Monday, July 27, 2015

#31daysofyoutube Introduction. JOIN THE FUN!

Starting August 1st I will be hosting a #31daysofyoutube challenge.  Everyday you will check out for a full prompt description with resources, free printable and much more!  Also, because I am crazy, I will be hosting a NIGHTLY periscope chat to talk about the prompt.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ready to Start a Youtube Channel? Join the #31daysofyoutube Challenge August 1st!

My favorite thing about blogger and having a youtube channel is enjoying the content that is produced by others.  Many people get overwhelmed at the thought of starting a youtube channel.  I understand it!  It can be way overwhelming but I am breaking it down to 31 daily prompts to help you start and build your channel.  FOR FREE!!!!!!!  

Starting August 1st we will being the journey together :)  I will produce a blog post daily with tips, tricks and in-depth prompt descriptions.  Also, as a bonus, I will be hosting a DAILY periscope live Q&A at 6PM MST!  Search MANDYJEANCHIC on periscope.  :)  Following me is free too!  :) :)

Please post your progress pictures to instagram and use the #31daysofyoutube so everyone can follow each other.  This is not required to participate :) 

Follow along.  Start your channel!  I have a special surprise for EVERYONE who completes their first 3 videos.  :)  

Please share the graphic on your social media and help me empower others to start their youtube journey.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland Vlog 9- Mac Lipsticks, Where would I live? Favorite Youtubers....

Want to watch something specific....
00:00-2:35 Day Designer spread, Storing wash tape samples, favorite MAC Limited Edition packaging
2:36-6:23 Chit Chat
6:25-13:37 Q&A- What type of business will I start to be self employed?
13:38- 14:56 Q&A- Am I married?
14:57- 15:55 Q&A- What are my goals for the future?
15:56-12:26 Really stressed today, wearing a dress in my FJ Cruiser
12:27-22:39 Q&A- Favorite can't miss youtubers....
22:40-24:40 Q&A- If I couldn't live in NM, Where would I live?
24:41-25:42- Don't forget to leave questions below and to answer the questions from today :)  I can't wait to see where ya'll would love to live.
25:43- 26:03 DIY Heidi Swapp Marquee Letter
26:04-26:47- Outfit of the day
26:48-27:40- Chit Chat & Driving Home

Mentioned in Vlog....
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@Wendi1976 via instagram
Kathy Piper's Blog, Smile for No Reason
The Fashion Citizen
The Sorry Girls

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

 Want to watch something specific??
00:00- 1:57 Favorite BB Creams
1:58-7:00 Quick Makeup Tutorial in My Car :)
7:01-8:21 Part of my Speech at Toastmasters
8:22- 12:00 Concealed Carry, Guns, Creeper Story
12:01- 14:50 Picking the Right Mace/Pepper Spray
14:51-16:39- Chit Chat, Getting Dinner
16:40-21:09 So You Think You Can Dance and Being a Role Model
21:10-23:00 Size Comparison Erin Condren vs Day Designer for Target, Customizing My Day Designer
23:01- 29:16 About Toastmasters

 Mentioned in this Vlog: FOX FOG DEFENSE SPRAY: *

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland #7 Vlog- Fav Makeup Brushes, Answering Questions, DIY Photo Decor

Want to watch something specific?
00:00-3:02- Top 6 makeup brushes
3:03-4:25- How I store cling stamps
4:26- 16:13 Music I love,  Answering your questions, How to survive a job you don't love, Being married
16:14-24:41 Car shopping, Why I will never buy from Larry H Miller, Rich Ford is awesome!
24:42- DIY Photo Holder

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Vlogs- Day Designer for Target, Worst Camping Trip Ever and more!

Saturday July 11, 2015
Want to watch something specific??
00:00-00:34- Sleepy Bloodhound
00:35-1:03- Plant update and dead grass!!!
1:04-3:55 Ideas for a new vlogging camera, quick 4x4ing
3:56-7:24- Chit chat, not speeding, channel updates
7:25-7:51- Driving in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
7:52- 8:34 Bretts theory on global warming
8:35- 10:45 Sportsmans Warehouse and fun new targets!
10:46- 11:17 Brett trying to fit in a Scion IQ
11:18-11:30- Did Hank get into the trash??
11:31- 12:50 Outfit of the day and seeing firefighters
12:51-14:12 Cleaning and organizing my desk
14:13-15:00- Target stamp set review
15:01-17:05- Organizing craft supplies and memories
17:06-17:39- Kimber being Kimber

 Sunday July 12, 2015

Want to watch something specific....
00:00-4:02 Media kit, how I keep my computer clean, what I do with movie clips, my external hard drive that I use with my iMAC.
4:03- 06:10 Favorite MAC Coral lipsticks and favorite lip combo of the week
06:11-16:44 Chit Chat and Worst camping trip ever
16:45-18:20- Target Shopping and Day Designer Display
18:21-21:00- Target Haul- Daily Day Designer
21:01-21:50- New shoes from Kohls
21:51- 22:23 Craft project fail
22:24-23:04 Day Designer set up and planner clips from @runwithcraftscissors
23:05-23:52- Crazy rain storm (for NM!)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland #4- Getting Scammed on Instagram and Target Haul

Want to watch something specific.....
00:00-00:45 How I take Instagram photos, Shinymix Jewelry
00:461:45 Morning blogging and youtube routine. Responding to comments
1:4610:30 Uploading to youtube, editing, blog post for the day
10:31-10:44 Sound bomb from Brett. He was getting ready for work and you clearly hear him blowing his nose. So funny!
10:45-24:30- Getting scammed on Instagram and how to protect yourself.
24:31-28:33- Target shopping and haul. I got a Day Designer!!
28:34-29:12- lunch and one of my favorite youtube channels

So about the Instagram Scammer...... 

Long story short if a gal from India contacts you to do a high dollar swap or ANY swap be a little leery.  I do not know what usernames she is using now.  She is very very pushy and tries to be overly nice.  Just be cautious when doing swaps.