Saturday, July 16, 2011

SGT. Joe Harris EOW 07/16/2009

Remembering a fallen hero, SGT. Joseph Harris, Sandoval County Sheriff's Office

From the

Sergeant Joe Harris was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a burglary suspect along New Mexico 126 at approximately 6:45 am. He and another deputy were conducting a stakeout due to a rash of recent cabin burglaries in the area.

The deputies attempted to take the man into custody when they observed him breaking into a home. Sergeant Harris and the suspect were both fatally wounded in the ensuing shootout.

An investigation revealed that the killer had fled to Canada during the Vietnam War to avoid the draft. He was wanted in British Columbia, Canada, for a 1972 double murder of two campers.

Sergeant Harris had served with the Sandoval County Sheriff's Office for six years and had previously retired from the Rio Rancho Police Department after 20 years of service. He is survived by his wife and five children.

New Desk for Craft Space

My computer is fixed finally.  After 4 days without it I promised to treat it better and never let it go again :)  During my 4 day internet and computer break I decided to work on some of my projects for my craft room.

I desperately needed a new desk. I have a large desk my husband built but when he is using the computer and I want to craft it doesn't work.  My craft room is shaped like a big box.  We decided to put 2 desks (one of each wall).  I was cruising by a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and they had a brand new IKEA desk for $50.00  It was still in the box and she promised everything was in good condition.  I offered her $25 and she said, ok!  I was very excited as I loaded this desk into Pt Cruiser.

The desk looked like this but a oak color.  According to IKEA's website it is called Leksvik and sells for $149!
After I got home I started opening this beauty up.  My heart sank!!  The top was broken and I was missing 2 pieces.  I talked to my hubby and he said he would cut the missing pieces and gave me some ideas for a top.  I am a sucker for black anything with a marble top.  We went to two big box stores and I just didn't want to spend $50 on Marble for the top and add extra weight.  I remembered I bought this great contact paper at dollar tree and I loved the pattern.  My hubby painted the desk black for me and helped me cover the top in contact paper.  He even lined up the edges for me. lol!!  God bless him!

After 5 coats of poly on top here is the finished desk :)  Enjoy!

 I painted the hardware.  All the hardware in my craft room is silver :)
I added some shelf liner to the drawer and cushion and it covers up that I was to lazy to paint the inside. :)

All together this desk cost me around $35.00!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hubby's Weekend Project

    Almost a year ago I told the wife that I wanted to look for a stool for my garage I found one I liked. Chrome with a blue seat very similar to the one on the right. But the price was just crazy for a shop stool. So I just used an old table chair that was laying around that I never got around to fixing. It was ugly but it worked for the garage.

  Then a few days ago the Mrs. was at a local thrift store and asked via text if I wanted a stool for the garage, and sent me the picture below. It was dirty, the upholstery was torn, two of the feet were broken, and the upholstery was actually made of the same plastic stuff that beach balls and inflatable kiddy pools are made of. 

 So she paid the $7 (That is way better than $100.), and I had a new garage stool. As soon as she arrived home with it I knew it would have to have some repairs before it could be used even in my garage. After all there is no way I would allow this battered, torn up, and rat infested shell of a stool to sit in the same garage as my battered, torn up, and rat infested shell of a truck.   

The first step was to clean it up and strip the original fabric (or in this case the beach ball plastic stuff) as you can see in this picture the foam is so broken down that it is almost not there. The thick black ring is used for structure and I decided to keep it mostly due to the vinyl that I picked had no stretch at all therefore it would have been very hard to get a good tight fit without the whole thing wrinkling.

You can really see the difference from the
new padding (green) and the old (yellow).
 Then I took the existing plywood from seat and made an outline on the new padding foam and cut it to size.  Taking the same plywood I traced it onto the new heavy-duty blue vinyl adding ½ inch to allow for stitching. I did the same for the black structure support and added a full inch ½ inch for the top and ½ inch to staple it to the bottom plywood.

I stitched it all together inside out similar to a pillow. I was sure to cut all the extra as close to the stitch as possible so not to cause any bulges or unwanted wrinkles once it was turned right side out. The foam padding was placed inside followed by the first plywood seat support then the black plastic structures support then followed by the last piece of bottom plywood. With the help of the Mrs. the bottom vinyl was stretched and stapled in place.  

It was then reattached to the cleaned and reworked base and there it is a $100 shop stool for $11.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Fun Saturday Night in the A 37's 42 House

Saturday night I could not sleep.  I am in the middle of re-organizing my craft space to make it more efficient (i.e. trying to remember what I have) and I had a gazillion thoughts running through my head.  I also had to much Mt. Dew :)  After laying awake for awhile I decided to work on some organizing.  Organizing always calms me down and helps me focus.     

I have TONS of stickers I have collected over the years from my different sources.  I shop everywhere for craft supplies.  My favs are yard sales, Etsy, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree and Michaels.  After looked at this bin full of stickers I decided I had the perfect solution to keep them tidy and organized.  About 4 years ago I bought these bins on sale at a office supplies store.  At the time I wasn't sure what to do with them and they have been used for MANY different things.  Currently they were holding my husbands seed packets.  After putting his seed packets in a different container I jazzed these clear boxes up a bit.  
 I found this contact paper at Dollar Tree and bought all the rolls I could get.  I have used it for many projects.  Pictures will follow.  I carefully cut out each section and easy peasy.... slapped it on.  done :)  15 minute organizing project.

The more I craft the more I get into stenciling and such.  I have accumulated a few stencils but found them difficult to store without bending.  I always have extra binders laying around so I decided to create a stencils binder.  To start off I used a binder, label maker, sections, page protectors, and contact paper I already had. I love re-using and re-cycling.
 As with the box I carefully cut out my contact paper and spent a majority of my time pushing out pesky air bubbles.  I think it came out super cute!  I love this pattern!

 I created a section for each type of stencil.  Slowly I am accumulating more and more.
 I backed each page with paper to make the stencil stand out more.  Without glasses I am blind.  Well not legally but having the paper really helps :)
This is how I spent my Saturday night and I would not change it :)

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Mexico

As most know I moved from the very green state of Michigan to the very brown state of New Mexico over 5 years ago to be with my now husband.  There are a lot of things I miss about Michigan but below are some of my favorite things about New Mexico.
 My favorite thing to do in the spring and fall is head over to the Albuquerque zoo.  Considering we live in a desert the zoo does a great job of keeping the habitats for the animals as close to their natural habit as possible.  And I really love polar bears :) 
 One a year we drive 2 hours north to Taos, NM.  The gorge is amazing.  The Rio Grande river looks so small. 

The gorge in Taos.

The Sandia Mountains are amazing!  Sandia means Watermelon.  The mountains turn pink during the sunsets :)

When I think of New Mexico I think hammock weather April-Nov.  Yes I wear Sponge Bob PJ pants. 
 Fishing at Cochiti Lake and watching the sun come up....  
After fishing for 9 hours they caught a fish.  Yes I said they... :) (Sandia Lake)
New Mexico Scorpions Hockey!!!!  They are not the best team but the beer is cheap :)
 Where else will you be driving and have to dodge balloons???
The mesa covered in a light blanket of snow
 Madrid, NM.  Madrid is where they filmed Wild Hogs. 
 Driving in New Mexico can be 1 of 2 things.  Amazing or boring. This was amazing!

 The view from a Lowes parking lot.  LOWES HAS THIS VIEW!
 New Mexico is full of museums.  This happens to be one of my favs. 
 One of the oldest churches is in Santa Fe. 
 View from the Sandia Mountains.
 View from the Sandia Mountains
 Sandias again
 Looking down from the Sandias onto Albuquerque
 They never get old :)
One of the coolest places in Old Town Albuquerque   
 SO COOL!! I am afraid of snakes but I love the rattlesnake museum.  Mr and I usually go a few times a year.  Bob the owner is the coolest guy EVER!!!

 Snowfall on the Sandias
 The colors are just breath taking sometimes.  Look at that sky!
 I was so excited to get a picture of a New Mexico sunset I didn't bother to notice my light fixture was in the reflection of the window. LOL!  My Grandmother sent me a text asking me what the fire ball was. 
 So beautiful! 
 The desert has its own beauty
 I miss rain :( 

 Storm Clouds

 October is balloon fiesta time in Albuquerque.  

 New Mexico fall colors.  (Sandias)

Leaving Michigan was very hard for me but as you can tell by my photos... New Mexico has its own beauty.