Saturday, November 22, 2014

REVIEW- Sonia Kashuk All That Jazz Holiday Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk All That Jazz Brush Set

Last week I was in Target (imagine that!!) and I saw this brush set.  I have a lot of makeup brushes and I love most of them.  The last thing I need is another set but I am so glad I picked them up! 

You can find the set online and in Target stores for $34.99.  Such an amazing deal for 10 high quality brushes! 

The set includes:  1 powder brush, 1 flat-top blusher brush, 1 angled duo-fiber face brush, 1 foundation brush, 1 eye shadow brush, 1 blending brush, 1 crease brush, 1 angled duo-fiber eye brush, 1 precision eye brush and 1 lash/brow groomer. 

Every brush in this set is a quality brush.  The first time I used the set I did see a little shedding but after I washed them the shedding stopped.  

I am in love with the black/gold detail and ivory bristles.  All the brushes are incredibly soft! 

How gorgeous are these brushes?  I've used the set consistently for over a week and I am very impressed.  

For a more in depth review of each brush please checkout my review video.  This was also the first video i filmed on my new camera.  I am so in love!!! 

Did you pick up this set?  What do you think of it?  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Obsessions and Where I've Been....

Hola!  Remember me?  Sorry for my disappearance but life has been c.r.a.z.y!  Since August I've been dealing with numerous "life hurdles" and needed to take a little time for myself.

I was raised to help others.  Growing up in a small town helping your friends and neighbors is the norm.  Saying "No" really is not an option.  You helped, volunteered and said "Thank You".  I've been running myself to death over the last 4 months.  Family, friends, work, pets, life, hobbies, etc.  Everything takes time.  I simply ran out of time.

I think one of my biggest flaws is not saying "no".  If someone needs my help I feel like I need to step up.  I need to be the "good friend".  Ya'll after 4 months I needed some Mandy Jean time.  Time to refocus, say no and most importantly find myself again.

I've been struggling lately with finding myself.  I recently said yes to something that could change my life but the thought of actually doing it triggers anxiety like I cannot describe.  I know I would be successful at it and I've been active in the industry for the last 8 years but it is just not what I want to do.  Am I a fool to turn down a lucrative career because I want to be happy?  Please someone tell me I am not crazy.  I also feel like if I turn down this opportunity I will be letting someone I have a ton of respect for down.  Someone who has been a good friend, mentor and coach.

Blogging and my Youtube channel are things that I love.  I love interior design, crafts, fashion, makeup, and being creative.  This is my passion.  Unfortunately I let stress and everything else get in the way and make me unhappy.  Character flaw #2- shutting down.

On Monday I decided to start saying "no".  Until I am happy again I am not taking on any new responsibilities.  I told myself that if I hit 1000 youtube subscribers I would invest in a new camera.  Yesterday my new Canon T5I arrived.  I didn't realize getting a new toy would make such a world of difference in my attitude.  It was a "I can do this.... I've made it..." kind of moment.

Sorry this post is so ramble filled but one of the promises to myself was I want to keep things real.  I want ya'll to know a few things about me...

1-  I am blogging in penguin fleece pants and my husbands thermal shirt.  Someone call Vogue!
2-  I haven't made a brow appointment since September.  Full on untamed brows!  Fists in the air for the natural brow girls!
3-  My house is a disaster.  Maybe I will find some time to clean next week.
4-  My car is a disaster.  I did buy one of the Bath and Body Work pumpkin car scents so at least it smells like a pumpkin disaster.


I am happy to be blogging again!  I will be posting a few youtube videos this week also :)

Enjoy a few of my obsessions this week.  What are you obsessing over?

Dress by Amanda Valentine 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Obsessions

I am so in love with leather pencil skirts!  I love how Stella styled hers with her Zara blazer.  I love the color combo.  So chic!

How awesome is this lamp??  I love DIY lighting projects.  This will be added to the project list :) 

I have been considering building a new desk for my studio and I am obsessed with copper.  I love the rustic look.  

Ooooo the pattern mixing, fur on the chairs, the table, the light!!!  My heart is seriously swooning right now!  

I am loving this DIY project.  I am obsessed with texture right now and I love the leather.  Must make these!

Yup... I need a wool hat.  NM is starting to cool down and I am ready for fall!

What are you obsessed with right now??  I am ready to rock some dark lips for fall.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

25 Questions Tag- I Tag You!

I am getting back into the swing of things.  I was tagged to do this video a few months ago :)  Enjoy.

If you want to do this tag video, I tag you!  Make sure to share your blog link below or youtube video link.  I would love to check out your tags!  

I tag anyone who wants to do this video.

Do you have any pets?

3 things physically close to you...

What is the weather like?

Do you drive? If so have you crashed?

What time did you wake up this morning?

When was the last time you showered?

What was the last movie you saw?

What was your last text message?

What is your ringtone?

Have you ever been to a different country?

Do you like sushi?

Where do you buy groceries?

Have you ever drugged yourself to go to sleep?

How many siblings do you have?

Do you have a desktop or laptop?

how old will you be on your next birthday

Do you wear contact or glasses?

Do you color your hair?

What are you planning to do today?

Last time you cried...

What is your perfect pizza topping?

Do you prefer hamburgers or cheeseburgers?

Have you ever had an all nighted?

What is your eye color?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Obsessions

I am so glad to be back blogging again!  I really missed connecting with people and reading posts.  I love reading blogs and meeting new people.  :)

This weekend I have a few really cool posts and even 2 videos coming!  Before losing so many loved ones and friends at the beginning of August I had a few sponsored post opportunities and 3 AWESOME product reviews.  Everyone was so understanding that family and personal time comes first for me.  This weekend you will find out what my new favorite extensions are, where I snagged my new glasses and a few product reviews.  One of the reviews is an AMAZING pigment and mascara.  I originally had the post set for Tuesday but my video didn't turn out how I wanted it to sssoooo I filmed it again.  Thanks again to everyone for being so patient with me and understanding.  It really does mean a ton!

On to my obsessions!

I am so in love with the mixture of texture.  I love the idea of having a blanket (or rug!) to lay on.  I need this on my patio. 

As I get older I see my style evolving.  While I still love rustic design I am so loving modern mixed with tribal.  I think I want to make something similar for my dining chairs.  

I am obsessed with clay right now.  These pinch pots are adorable!  I have some clay laying around and maybe I will make this :)  I love the neon!

Oooooo I think I will live in this outfit this fall.  I am so ready for cool temperatures and cozy knits.  

How cute is the gray and wood floors?  I love this!  We have dark wood floors but this makes me want to change them out.  I am pretty sure my husband would flip, LOL!

Hello fall, I am so ready for you!  

What are you obsessed with right now?  Do you watch Project Runway?  What did you think of the elimination?  Do you think the right person won?  

End of Summer Beauty Essentials #walgreensbeauty

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone.  #WalgreensBeauty #CollectiveBias

Where did summer go?  I feel like it way May yesterday????  This time of year I start enjoying the end of summer.  New Mexico is starting to cool down and we've even had some rain!  Normally around my birthday I start stocking up on my end of summer beauty essentials.  

My favorite place to head to is Walgreens.  They are so convenient for me and the products don't break my budget.  #WalgreensBeauty #CollectiveBias

Every time I go to Walgreens I hit the same 2 aisles first; new products/skincare, hair and makeup.  Never fails.  It is like my internal beacon just draws me.  I also enjoy for these areas are laid out.  I always find what I need and I do not have to search. 

Before I head to Walgreens I also checkout their Beauty Deals.  I try and be some what organized when I shop.  

So what are my end of summer beauty essentials? 
I purchased Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate Spray Sunscreen & Moisturizer, Mark Hill Fabulous Finish Hairspray, Covergirl Gorgeous Foundation, Covergirl Gorgeous Concealer, Jordana Easyliner in Baby Berry and Wet N' Wild Lipstick in Mauve Outta Here.  

I had the Maybelline Nudes Palette and Miss Manga Mascara on hand but as with most of my drugstore makeup these were purchased at Walgreens.  

I love the coverage of this foundation and currently Walgreens has these buy one get one 50% off!  I paid $10 for the foundation and concealer.  Bargin!!!!  Also, this shade is perfect for me!  It blends easily into the skin and wears well.  Love it! 

My current go to end of summer eye look is from The Nudes palette.  I plan on doing a get ready with me video soon :)  I am loving a soft eye and bold lip for the end of summer!  

Living in New Mexico brings additional challenges.  Our sun is super bright!  I am constantly applying sunscreen.  Brett caught me putting on sunscreen today before our dog walk.  I love the Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate SPF 30 because it does not feel greasy and it sprays on evenly.  Having a spray makes it easy to get your neck and back of the arms. 

Also, may I add, i am spraying this directly above my bloodhound and she is not sneezing.  This stuff is excellent!  

What are your end of summer essentials?  


Special thanks to collective bias and walgreens for being so patient with me.  With all of lives challenges that hit me the beginning of the month they were so awesome to still allow me to participate and understand why I was unavailable.  

Thanks again!!! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'll be back.... on Sunday

I wanted to take a quick second and say Hi!  We've been over come with emotions this past 2 weeks.  With jobs, family, pets and life I needed to take a quick break from blogging.

Starting on Sunday I will get back at it!  We are playing catch up this week and getting back into the swing of things.  

We've lost a few friends in the last 2 weeks.  A friend to cancer, a loved one to illness, and a friend who took his own life.  Do me a favor and text your loved ones and friends.  Tell them you love them because you never know what is in the future.

I will have a couple of scheduled posts coming this week/weekend but no DIYs, makeup reviews, etc.

See ya'll Sunday!