw if you wanted but I like the look of both.

I let the straw peak through a little.  I think it gives it some texture and breaks up the color of the twine. 

#2- Buy cheap dollar store wreath and remove super cute little scare crow from it. 

 #3- Twist together leaf bundles. 

 #4-  Once wrapped bend steam to the back of the leaf.  It will give support and you won't have to use your wire cutters :) 

#5- Cut Styrofoam pumpkins in half very carefully!

#6- Start hot gluing leaves, scare crow and other decorations in place. 

TA DA!!! A wreath that took about 10 minutes and cost less than $10 (with the straw wreath form)

As you can tell I am still battling my HOA on painting my front door. UGH... Also... There is a reason why my wreath is slightly off center.  My scare crow blocks my peep hole.  :(  

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