Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why Yes... I Do Shoot Like A Girl...

After our home was broken into and my JEEP was stolen in February I decided I need to learn how to shoot.  I talked with my hubby about it and told him how un-easy I felt when I was home alone. We decided to look for a gun for me.  I have small hands and finding a gun I liked was VERY difficult.  Every gun my hubby told me to try felt big and clumsy.  I was starting to get discouraged.  In a horrible situation I know I could grab any of my husbands guns and shoot if needed but I wanted something of my own, something I felt confident with. I am not saying I wanted a gun so I could go out looking for trouble or say that I have a gun but I wanted something that I knew if my husband was not home I could defend myself and my family until police could arrive.

After looking for about a month hubby and I went to our local and FAVORITE gun store, AC Firearms in Rio Rancho.  While he was getting some stuff I was looking at the Kimbers.  I have always loved Kimber.  My dogs name is Kimber, by the way.  :)  My husband carry's a Kimber Eclipse as his duty weapon.  If a Kimber can protect him, a Kimber can protect me.  I looked at some of their 9mm and concealed carry 45 but again.. they felt big in my hand.  Until I held a SOLO!  Kimber had just started making and releasing the Kimber Solo.  I held this gun.. the stars aligned... the lights dimmed and shined on this beauty.  SHE WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As luck would have it AC Firearms had a waiting list for the SOLO.  I put $ down and waited patiently.  After about a month I went into the store to put more $ down on it and mentioned that the reason why I wanted the SOLO was because of feeling uneasy when home alone and that my home had been broken into. The WONDERFUL men at AC Firearms offered to sell me their display.  DEAL!!! DONE!! SOLD!!!!  I called my hubby and told him the great news.  I picked her up on a Friday.  I named her Kimina on my way home.  Kimina means little Kim in Italian.

This is my actual SOLO in my hand.  SHE IS PERFECT!

I am such a nerd that I took a picture of the box.  I know... *shakes head in shame*

Saturday we went out shooting with some friends.  My hubby shot her first.  She has alittle kick!  Hubby was worried I would not like her because of the kick.  I shot 6 rounds through her and was head over heels in love!  I turned to my hubby and told him how much I loved her.  He was happy because he didn't want to go gun shopping again with me :) 

Here are my Pros and Cons of the Kimber Solo.  I am licensed in nothing and this is just the person opinion of a woman with a Kimber Solo:

  • The SOLO is very accurate.  My first time shooting 6/6 shots were on target and 5/6 shots were at mass.  
  • The fixed dot sights are easy to use and find.
  • The SOLO is a 9mm.  I want something that will stop someone not make them more mad!
  • Dual safety.  The SOLO can be shot easily by a righty or a lefty.
  • Easy to conceal 
  • The SOLO is a very solid gun but is also light.  Even when fully loaded she is light.
  • 8 Round magainze will be available shortly 
  • Reliability is excellent.  My SOLO has jammed once and that was my fault.
  • Similar styling as a 1911
  • Price.  I paid $680 and I feel the gun is worth it.  Nothing on this gun is cheaply made. 
  • Springs are stiff.

  • Only 1 magazines comes with the SOLO when you purchase one.
  • The magazine release has to be fully pressed in.  Not a huge con but re-loading must be practiced for accuracy and speed.
  • Wait time on a SOLO can be long!  
  • Night Sights are still in the thought process with the gurus of Kimber. 
  • The magazines are VERY hard to load.  The springs are very stiff!
  • The slide springs are very tight.  Which makes it hard for a woman to rack a round.  


Love Me, Love My Ferrets!

When I was alittle girl I always wanted a ferret.  My Mother would have let me get one but we had enough animals.  I grew up showing dogs, and having horses.  We had a pot belly pig for awhile (I hated her!!), some turkeys, ducks, and other small animals.  We also rescued alot of animals.
Me and Buckshot, my first pony. 

Fast forward 20 years...

I am not 23, moved 1500 miles away from everything that is/was "normal" to me, I am in a strange city, living with my then boyfriend, sharing an apartment with him, and I have NO pets!  SHOCK!!!!  At first it was kinda nice not having to clean up after anything, then my boyfriend (no hubby) went off his best behavior and I started cleaning up after him.  The apartment complex we were living in did not allow dogs.  They allowed cats though. Pure discrimination in my opinion but I will not argue the pros and cons of cat vs dog.  No one wins in that argument.

I had a hard time adjusting to New Mexico.  The weather was different. The people were not as kind.  I just didn't really like it at first.  I had a long talk with my hubby and he asked if I wanted a pet.  We couldn't have a dog, and he is allergic to cats.  He offered to find another apartment for us but at the time our apartment was great!  We loved it.  I asked him about a ferret.  He loved the idea of getting a ferret but wanted me to make sure I really wanted on.  Pets for us are big decisions.  Our pets are our kids!  I read some ferret books, researched ferrets online and visited some pet stores.
Hubby and I the first weekend I came to Albuquerque.

One day we stopped into a pet store to get some fish food and they had 2 ferrets.  One was a fairly young male and the other was a white 2 year old male.  The younger male didn't like to be held but the 2 year old cuddled with my hubby right away.  He started licking him and was acting like a sweetheart.  Unfortunately we could not afford to buy him :(  Hubby saw the disappointment in my face and said he would work an extra Saturday so we could get a ferret in the next couple of weeks.

After two weeks of waiting we went back to the pet store to see if the two year old male was still there and HE WAS!!!  We quickly paid our $100, bought some food and the essentials.  We ended up naming him, Jimmy G, on the way home.

As we are driving my husband gets paged to work.  He leaves me on the door step with a ferret, food, toys, and bedding.  I wasn't scared.... I am a farm girl... I love all animals :)  As I am standing at the door I realize WE DO NOT HAVE A CAGE FOR THE FERRET!!!!!

I remembered we had a small dog crate in our storage area so I set up a nice and cozy home for Jimmy until my hubby could get home and we could go out and get a cage.  I put the ferret on the floor to play with him and he starts jumping and hissing at me. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!!  This ferret was trying to eat me!!  I call my husband at work and tell him this thing was trying to attack me!  Side note, I had locked myself into the bathroom already.

Hubby rushes home from work to rescue me.  He walks through the front door, comes into the bedroom and this EVIL, ROTTEN little ferret quits jumping and hissing at me and runs up his pant leg and cuddles in his arms.

This is the story of my first ferret, Lucy-Fur.  After having Jimmy for a couple of weeks we realized Jimmy was actually a girl.  We have her the fitting name of Lucy-Fur.  After learning the jumping and hissing is a ferrets way of getting you to play with them, Lucy because my best friend.  I would let her run around the bathroom with me while I was getting ready or taking a bath.  Many times she would jump on the bath tub and just hang out on the side.
Meet Lucy-Fur!

After having Lucy for about 4 months we decided that she needed another Ferret.  I started working full time and wasn't spending as much time with her.  We went to Petco one day and found Bruno.  He was a 8-10 week old baby ferret.  Bruno and Lucy quickly bonded.
Lucy and Bruno on Christmas.  Yes we celebrate with our pets!

We had Bruno and Lucy for about a year when I talked my hubby into a third ferret.  He was totally against it until we went to Petco to buy ferret food and there was baby Tony.  Tony was about 8 weeks old and the only ferret left in the cage.  He was laying on top of the ferret bed all by himself.  Yes, at 25 years old I totally guilt tripped my husband into feeling sorry for this baby ferret :)  It worked :) **sad note, Tony passed away in his sleep on March 16,2011.  I miss him so much :(**
Meet Tony

About a year after getting Tony, Brett and I found out we were pregnant.  We had a very difficult time conceiving and didn't think we would be able to have a baby.  At about 9 weeks I started feeling sick, and  this resulted in  a miscarriage.  We were devastated.   This was the first huge hurdle in our marriage.  Both of us were hurting and trying to be strong for each other.  We decided to quit trying for a baby after that.  I was laying in the bedroom one day and playing with the ferrets.  Ferrets bring me such joy and no matter how bad my day is or what I am feeling my 3 little rug rats always made me smile.  Hubby asked me if I wanted to get another ferret.  I actually said no.

But....... we happened to be in petco getting ferret food and... Meet Thomas!  We got Tommy when he was about 10 weeks old.  He was a typical baby ferret.  Liked to bite, pick on his brothers and sister.  He was a very naught boy!  Now that Tommy is about 2 he is an angel!
Meet Tommy!

My craft room has become a play ground for my rug rats!  I have dryer tubes all over, toys laying around, you name it... its in here!  I will be crafting away and the next thing I know I have a ferret stealing ribbon!  

After having ferrets for almost 5 years I can not imagine my life with out them.  Ferrets are by far the funnest pet I have EVER had!  They will make you laugh non-stop.  Ferrets are not for everyone though.  They do have an odor and honestly unless your child was very responsible I would not recommend them for children. Ferrets are not disposable pets!  They are living, breathing animals who have a personality and a HUGE heart.  I wish I had a heart as big as my ferrets.  My ferrets make me a better person!

If you are thinking about getting a ferret and have questions I suggest you research research research or you can email me with questions.  I will try to help :)  

Enjoy some ferret pictures!!
Tony hunting in the back yard.  Our ferrets are only lose when supervised.

Brotherly love! Bruno and Tony.

This is so true!!

Bruno trying to tip my pot over.  I guess he doesn't like parsley. 

Bruno in the garden.

Lucy being Lucy.  She finds the one thing she can get into!

Baby Tony and Mommy!

Bruno wrapping Daddy's birthday present. 

The boys wrapping.



Baby Bruno

Bruno sleeping

Bruno, Lucy and Tony

Baby Tommy.  
So true yet so sad!

Friday, September 16, 2011


After being sick for almost 2 weeks I am finally 95% better.  This cold/flu took its toll!  I am still dealing with a cough and feeling tired easily but I am well enough to get back to blogging!  :)  Currently I am catching up on blog posts (love all the Halloween and fall ideas) and email.  I have some really cool projects to finish this weekend and show off!

Take Care!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What To Do When You Are Sick

Tomorrow will be officially a week I have been in bed sick with a cold/I don't know what else.  After we got back from TOTH in Cloudcroft,NM I started feeling a little congestion, fever, achy, etc.  I spent all Monday evening sleeping on the sofa.  At least I was not sick for TOTH!  I did manage to go to work Tuesday-Friday.  :)  Yeah to me for being Typhoid Mary!

After spending a week on the sofa and sleeping on the sofa bed (Hubby has almost no immune system) I have learned:
1.  My dog is just as lazy as I am
2.  Jerry Springer has not gotten better or more classy in the years.
3.  Everything tastes like water or mucus.
4.  Whoever invented fleece PJ pants deserves a peace prize!
5.  DirectTV is just as boring as network TV during the day.
6.  Don't try to sound intelligent on the phone while your ears are plugged and you need to blow your nose.
7.  I really need to clean my ceiling fan.
8.  Ebay has great deals at 2 AM when everyone is asleep but you are up coughing and sneezing.
9.  Peas wrapped in a towel are an AWESOME way to cool down!!
10.  Wheel A Fortune cheats on my phone!
11.  Toilet Paper is NOT the same as a kleenex.
12.  Do not can tomatoes while sick.  Air bubbles will make you cry :(

Accomplishments while laying on the sofa:
1.  Watched the whole season of Design Star
2.  Watched EVERY NCIS episode known to man << not complaining.  Mark Harmon is super dreamy!
3.  My fav NCIS episode is when the team goes back to Stillwater, PA and meet Gibbs Dad.
4.  Planned my Fall decor and colors
5.  Started planning my Halloween party, i.e... wrote Halloween Party in planning notebook.  That is as far as I got :( But its a start
6.  Drooled over the new IKEA catalog.  Im kinda serious there.....
7.  Decided to start taking interior design classes
8.  Picked every piece of lint off the sofa

Yup... thats about it....  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow....