Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Projects and so much to share!!

With Mr being on call for the next week we will be playing "catch up" around the house.  We have this horrible habit of starting a project and not finishing it or getting to the crappy part and not wanting to finish it.

My goals for the weekend:

  • Catch up on all laundry.  This means 5 loads of whites, 5 loads of darks and 1 of colors.  (other police wives will get this humor)
  • Clean my craft room so I can take pictures and show it off!  
  • Finish my pebble bathmat
  • Possibly make a Lowes or HD run and get more flowers for my front yard.  New Mexico is having a horrible summer.  My plants just aren't doing well this year :(  
  • Possibly start sanding my $5 garage sale chairs. Wait until you see them!  SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cross your fingers and wish us luck.  Who knows what projects Mr will tackle this weekend.  I know he wants to work on his rat rod.  

My good news
  • Considering this week was stressful I survived and so did the people around me
  • I have a shooting date with my friend Ted.  We both love to shoot and heading out with Ted is always a blast! 
  • I scored some serious loot at Goodwill on Thursday.  Replica Milk Glass vases for.... $1!!!!!!!!! Tons of new projects to follow.  I also got 4 wreath molds for 0.59!!!  
  • I have 5 followers!  << Highlight to my week!!!!
  • I received confirmation that my current status with toastmasters international is..... ADVANCED COMMUNICATOR BRONZE!!!! 2 years of hard work is paying off. 
  • Made the decision that I want to take some interior design classes.  
  • Kissed my husband goodnight and good morning 7 days in a row.  :) 
  • And.... The reason why Im really really happy.... I think I will book a spa day at Jemez Springs Bath House for me and the hubby.  Below are some pics from our adventure about a year ago.
 Rubi in front of the bath house.  Look at that backdrop!!! 
 Why I love New Mexico!  Look at that color!

Our picnic spot at Fenton Lake. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dr. George Thompson (Law enforcement Instructor)

Dr. George Thompson
The English professor\street cop who taught all law enforcement professionals in one form or another, the art of verbally redirecting negative behavior, passed away June 7 at his home in Auburn, New York. He was 69.
That is how most the world will simply see it, but all law enforcement will feel it.
In the unique field of law enforcement that I have chosen to call my career more often than not the only defense we will have in our arsenal at all times will be our mouths and our hands. Dr. George (Doc) Thompson lived his life insuring officers to include myself were able to use the first to save our lives. As he would say “It is the most over looked yet best defense we have.” I have no doubt in my mind that his teachings are what enabled me to talk myself out of otherwise fatal situations. His methodology of Verbal Judo has saved my life directly on three different occasions. I know of another officer that while pined down his gun took a hit disabling it, using his cruiser as cover with his closest back up 30 minutes away  he talked the suspects into surrendering using what he learned from Doc. I know there are thousands upon thousands of officers that have gone home safely because of this one man. Doc you are more than a hero. You my brother are a saint. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Home... the start

In July of 2006 Mr and I got a crazy idea to finally buy a house.  After a year of "looking" and dreaming we met with a good friend of mine who is **THE WORLDS BEST REALTOR!** Tom Moore.  He was very patient with us and helpful.  Tom went to all our mortgage appointments, inspections, etc.  He answered all of my weird questions and calmed my nerves when things weren't going right.  Aside from becoming the proud owner (well in 27 more years!) of our home I gained a wonderful friend.  Mr and I looked at 3 homes before we decided.  Our required list was a safe neighborhood, walk in closet, large kitchen (we didn't get this but have room to expand), laundry room, 2 car garage, decent yard, vaulted ceilings and 2 bathrooms.  When we walked into our house we have now we knew it was "the one".  Everything was perfect.

We chose DR Horton as our builder.  Normally when you are building a home you have a say in the interior and a few on the exterior.  Our home was a spec home.  Looking back I wish we would have changed a few things but what can you do???  Its our starter home.  Our home is the Santa Rosa floor plan at about 1400 sqft, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, lots of windows, separate dining room or den, galley style kitchen, LARGE walk in closet, laundry room and a 2 car garage.

When we first looked at our home....  

 Our living room looking into the dining room
 Living room with a lot of light and a gas fireplace.  
 Master bedroom looking into the master bath and hallway.  

PHASE 2....
Our home in August of 2006.. the drywall is up and we realize its a tad bit smaller than we hoped.

 Our kitchen.  Eventually we would like to add cabinet space and an eat in area along the window.  We get a tremendous amount of light!

 Looking into the dining room or den.  Our living room has an awkward layout.  I love design but this one is hard to figure out!
 MY CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Master bathroom
 Welcome to New Mexico my friends!!

End of August and early September
 Almost done....
 Master bedroom.  again... lots of light
 My craft room!!
 Closet in my craft room! 
 Mr trying to decide if the toilet is to small.  I guess you measure with your foot???

 Bar from the living room looking into the kitchen and eating area. 

 We did not pick the cabinets or counter top.  We hate both! 

PHASE 4!!!!!!!!!!!! DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We closed on our first home in September of 2008.  As this blog progresses I will entertain you with some of our DIY projects,decor and ideas.  We are AVID holiday decorators :)  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our home and toys... i.e. why we work

Why we work????

 In July of 2008 Mr and I had a crazy idea to buy a house.  We had been married about a year and a half.  We felt it was time.  With Mr.s' job we had to stay in a particular county in New Mexico.  We live near Albuquerque.  We chose a larger subdivision that had alot to offer.  Most of the houses were new builds, we have parks, growing trees, mesa, views and all around piece and quiet.  When we first looked at our house it was strictly timbers.  Our Realtor showed us a few builders and we decided on DR Horton. After thinking for a whole 5 minutes we decided on this house.  At the time it was perfect for the two of us.  Our house is about 1400 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, den, galley style kitchen and most importantly a large yard.  Well... large for New Mexico.  As our blog progresses I will post more pictures of our house and projects. We are DIYers!   
Our first sold sign!  Check out those blue skys!  New Mexico is truly magical   
 Meet Abigail.  Abby is our new FJ cruiser.  We purchased her a little over 1 month ago and LOVE HER!  Before we had a Jeep Rubicon that was our child.  See pics below.  Unfortunately some jerk stole her from our driveway and set her on fire in the mesa.  I hope they suffer a terrible death but that is a whole other blog. We really loved that jeep but with 2 dogs, 4 ferrets, camping gear, and all of my stuff the Jeep was limited on space so we looked at the FJ Cruiser.  As soon as we drove Abby we knew we had to have her.  I am still a Jeep girl and once I can I will be trading in my bruiser cruiser on a white Rubicon but until that happens Abby and I have tons of fun! 
 Meet Betty.  She is my husbands idea of fun.  Betty is a 69 Chevy truck that Mr is turning into a rat rod.  Im sure he will blog about her when I am not around.  Until then she is tucked away safely and discreetly in our garage.  
 R.I.P. to the coolest Jeep Rubicon ever!  Rubi was our bday present in Aug of 2009.  We loved this jeep.  We are avid 4 wheelers and all around jeep (AND FJ!!) enthusiasts.  Rubi was stole from our driveway in February by someone who doesn't like my husbands profession.  They drove her 3 miles from our house and set her on fire.  If only you could teach a jeep how to use a shot gun :( 
 The beginning of our Christmas decorations.  We had more every year.  I love to decorate and Mr loves to blind the neighbors.

Meet Kimina.  This is my baby (the wife).  She is my first gun and I love her!  She had a horrible attitude and is very similar to a small hand cannon but she is AWESOME!  So accurate and just a fun gun to shoot.  Yes, we are a Kimber family.  They are pricey guns but well worth it in our opinions.  If a Kimber is good enough to protect my husband at work its good enough to protect me at home.  If anyone is looking for a small 9mm I would recommend the solo.  It is amazing!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Kids

Mr and I do not have any two-legged children but we have a few with fur and four legs.

Kimber is our 4 year old Shiba Inu.  She was a wedding gift from my grandmother.  Kimber runs our house and life.  We can not leave (except to work) without her.  She is very spoiled but we wouldn't change anything about her.  Yes she is named after my husbands gun of choice.... a Kimber Eclipse. 

 Kimber loves going for ice cream!
 But she pouts when I say no!
 Waiting patiently for her Daddy to return from Lowes.  She just knew he was never coming back!
 Yes, our pets have birthday parties.  Happy 4th birthday to Kimber!
 Her favorite trick is to move my rug and blind us with sunlight. 
 She loves to help her daddy!
 Like I said... we can't go anywhere without her
 At 12 weeks and already ssooo spoiled.  
She obviously gets her sense of humor from her father. 

Fyr is our 12 year old Siberian Husky.  Before I moved to New Mexico I showed dogs my whole life.  Fyr is the only Husky I have left from my adventures.  She is the 1st red and white Husky to be #1 in UKC and has MANY best in shows.  She is now enjoying retirement and the warmer weather.  Fyr also loves to hop in the FJ and go four wheeling with us.  She actually goes because our friends always have treats for her.  :)

At Kimbers birthday party. 

We got our first ferret shortly after I moved to New Mexico.  Our apartment complex would not let me have a dog and Mr is allergic to cats sssoooo....... in came Luci... then Bruno.... then Tony and eventually Thomas joined us.  Ferrets are not for everyone but we love them dearly.  Our Ferrets light up our life and always keep us on our toes.  Also they have cool Italian gangster names.  :)

 Bruno is our oldest Boy.  He just turned 4.  He loves to dig in the flowers and blame all the trouble on his younger brothers Tony and Thomas. 

Sadly Tony went to Ferret heaven almost 2 weeks ago.  He was only 3.  Our hearts are still healing.  
 Bruno wrapping Daddys birthday present. It was a mouse sander.  He needed it for projects.  (smart wife!!!!)
 Bruno and Tony wrapping.  Please ignore the laundry.  The ferrets favorite game is hide your dirty clothes. 
 Cuddle time
 Tony was the cutest Baby ferret EVER!  
 Baby Bruno
Notice Brunos  tongue??? 
 Luci is my first ferret.  She taught me sssooo much about Ferrets and at 7 she still keeps us laughing.  Luci lives for stealing reeses peanut butter cup wrappers and forks. We still haven't figured out how she gets the forks. 
Tommy is our baby.  Well he is now 2 but will always be the baby.  He was the hardest baby ferret to raise.  He was a biter, nibbler, thief and you name it... he did it.  
 Baby Tony
Alittle Brotherly love