Monday, August 29, 2011

New Mexico 4 Wheeling

One of our favorite things to do is take the FJ Cruiser out 4 wheeling.  The NM pic of the day is from the Rio Puerco about 10 miles or so west of our house.  When we had a jeep we would go out all the time with our jeep club.  Now that we have the FJ its a little more difficult to get in but we still go.  :)  Also we are trying to meet more FJ Cruiser people.

Anywho... here is Mr. and Rubi (my jeep) going down a killer hill in the Rio Puerco.  I walked down to take the pic. Lesson learned that was a HORRIBLE idea!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Mexico Feature

Many people has asked me what it is like living in New Mexico.  Is it hot?  Is it dry?  Does it rain?  Do you get snow? Do you speak English? Do I need a passport for New Mexico? Quick answer to all... Yes, Yes, Alittle, Sometimes, No I am typing in French (really!?!?!?!), and HA HA HA!!!!! No...

I've decided to share some of my pics and thoughts on New Mexico on a daily or every other day basis.  New Mexico is defiantly different place to live.  I grew up in Michigan and moved here for my hubby.  New Mexico needed to grow on me before I began to love it.  I miss the Midwest but I am slowly adjusting to New Mexico as my home.

The first picture I would like to share is a picture of the Sandia mountains.  The Sandias are the range closest to Albuquerque.  They are AMAZING!!!  My hubby took this picture on a four wheeling trip he did in Febraury.  See... New Mexico gets snow!

The Sandia Mountains (Tiwa (Pueblo) name posu gai hoo-oo, "where water slides down arroyo"[1]) are a mountain range located in Bernalillo and Sandovalcounties, immediately to the east of the city of Albuquerque in New Mexico in the southwestern United States. The range is largely within the Cibola National Forest, and part of the range is protected as the Sandia Mountain Wilderness. It is home to the Sandia Peak Ski Area. Its highest point is Sandia Crest, 10,678 feet (3,255 m).
Sandía means watermelon in Spanish,[2] and is popularly believed to be a reference to the reddish color of the mountains at sunset.[3] Also, when viewed from the west, the profile of the mountains is a long ridge, with a thin zone of green conifers near the top, suggesting the "rind" of the watermelon. However, as Robert Julyan notes,[4] "the most likely explanation is the one believed by the Sandia Indians: the Spaniards, when they encountered the Pueblo in 1540, called it Sandia, because they thought the squash growing there were watermelons, and the name Sandia soon was transferred to the mountains east of the pueblo." He also notes that the Sandia Pueblo Indians call the mountain Bien Mur, "big mountain".

The Sandias contain a location notable for prehistoric archaeology: the Sandia Cave was believed by some in the 1930s to the 1950s[7] to have been inhabited 10000 to 12000 years ago by the "Sandia Man," a cultural classification that is no longer used.[8] The cave can be accessed via a 1/2 mile trail in Las Huertas Canyon, on the northeast side of the range, near Placitas, New Mexico.
Ancestral and early Pueblo peoples have lived in the Sandia Mountains area for thousands of years. Examples of previous Pueblo settlements, now unoccupied, include Tijeras Pueblo and Pa'ako Pueblo, both founded around 700 years ago. Sandia Pueblo is a modern pueblo, abutting the Sandia Mountains on the northwest side of the range. Some of the foothills of the range are on Sandia Pueblo land; there have been disputes in the past between the Pueblo, the Forest Service, and private landowners over rights to various parts of the range. The people of Sandia Pueblo consider the mountains a sacred place.

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Peacock Personality

Every since I was a wee little Mandy I have loved peacocks.  I love their colors, their presence, and everything about them.  Everyone who knows me well always tells me "I have a peacock personality"  Finally I googled it.

SOURCE The peacock is a showy bird, with its bright colors and beautiful tail feathers. It struts around, flashing those feathers to attract the females. Thus, it's not hard to imagine that a person with the personality traits of a peacock is someone who adores attention. A peacock loves to be noticed. He or she is gregarious and talkative. A peacock sparkles and is the life of the party. However, the peacock can come across as cocky and irresponsible. A peacock is generally not great with time management or dealing with details.

I guess you could say I am a peacock :)  

I've always wanted one as a pet but that was a HUGE no go.  After talking to my husband he also said no to a peacock.  What he doesn't know is that as soon as we get some land I am totally getting a peacock and a Mini Sicilian Donkey.  TAKE THAT!

My husband knows me sssooooo well.  After pouting for abit he told me "You love inspiration!  Why don't you re-do the laundry room and use a peacock as inspiration" DONE!!!  Pouting over.  I have been on for almost an hour this morning looking for some inspiration for my laundry room.

My laundry room is about 7x7.  No windows. Just a washer. dryer and FERRETS!!!  Random ferret picture...

Ok... my laundry... as I was saying 7x7, no windows, no natural light.  Just pure function!  
I want ALOT of fun color in this space!  My house for the most part is punchy but not colorful.  I want a room that screams my apparent peacock personality.  

I am thinking about painting the walls the soft tan above for the sake of our house is a starter home and I don't want to repaint the laundry room :)  

I have a front loading washer and dryer.  Hubby will build me a counter top and I am thinking about tiling it with this tile.  HOW PEACOCK IS THIS!?!?!?!

Above my washer and dryer I could use more storage.  I like the idea of adding cabinets and shelving.  
My heart tells me to paint the cabinet a fun color but my brain says "do you really want to paint the cabinets back to white if you move?" This will depend on how much color the glass tile counter brings into the space.  

We also need to rip up our current linoleum.  My kitchen has slate tile and the rest of my house has oak laminate floors.  I am thinking a lighter tile on the floor as the room is not huge.  

Here are some more peacock inspiration that I love!!
Love the punchy purple flowers with the feather.

A piece of art like this would be perfect to tie everything together   

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A to Z

I was glancing at some blogs this evening and i noticed a post from C.R.A.F.T called A to Z.  I decided it might be fun to do since I am trying to relax from a long day.  :)

A. age: 28

B. bed size: cal king.  My hubby is 6'6" 

C. chore you hate: Cleaning my ferrets cage and loading the dishwasher

D. dogs: 2 meet them here 

E. essential start to your day: Mt Dew, blogging and a kiss from my hubby

F. favorite color: I love all colors!  Right now I am loving deep purple.

G. gold or silver: I have my moments of both.  I love antique looking gold.  Not a fan of shiny, bling bling gold

H. height: 5'2"

I. instruments you play: I played the flute when I was a kid and HATED IT! I am not a musical person.  I love music though.  Kinda weird...

J. job title: branch assistant, cop wife, blogger, crafter and budding interior designer

K. kids: I have 2 dogs and 3 ferrets.  We are at our limit :)  I like other peoples kids.  You can return them :)

L. live: Rio Rancho, NM

M. maiden name: Campbell

N. nicknames: Mandy, Mandy Jeanie

O. overnight hospital stays: a couple.  nothing major. I lived.

P. pet peeve: When I am relaxing on the sofa and my hubby starts shaking his leg.  I also will freak out if you leave the kitchen cabinets open.  I have been known to quit eating and go and shut the cabinet, come back and finish dinner. 

Q. quote: Imperfection is Beauty

R. righty or lefty: rrighty

S. siblings: 0 My mother felt I was enough :)

T. time you wake up: 6ish

U. university attended: O good lord I have tried just about everything :)  I prefer to be a student of life.  Atleast the student loans are cheaper :)

V. vegetables you dislike: I am a potatoes and corn kinda girl. 

W. what makes you run late: Blogger!

X. x-rays you’ve had: ooo I have had a ton!  

Y. yummy food: today we had Rudy's BBQ for dinner!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Z. zoo animal favorite: Polar Bears and Prairie Dog

Hope you enjoyed some random Mandy-Facts.  :)  If you re-post this on your blog, leave me a note, and I will certainly come check it out :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flower Pins

I love to decorate boring purses, shoes, clothes etc with cute and eclectic pins, beads or whatever I feel for that day.  My hubby has been creating denim purses from old jeans and is playing around with some ideas.  I know.. I am the luckiest girl EVER!!  My hubby makes purses :)  I wanted to dress up the purses alittle so I decided to make some EASY flower pins so I can change them with my mood :)





Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peacock Tote

If you follow me on you will notice I have went alittle peacock crazy.  I am in love with them!  You can call it obsessed... its ok.. I can take it.

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I have been helping my hubby create a blog about our FJ Cruiser and some of our four wheeling trips.  While helping him I decided to get creative.  I had this canvas tote hanging around that I bought a few weeks back and I decided to jazz it up.  I didn't feel like sewing or doing anything that involved tons of effort.

After thinking for abit and looking at my tote, paint I have never used and brushes that are still pristene I decided to paint a peacock on my tote.  Before I get into any details let me advise you I HAVE NEVER PAINTED ANYTHING BUT FURNITURE IN MY LIFE!  I have no idea how this tote will hold up or anything.  This was a total spur of the moment... I feel like painting and crafting type of thing.  :)

And here we go....

The first step was laying out my pattern.  I free hand nothing!  I have no confidence in my artistic ability when it comes to drawing and painting.  I hope this will come with time :)

After deciding how you want your design I traced it onto the tote.  I traced with pencil and when I painted lighter colors the pencil showed up.  After i realized what was happening I did free hand the rest of the "feathers" to avoid another pencil catastrophe

After stenciling in your design now is the time to get super creative. PAINT!!  

For my first painting project I am happy with it.  My nest tote I paint I will nix the weird shadowing.  Note to self... don't get fancy!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Crafty Camping Pumpkins

I am probably one of the only girls who will go through her craft room to look for projects to do while camping. Crafting is my way of relaxing.  Before we decided to head up to Jemez camping I decided I wanted to make use of my time.  I brought 2 books to read, some etsy plans, craft projects and other items to keep me occupied.

I was walking around Hobby Lobby and stubled accross these cute little make it yourself pumpkin magnets.  They were 50% off so in the cart they went.  I wasn't sure when I would do them and this was 2 years ago :)  2 years later I am sitting in a campground in Jemez making pumpkin magnets out of pre-cut foam.

I think these came out adorable!!  I didn't put magnets on all of them because I am tossing up some ideas :)  

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We Are Back!!!

After spending 4 wonderful days in the Jemez Mountains we are back! I am in the process of catching up on comments, blogs, posts, and laundry.  Enjoy some pics!!

Abby ready to go and all packed!

1st stop!  Happy Birthday to me!  I love their mineral soaks and a 30 minute massage after.  HEAVEN!

Mr and Kimber. She was actually having fun!!  She will follow her Daddy where ever!

Gorgeous church in Jemez.

Creek behind the bath house

The drive up to Jemez

My old lady.  Fyr turned 12 in July.  

My little explorer!  She had so much fun!

Kimber and Daddy

She is so funny!

She is such a good girl.  As long as she is near us she is good.  If we walked away from the site for a quick second she watched us to make sure we came back.  :)

She loved playing in the stream!  

She jumped into the stream to save a pine cone.  She loves pine cones.  :)

The trail behind our site.  Loved the flowers.