Sunday, August 23, 2015

Special Announcement!!!! #31daysofyoutube LIVE Tonight with MissTrenchcoat

I am super duper excited to announce that tonights #chicscope will be LIVE on youtube and our guest will be Alexis aka MissTrenchcoat!!!!  We will start at 4pm MST/6pm EST and we will be answering your questions about community building.  Make sure to leave your questions below, on Instagram or Twitter.

To join in the fun visit my youtube channel or click HERE.  You can also set reminders on youtube :)  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#31daysofyoutube 18 &19

First off, sorry I had to cancel #chicscope last night.  I was not feeling super duper at all!  I knew if I did the scope my heart wouldn't be in it and I value your time.  #chicscope is back on for tonight!


Both of these topics are very specific to you and your channel.  Personally goals are very important to me.  They help to keep me focused and on track.

Create a couple of goals for your channel next month.  I don't recommend making a subscriber count as a goal.  You cannot control the number of subscribers on your media but you can control the number of videos you produce, adding a intro and such.

Having a filming checklist is another important tool to stream line your system.  I am creating a new checklist as we speak but having something to refer back to when starting to film will be very helpful. A few things on my checklist are: focus camera, check shot, clear memory card, gather supplies, create shot list and thumbnail.

You can create a list to put in your planner, use excel or another process that works best for you.  It is easier to start building this list now and update it as your channel grows :)  What are some things on your list?

  • Create 3 goals for your channel next month.  How will you grow?  Videos?  Editing? Graphics? 
  • Start a filming checklist 
Don't forget #chicscope tonight at 6pm MST! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

#31daysofyoutube- Video #2

I've run into a few technical glitches.  The post that was scheduled today was somehow deleted.  I am quickly posting this during my lunch at the office.  :)  Carving time, ya'll!  

The prompt for today is filming your 2nd video.  Take a look at your list.  What video are you in the mood to film today?   Take the time today and film your video.  Don't worry about editing it or anything like that.  Just get in front of your camera today. 

Tonight's #chicscope will feature Hank!  

Again, sorry this post is a little tossed together but I went to check on the post today and noticed it was missing.  Flexibility is another key to success, Ha! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

#31daysofyoutube 16- Creating a Schedule

I am a planner and list girl.  I love being organized and using tools to increase my productivity but what do you really need to get started?  

On day 1 I had you grab a notebook, planner or anything to help you get organized, we looked at analytics and now we are ready to create a schedule.  So how do you do that? 

Be HONEST with you time.  If you are working full time, a mom and such you probably will not have the time to film 7 videos a week.  Why not focus on 1 awesome video or maybe two?  Be honest with yourself and how much time you have.  

Take a look at your previous videos.  What days were the highest view days?  Was that because you shared them on your media?  Upload day?  Pick a day of the week (or days) and create a upload schedule.  A lot of successful content creators upload twice a week.  Pick your days and be consistent.  

  • get your planner out and look at the month of September.  Also, get your personal planner. 
  • Mark everyday you will NOT have time to film, edit or work on your channel in the month of September.  Be realistic.  Are you back in school?  vacation?  family visiting?  
  • Decide what day or days of the week you want to upload on
  • Pull out your video idea list and decide what videos you want to film
  • Schedule all of the tasks needed to complete these videos in your blocks on free time.  DON'T OVERWHELM YOURSELF!  If you community knows your upload schedule and you cannot fulfill that just let your community know.  :)  If you don't have the time to film and such all in the same day break it up.  
  • Post a pic on Instagram using #31daysofyoutube showing your September content schedule.  

Don't forget everyday at 6pm I host #chicscope on periscope and we discuss the prompt of the day.  :)  Follow @mandyjeanchic on periscope to get notifications when #chicscope is live.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

#31daysofyoutube- Video Lists & How to Organize

A common question I am asked is "how do you organize video ideas?"  The easiest explanation.  I keep a list inside my planner.  If you would like to see a picture I posted a couple on Instagram today :)  Head over there to see them (@MANDYJEANCHIC on Instagram)

Keep a list of video requests, ideas and so on.  Writing them down will be so valuable to you!  If you don't keep a planner you can use a notebook, post its and so on.  Whatever works for you, use it!!!

How do you organize your video ideas?

Join us tonight at 6pm MST on periscope to see my youtube planner and other organizing ideas.  Follow @mandyjeanchic

Friday, August 14, 2015

#31daysofyoutube- Day 14- Research Yo Videos!

What is your favorite part of being on youtube?  Is it filming? Community? Editing?  Mine is creating content.  I love thinking of content to film.

Let's be honest.  We don't know everything.  When creating videos sometimes we need to research topics and crafts.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS let your viewers know where you are getting your info.  You don't need to say it in a video unless it is pretty obvious you were inspired by a certain project or content.  When I research a topic or get inspired by someones project I ALWAYS link to their content in my description box.

I can't stress how important referencing researched content is.  Taking another creators content, no matter how small, is wrong.  Give credit where credit is due. When doing this you are creating a relationship and credibility.

No homework today!!!  Happy Friday!

If you have more questions or want to hang out join me on Periscope at 6pm MST.  Follow @mandyjeanchic.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

#31daysofyoutube- Day 13- Responding to Your Community

As your channel grows your community involvement will also.  Here in a few days we will talk about building your community but today I only want to talk about responding.  

Comments, tweets, Facebook messages, likes, hearts, blog posts, Instagram DM, Instagram comments and so on....  Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.  

I have no formula ya'll.  I have no secret tip to make responding easier.  Do the best that you can and acknowledge your community members.  For example,  right now I am SUPER behind on my email. I knew I would have time today to catch up and respond so on my scope last night I made sure my community knew that.  Set aside some time everyday (if you can!  you figure out what works for you) to respond. 

I respond to each and every comment that is left.  Yes, it is something I do constantly and sometimes my messages are more brief than I would like but if someone takes the time to leave me a comment and appreciate what I am doing, you bet I will return that favor!!  

If you see someone is leaving you a bunch of hearts on periscope, or liking your photos on Instagram.  Take the time to head over to their media and show them some love back.  I can't do this with everyone but I remember usernames.  If i see someone repeatedly leaving me love I will check them out.  

Negative comments are going to happen.  Don't feed the trolls!!!  While I am sure you will want to defend yourself remember this.....  No one wins when feeding trolls.  Behind a computer screen they are vicious little beasts that have nothing better to do than be mean.  DELETE AND BLOCK THEM!  Out of sight and out of mind.  

If someone leaves a comment that just ruffles your feathers, DELETE & BLOCK THEM and then send me a email so we can talk about how much they don't matter.  99.99999% of the time, they do not have a channel, do not put themselves on the internet and live for being mean.  DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!  It's like getting a gremlin wet.  

  • respond to all of your comments, tweets, emails and so on.  
  • take a look at your instagram.  who has been leaving you a lot of love lately?  take the time to head over to their profile and leave them some love.  
  • block time in your schedule to respond to your community